Yuugen Romantica Uchouten Merry Translation
幽幻ロマンチカ 有頂天 第伍の謎 メリーさん メリィ
Seiyuu : 鳥海浩輔 – Toriumi Kousuke
Release Date : August 17, 2016
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Overview : The heroine goes to a school that has 7 urban legends that are quite infamous among the students. Merry’s school broadcasts is one of Nanagiri School’s seven mysteries – if you have been chosen by Merry, you will need to heed his instructions or you may be struck with a curse. The youkai, Merry, is based on a story about a discarded doll that calls you on your phone each time it is significantly closer to where you are.

“Hello, this is Merry. I am at the garbage dump.”

“Hello, this is Merry. I am now in front of your house.”

“Hello, this is Merry. I am climbing up your stairs.”

“Hello, this is Merry. I am outside your door.”

“Hello… this is Merry. I am now right behind you!”

In this series, Merry is a youkai that has powers to manipulate electrical waves and of course, the phone. He approached the heroine one day and he is very determined for her to hear him out. Find out what Merry wants. Did he want to exact his revenge? Inflict a curse? Or maybe….

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Track 1


Hello? You cannot tell anybody about… one of the mysteries of Nanagiri School’s Seven Mysteries…

Merry’s school broadcasts.

One day, there was a student who stayed at school until late.

There was nobody else but her at school, but she started hearing something. A school broadcast…

Hello? This is Merry. To anyone who can hear this, please come to the broadcasting room immediately.



The school broadcast echoed throughout the dark school building…

The student became scared and ran through the hall but her phone started ringing.

She desperately needed help, so she answered the phone without checking the caller’s identity.

From the phone, a soft whisper could be heard. If you cannot come here, I will go to you.

Her phone rang over and over again.




I am in the broadcasting room…

I am at the stair landing…

I am in the corridors…

And now… I am right behind you.

Ah!! Please do not turn around.

I am sorry for scaring you. My name is Merry, more or less a youkai.

I have appeared before you because I wanted to tell you something.



Ah! I told you not to turn around!

Phew! You scared me.

I have unintentionally possessed you because you turned around so suddenly.

There is no point looking for me. Since I have possessed you, you would not be able to see me.

However, I am definitely here. Can you tell?

Ah, good. Can you also feel my hand on your shoulder?

I was worried since you cannot see me.




Looks like you are okay.

This way, I would not need to worry about you seeing me either.

I can take my time as there is something I would like to tell you.

Ah! Please calm down! You will only hurt yourself.

Even if you resist, you cannot get away from a youkai possessing you.

So… please stay still, okay?

Everything is alright. Good girl.

Please stay still…

You are holding my hand too tightly. Relax…

Was my hand a little cold?

Your neck is getting goosebumps.




See? Here.

Sorry, I probably only made it worse just then.

Human skin is so warm.

I would never be able to do this normally, but it seems like I am more confident now that I have possessed you.

This is the first time I have looked at your face at such close proximity.

I always watch you from a distance. When I am near you, I could never look at you in the eyes.

Yes, I have known that already. I was always looking at you. Nobody else, just you.




In the evening, when our shadows grow longer.

Did you ever feel someone’s eyes on you when you were alone?

Have you ever heard footsteps in the hallways when nobody was there?

Since the day you came to this school, I was always behind you.

I have always wanted to talk to you like this.

I finally made up my mind when I saw that you were alone at school today.

I can no longer turn back now. Even so, I would still like to tell you this.

Can you always stay with me like this… forever?

I want to follow you, even to the depths of hell.




Huh? Umm…

Did something happen? Am I bothering you?

Huh? Are you crying?

Eh?! Ahh! Please wait!

She hated it so much that she ran away crying…


Track 2


Umm, Senpai? I’ve finished these papers.

No, this is nothing. Umm, do not stare at me like that…

I came here for the first time to give you my assistance today.

Please do not mind me and continue with your papers…

Working as the selection committee must be difficult.

I can only assist you, being a first year student, but you have to do more…

You do not look okay. You stayed behind until late as well yesterday and all alone too.

I know. We met yesterday …at school.




Um… What I meant by meeting you last night was….

