Kousen Koi Yuami Jigoku Onsen Gensenkake Nagashi Kira Translation
黄泉戀湯浴み 地獄温泉~源泉かけ流し~ 伍の湯 吉良
Seiyuu : 諏訪部順一 – Junichi Suwabe
Release Date : August 24, 2016
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Overview : The heroine is the daughter of the Lord of Hell, Enma. She was sent to a bathhouse that is being managed by a demon called Kira. Her main objective was to help with the investigation of this establishment as there have been a staggering amount of mysterious incidents that seem to be escalating as time passes. This Drama CD has easily become one of my favorites as of this moment. I personally really enjoyed listening to it as everything started to unfold.

I do hope you will enjoy this Drama CD as much as I have. I think this is the first time that I was truly impressed with Junichi Suwabe’s voice acting. If you have been on the fence about him, this might be the one that could win you over like it did with me, haha.

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Track 1


Ah! Sorry I made you wait.

Thank you for coming all the way here.

Hmm? What is this? That Enma, he’s passed out on a meeting again.

I will ask just in case, but you have been informed of the details regarding this incident, right?

Yes, exactly. Lately, cases of robbery have been constantly increasing around here.

At first, I thought it was the work of some petty little thief.

But putting frequency aside, the incidents have been getting even more disconcerting each time.

It is also causing much distress to our customers.

And to think that I am the one managing this area. Seriously, what a great way to disgrace my name.



I couldn’t leave the matter alone anymore, so I accepted this job from Enma.

But even after I come all the way here just to see him, what’s with this greeting?

He’s just sleeping over there with his crotch exposed. He’s really taking me very lightly.

No, wait. As the superior one, I shouldn’t be bothered by such actions.

Girl… this is probably a simple task, but I will have you investigate this strictly, alright?

After all, it’s the first big case since I have taken charge of this place.

Conduct a thorough investigation and keep reporting to me on time.

Understood? You look very enthusiastic.

Hmm? Ohh? What’s this? How rare to see someone like you in Enma’s place.

That’s a good look you’ve got in your eyes. You are a good woman, exactly my type.

Not bad. I have taken a liking to you.

Come, girl. Let’s start by checking how useful you can actually be.

Keep your eyes open for clues at all times. Anyway, it’s over here.



Let’s start with the scene of the crime. This is the bath area.

As long as you’re here, you need to be wearing a yukatabira. They’re placed right there.

Not that I mean to impose it on you, but if you’re entering a bath, it’s best to be wearing something you’re fine with getting wet, right?

Do you even know how to put it on? I can help you with it, if you want.

What do you say? Haha, I see. That’s too bad. Well, whatever. I will be waiting for you inside.

Ohh? You look pretty good with a yukatabira on. Still, it took you quite long.

Did you have trouble changing? Well the job comes first, I guess.

So? Did you find something in the bathroom? Hmm, I see.

But still, your struggle with putting on that yukatabira seems to have paid off quite well.

Even that useless Enma must hold you in high regard. Alright, investigate the balcony next.

I will help you as well.



There’s no need to thank me. I’m the one who wants to solve this case the most after all.

Anyway, let’s investigate this thoroughly.

Hmm? Ah! You mean that beam over there? Sure, I don’t mind if you want to investigate it.

It’s pretty high up, though. Can you reach it?

I understand. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need any help.

How did it go? Is there anything worth noticing?

I see, they will probably fix that beam soon anyway.

If there’s something wrong with it, then most likely it has already been reported to the management by now.

You seem to be struggling. Here, let me assist you.

To not budge from achieving your goal after so many tries, what a strong-willed girl.

I would really like to have you in my squad.

My subordinates are also hard workers like you, so things have always been pretty easy for me.

Are you done? Well then, where would you like to investigate next?

We couldn’t find anything in the end.

You don’t have to look so dejected. I looked around a lot myself, but there were no clues whatsoever.

I did not expect a new recruit like you would be successful in finding something right away.



Anyway, girl… since we’re already here. What do you think about refreshing our bodies a little bit?

No, I don’t mind at all.

I know the job is important and all, but it’s such a waste to not enter a hot spring when you’ve come to one.

There’s no need to hold back. It feels really good. This hot spring is quite special.

The water may smell quite pungent… but, everyone that comes here loves its effects. It’s rather famous.

It has a strong purification effect and it’s great for your health. Moreover, it makes your skin really smooth.

How about it? You want to enter now, don’t you?

Haha, aren’t you an honest one. Okay then, sit over there first. I will rinse your body for you.

Don’t worry. It’s the job of a gentleman. No need to hold back.

It feels really good when someone else washes your back for you. Have a taste of it.



Are you ready? I’m about to pour it.

What do you think? It feels really nice, doesn’t it?

Haha, right?

Not only is this water good for your body, it also feels as if all your fatigue is being washed off when someone pours it on for you.

This is about it, I guess. Well then, I have something else I need to take care of now.

You can relax and enjoy the bath. Well then, please excuse me.


Track 2


Ah, good job. Hmm? Is it that girl’s luggage? Can you put it in the next room?

I will come too. It looks heavy. Be careful not to crush your feet.

Well then, is this all the luggage? Oh? That box’s lid is sliding off.

It was quite heavy. A little damage is to be expected.

Hmm? This is…? A wrapping bag? Wha- this pattern… Could it be that girl…?!



Hey, girl! You… You’re not actually a maid servant, are you?

Your luggage has just arrived, but the wrapping bag inside it is very familiar.

There was a certain symbol on it.

That is, without a doubt, Enma’s seal. [1]

Which means that… you’re lord Enma’s daughter. [2] Isn’t that right?

Hah… Haha! You should have told me that earlier.

In the first place, why did you stay quiet about something so important up until now?



Is that true?

So it’s not that you didn’t have the courage, but you just didn’t want to receive special treatment so you stayed quiet on purpose.

Ahaha! I will leave it at that. I am even more interested in you now.

It’s nice how you don’t like useless formalities.

Still… I see… So you’re Enma’s princess, huh.

In the past… I was taking care of a certain country.

In those days, everyone from the court and even to the civilians… used to call me ’friendly’.

In other words… we were able to befriend, from civilians to princesses. Isn’t that right? [3]



Well then, a princess needs to be entertained like a princess. I will polish you up with my own hands.

What happened? You don’t like it? Then it’s fine isn’t it? Come, my princess. Give me your hand.



Your hair is really easy to wash. I’m really good at washing hair, you know.

My fingers might tickle a bit though when I start massaging your head.

How about it? It feels good, right?

Gently, at first… and then follow it up with a bit of force…

If you’re too gentle, then it doesn’t feel good. If you’re too forceful, it only hurts.

You can only make someone feel good when you have the optimum mix between the two.

I can feel that subtle difference, that’s why I am the master of this technique.



And… I deem you worthy of my technique. Alright, I’m about to rinse it off.

Make sure you have your eyes closed.

This should be good enough. There are no bubbles left either.

Hey, hey, it’s too early to be thanking me. We’re not done just yet.

Save the thanks for when we’re out of the bath.

Come. Give me your hand once more. The floor is wet so be careful.

We should be good about here. Enter slowly… After you’re in, turn your back towards me.



Hmm, your back is also quite erotic.