Ah, this is not fair I suppose, is it?

It is already disappointing that I am taking the form of a human in order to see how you are doing.

I feel hesitant to show you my real self, but for the sake of being able to talk to you properly…

Let me introduce myself again… I am Merry, who you met yesterday.

Ah…! There is no need to be so frightened.

You find me scary after all… right?

Wait! You cannot open the door, because it is locked with my youjutsu [1].




I have no intention of hurting you.

I just want to talk to you properly.

If you are scared, you can listen to me without turning around.

Ah! I just told you not to turn around!

Please stay calm. I am sorry I possessed you suddenly, you surprised me too.

You cannot get out of here with human strength.

If you do anymore, you will hurt your hand.

If you do not do as I say, I will curse you.

I lied! I thought you would not stop unless I said so.

Would you not listen to what I have to say, just for a little while?




Yesterday, I got overly excited so everything progressed too quickly.

I regret that I have made you cry, too.

I just thought I would not be able to confess to you if I let go of that opportunity.

Huh? Did you not understand that I was trying to confess to you?

Umm… I thought I was able to express my budding love for you.

Ah… of course you did not. You would never think a youkai would confess to you.

Yes, I am a bit pathetic, but I am a real youkai.

Have you never heard about us from urban legends?




Phone calls from Merry that informs you of where he is and hangs up soon after?

Then… he comes closer to you… until he is right behind you.

After that, something frightening beyond words will happen!

That is usually how these urban legends go.

Ah no. I would never take someone’s life.

When I confessed to you yesterday, my feelings were very sincere…

Ah! Calm down. You are panicking again…

Of course you would be… of course you would be scared.




I will open the door for you now.

Umm… I am sorry. I came to your house with you.

I could not find the right timing to tell you that you are still being possessed by me.

Ah, please do not be in shock. You will not be able to breathe properly this way.

Here, please take a deep breath. I will rub your back for you.




There, there. Good girl, good girl.

Please calm down.

Huh? Who are you calling?

It cannot be that you are…

No. Please do not call for help, okay?

Ah… I really do not like being fussed over or standing out.

Ah, there’s no need to be shocked. I can intercept phone calls as well as emails.

I can even call people without knowing their numbers! See?

“You will not be able to escape from this nightmare…”




Is what they usually say in movies, but I do not intend to do such….

Ah! Do not throw it!

Ah! Thank goodness it is safe. You should not throw such delicate devices… Here you go.

Huh? Umm, oh no! Do not look at me!

Sorry, I instinctively took the circuit breaker down.

Human eyes probably cannot see in the dark, so I suppose this is a desirable result.

Huh? Senpai? Is something the matter?




Eh? Umm… please do not cry. I scared you again…

Perhaps it is better if I just watch you from a distance after all…

I will be going home then.

Sorry for disturbing you…


Note :

[1] Youjutsu is literally called Demon Arts or Demon magic. It is entirely unique to the Youkai(s). Decided to keep it as youjutsu in the translation. It sounds awkward when it’s translated to “sorcery” or “black magic” which is a bit too “westernized” for my liking (just my preference, sorry lol). 


Track 3


I made her cry. I cannot believe I scared her again just by talking to her.

She was shaking so much… I feel terrible for making her feel that way.

I need to at least give her an apology.

I wonder if she will at least read my text messages.

I am sorry I scared you…there!

I used my youjutsu to send it, so it should definitely get to her.

What should I do though if she deletes it without reading?

I know full well that Senpai is human and I am a youkai.

There is no way she would like me.

I should have known but, why is it so difficult for me to give up?




Senpai… I hope you are not scared from reading my text.

Huh?! A reply?

Why do you possess me?

Senpai… replied! She should be creeped out… but!

I am sorry I possessed you.

I get nervous when you look at my face, but all I want is to be able to talk to you properly.

Could you perhaps meet me again?

I will be waiting for you at the broadcasting room tomorrow night.

This time, I will do my best not to possess you.




I am sure Senpai won’t agree to meet me, since I scared her so much… but… I’ve fallen in love with her.

I would be so sad if I had to say goodbye to her like this.

Ah! A reply.

No… I will not get depressed, even if she turned me down.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

See? I am alright, I am not depressed or anything…. WHAT?!

Is she sure about this?!




Umm… Senpai? I am sorry for surprising you every time.

I am very grateful that you came to the broadcasting room for me.

Most students do not use this room, so it is rare for you to come here, right?

There are expensive equipment here as well, so they recently upgraded the door to have an auto-lock system.

I kept the door unlocked for you, but normally nobody would be able to come in from the outside.

So… I will return to my youkai form now…

Ah, I knew it. I am creepy when I am in this form, right?




Ah… please do not look at me so much!

To be honest, I do not want you to see me…

But… my feelings will not reach you if I keep myself hidden.

Hey… Senpai… at this hour, there are no students left at school, right?

The sun has set and it is completely dark outside.

Even when you know that I am a youkai, why did you still come here to meet me?

Huh? You… really came because you wanted to talk to me?

You are so polite…

You are forcing yourself right now… right?

You look very pale.




But still…

Oh, it is a blackout. It is really dark.

The only source of light we have is from the moon.

Senpai, are you okay?

Eh? No, no! This was not my doing.

Please do not run away!

The door will not open?

Perhaps the auto-lock… I knew it.

We cannot open it because the power is out.

However, we should have still been able to unlock the door even if we do not have electricity.

Maybe it has somewhat malfunctioned for the time being.




Hey, it is dangerous if you keep moving about.

There are lots of equipment by your feet as well.

Umm… are you okay? Your face is even paler now.

Being trapped here with me is scary I bet.

But I cannot leave you here alone… hmm…

Let me see…

I will go check what has gone wrong.

In this form, I can move through electrical wiring too.




Yes! I can transform my body.

Now, I am not only small but squishy too, so I can go through gaps easily.

Huh? Senpai, is there something wrong?

Senpai… if you pull me so hard, I am going to stretch out of shape!

Umm… are you sure you are okay with touching me? Am I not creepy?

I am cute?… I am just a black blob though…

But, I am glad you are less pale now.




Please wait for me here. I will go now!

I have returned! I checked if the power could be restored, but it looks like the entire area has been affected as well.

There is also no back-up power for this auto-lock door…

I just hope the night duty teacher will notice that you are here.

Yes! I am really good at these things, but I do not have the ability to fix these problems.

Unfortunately, it is probably best that we will wait until the power is restored.




Are you cold? The heater is out of commission for now…

Something that will warm you up…

Hmm…I cannot think of anything else…so…

Excuse me for a bit…there!

If I possess you and hug you from behind, you will warm up a bit.

My hands are cold, but youkais still generate body heat.

Umm… if you’re more scared of me than the darkness, I am very sorry.

Please try to endure it for now.

You will be okay though… even if ghosts come out, I will protect you.




Oh wait, I am a youkai! I guess that means nothing scarier than me will appear!

I guess you can rest easy for now.

Eh!… Senpai?

You surprised me, I did not think you would be able to laugh at what I said.

You are not scared when I do this? That is good to hear.

Ah, you do not need apologize so much. I should be the one apologizing!

I am aware that I am scary, but I approached you anyway despite knowing this…




No, you do not need to feel concerned for me.

It is normal for you to be scared of me. I am made to plant fear in people after all.

Youkais are a product of people’s imagination.

“I wish something like this would exist!” or “I hope something like this does not exist!”

These thoughts that people have are what gave us life.

Stories of youkais residing in toilets are famous, right?

There are some in this school too, although I have not seen them recently.




When I opened my eyes, I was given purpose… and that was to live as a terrifying urban legend.

At first, I scared people according to my instinct.

But as I kept encountering humans, I started wanting to get close to them.

However, my days were spent being an object of fear.

Then one day, I was invited by a youkai living in this school and started living here.

There are different types of youkai, but I would never harm humans.

That is why you can rest assured that I will not hurt you.



Hmm? Does something concern you?

Cursing texts? Ah, they have been prevalent throughout the ages.

Why? Did you receive some too?

You blocked them, but they just changed their email addresses so they can keep sending them?

Of course you would get creeped out.

Ah! Is that also why you were so scared of me? It was not me, you know.

I am the type who prefers to communicate directly with my voice and not by text.

No, I would never drive down someone who is really scared in the first place.




I do not sense anything strange from your phone, and it is not cursed either, so you need not worry.

It must be someone’s distasteful prank.

Yes, you can be sure because Merry is telling you so.

Haha, you have finally relaxed. Curses are very rare, so you do not have to worry.

Senpai, you are cute as I thought.

When you meekly nod at me like that, my heart feels like it is overflowing. You are making me like you even more.

Ah… I am troubling you. Please do not mind me, it’s enough for me that I managed to talk to you properly.




After talking to you properly, I’ve realized yet again that I am a youkai so there is no way you would like me.

Ah, the power is back.

The door should open too. Thank you for coming today.

Huh? What is wrong?

Yes… I am a youkai, so I am generally free.

Is there something…?


Track 4




Ah, Senpai! You really came, I am so happy.

Yes… I would attract too much attention if I do not transform into a human during the day.

Umm… there are other students here. How about we talk as we move somewhere else?

I never thought you would ask me on a date.

No.. it is not a date is it? We are just hanging out.

I want to get to know you better too! But… is it okay to assume that I still have a chance?

No… I should not expect so much. I am already happy that I am walking around town with Senpai!




I did not know there was such a nice store near the school. Everything here is so cute!

This stuffed toy is apparently handmade by the staff.

If only I looked this adorable… maybe I would not be so scary.

No, it is nothing. I just thought that this stuffed toy feels really nice.

Ah, being the only man here just makes me even more conspicuous…

Senpai, let us go to the back of the store.

I really detest standing out, but we cannot hide behind this shelf forever…




No, I want to look at the toys with you so I will do my best. Just wait a moment.

Eh? Well yes, of course, but is it really okay for me to possess you?

Really? Then… I will accept your kind offer, excuse me.

Ah.. I feel much calmer now!

I am sorry to put you in such a situation, but can we look through the store like this?

I just realized this but… when I am possessing you, I can see everything through your eyes. It’s nice.




Hmm.. I am almost 190cm tall.

People who find me standing behind them at night must get really scared.

By the way, sometimes I hit my head when the ceiling is low.

Please do not laugh at me! Or I am going to give you goosebumps on your neck…

Haha, Senpai, even your screams are cute.

I do not want to scare you…. but it is my instinct to want to surprise you from time to time.

I am sorry… I am just really happy that I can hang out with you.

Moreover, you even let me possess you… I am having a lot of fun…




Do you get goosebumps whenever I am behind you?

You feel a bit anxious because you cannot see what is behind you, right? I understand.

You keep thinking… what if he suddenly touches me with his cold hand, right?

Especially because your weakness seems to be your neck… so if I stroke you like this… it is alarming, right?

Your ears are getting hot.

How about I trace my fingers on them as well?

Haha, you are really cute.




I had fun today… I am sorry I went over the top halfway through.

Ah, I am happy you had a great time too.

Umm… can we… again… just occasionally is fine… so can we meet again?

Really? Thank you so much!!

Ah… I got so emotional I accidentally transformed back to being a youkai…

Umm… please do not look this way so much.




I am not being shy, but I do not like people’s gazes.

I have tried to become friends with humans before, but whenever I showed this form to them, they would run away.

That happened so many times that I eventually came to dislike being seen.

Although it cannot be helped that people are scared of me, since I was created as a frightful urban legend.




Eh… but Senpai, you do not like this appearance too, right?

You cannot see me when I am possessing you, but now that I actually have a form…

Ah! Please let go of my hand. If you come too close, you are going to…

Are you… really okay? This is the first time a human has been this near to me.

Would it be okay if I can hold your hand?

Thank you.

My hand completely covers yours… how warm… I should be happy but… somehow my heart feels like it is going to burst.




I have known this feeling ever since I met you.

Initially, it was love at first sight. The day Senpai enrolled into this school, I happened to see you in the corridor.

When I realized, I was always chasing you with my eyes. That this is what people call ‘love’.

Just thinking about you makes my heart so full.

I feel happy just by walking past you down the hall.

Even when I am apart from you, I still enjoy my time.

After falling in love with you, everyday has been fun for me.

I know that it is not going to bear fruit.

So until these feelings someday would naturally disappear, will you let me keep loving you?




Ah, a text? Please do not mind me and reply.

It is fine, it might be urgent.

Ah, is there something wrong?

Is it the cursing text you talked to me about before?

They are quite persistent.

I see. Everyone in class has fallen victim to this?

They have definitely gone a bit too far with this joke…

Above all, I will not forgive them for making you so upset.

It is okay. I just replied to the text.




I am Merry… I received your cursing text and would like return the favor, so please come to the classroom tomorrow… if you refuse to come, I will curse you. How’s that?

Senpai, can you help me a bit?

Bad children need to be punished. Let us show them how scary a youkai can be.


Track 5


It is almost the time we have indicated in the text.

Yes, I think he will respond to our summons.

People that do bad things normally have a sense of guilt, so he should get scared and come to check just in case.

And to cover all our bases, I called him every 5 minutes.

My calls reach him even if he blocks me or turns off his phone. Making it impossible to ignore me.

I will make him fully regret scaring you.

Senpai, you seem to be more excited than I am.

It is dark already, but you are not scared?




Haha, it is the first time someone felt confident because I am possessing them!

Okay, I will not disappoint you… no matter what!

Speak of the devil… huh?

A few female students… Are they not your classmates?

I see… they had fun scaring everyone in your class.

Senpai, act as if you also received a text asking you to come here.




Yes, a great performance. Now that they have believed you, let us begin.

Hello? I am Merry. Students who are listening, please go to the broadcasting room.

If you do not come… I will go to you…

Senpai! Run!

Everybody is coming too… now continue to act like you are running away.

Lead them to the broadcasting room and then I will take care of the rest.




The broadcasting room door which should not open by itself has welcomed them in… and nobody’s noticed. They were too scared.

Now for the lights… let us switch them off.

Hello? I am Merry. Those who are in the broadcasting room… I am right in front of you now…

Thank you for coming… Ah, you cannot see me like this.




Then we will have to make do with the light from my phone…

Please look at me carefully… I am Merry, the curse you all love so much…

You have been pranking people at school recently, have you not?

I know it all… Was it fun to watch people being scared of your texts?

Then… you are all my friends…




So now, let us go… I will take you to another world… a place of no return…

Do not bother. The door will not open. Escaping from me is futile.

No matter where you go or wherever you hide, I will always follow you.

First… shall I take this girl? Let us descend into purgatory together.

Do not fret, I will stay by your side… always…



I will bind our arms and legs together so you will not be able to move…

I will cover your mouth so you would not be able to call for help…

Then I will lead you into eternal darkness so you will not be able to see anything.

I wonder how long humans can endure being alone with me… where everything is cold and pitch black.

You can be scared… you can go crazy with fear… I will still cherish you… Hehe. How cute…!




Do you want me to forgive you? Then this time I will let you off.

The next time you send cursing texts, I will summon you again… and again…

And then I will make sure to never let go.

Hehe, they ran away like rocks rolling on the floor – leaving you behind.

They are horrible, they just left their classmate behind like this.

I am sure they have learned their lesson though. I think they will put a stop to their pranks now.

Ah… Senpai? Is there something wrong?




Sorry… once I began, I unexpectedly started enjoying it.

I must have been too scary just now, sorry.

Senpai….no, this is nothing for the person I love.

I always felt sad about how I kept scaring people ever since I was born.

But if I can be of use to you like this, I guess it is not too bad.

Also, because I was with Senpai – I had some fun.




You too? I am really glad.

Eh? You… think I was cool? Are you sure you did not mean to say that I was… creepy?

Ah.. you need not praise me so much. Ahh please do not look this way, I beg of you.

Ahhhh! Please do not look at my face!


Track 6


The rumor about the texts have stopped now… and a new rumor has replaced it.

Everyone is quite scared of Merry’s broadcasts.

No, I am not sad. I finally understand that while humans get scared, they also enjoy it a bit.

Humans who go over the top with their pranks are a problem, but I saw Senpai last time and I thought… that I was loved by humans in a way.

Youkais are brought to life through people’s imaginations. If I think about it, if I was only born from fear, I would not have this personality.




Because humans liked me, even a little, I also came to like humans and fall in love with you.

Senpai, you might be appalled at me for being so persistent, but it seems that I cannot rid myself of my feelings for you.

As you know, I am not human, so I might accidentally scare you at times. But… I will show you that I love you more than anyone else in this world.

I love you.




Will you please love me… even if I am a youkai?

Really…? Once I have you, I will not be able to let you go. Are you sure…?

Thank you!

I am really… really happy… I am almost breathless…

I will not make you cry anymore.

I will make you happy.

Umm, please avoid looking this way for now. My face is probably not looking very presentable.

I just said not to look! Do not look up.




If you keep doing that, I will… possess you until you give up.

Since you put me through so much embarrassment, I will make you embarrassed too.

I told you before too, right? When I am possessing you, I feel more confident.

Also… I can no longer repress my happiness of being your lover.

You are as red as me… even your neck.




That was the cutest scream ever.

I felt sad at times, but I realize and am glad that I am a youkai… because I am able to be so happy now.


Track 7


Hello? You must not tell anybody about… one of the mysteries of Nanagiri School’s Seven Mysteries… Merry’s school broadcasts.

Hello? This is Merry. I am in front of your house now. Umm… I arrived a little too early…

Ah!! Good morning. I was hesitating to press the bell so I called you instead…

Ah… Senpai, you were about to leave too? Let us go then.

Um… if you do not mind, may I hold your hand?

I still feel a little shy doing this…




Today is the movie premiere so it might be crowded.

It is a highly rated movie, so I think there will be a lot of people.

Make sure you do not wander away from me.

Oh yes, I guess we can use our phones if that ever happens. But… I will worry, so please do not let go of my hand.

Your smile was too adorable…  so I just had to…




The more time I spend with you, the happier I become.

I want to … make sure that this is real.. that you are really with me… by touching and kissing you like this.

If you hear the school broadcast at night, when nobody should be at school… that’s a message from Merry.

What happened to the female student who heard the message? For now… I will not tell you the ending.




Because that way, you’ll enjoy it more.

I was always feared and avoided, but meeting you has been my reward.

Because you made me feel happiness, I want to make you happy too.

So please let me always be with you…


FREE TALK with Toriumi Kousuke
(Toriumi was just hilarious here. I didn’t realize how short his free talk was but, welp, it’s Toriumi. Most of my Drama CDs with him as the voice actor, he always sounds like he’s in a rush to leave and end the recording already. Like he couldn’t just wait to get out of there, LOL!)


Hello! I’m Kousuke Toriumi, acting as Merry.

Thank you for your hard work.

From here, please stay with me for a bit as I give my little talk!

So first, I was asked for comments upon finishing the recording.

Let’s see… well I think the recording itself went smoothly. I always say this, don’t I?!

Well, yes, it’s done.

Yes…Merry has… shown us many sides of his character, so it was really fun playing his part.

I obviously haven’t heard the final recording yet, but I wonder what it will be like.

He talks through the phone and goes into people’s bodies… I wonder how it’s going to be like!

I’m excited as well.




Next… during the story, the youkais transform into humans to live their lives.

If you could transform using sorcery, is there any job or lifestyle you would like to experience?

Ahh… hm… I wonder… job.. lifestyle?

Well, I’ve only ever been a voice actor.

When I used to do part-time jobs, I used to work at restaurants… but what I want to do…?

A member of the DIET… I think!

They would call me, Sensei! Sensei!

I think I would like to try it, for the country! Haha.

Next…. Merry has asked you for some advice on love.

Well, work hard! Haha




To end, I have a message for everyone.

This is a continuing series, but this is my first time participating.

First, I hope everybody will enjoy it!

And… this is an Otome genre, so the character profile isn’t very typical, but that is something to enjoy as well.

Yea, I guess. Well you’ve already heard it, right?

Did you enjoy it? I see, I’m glad you did!

Thank you for your continuous support. We’ll be ending here.

This was Merry, Toriumi! Goodbye.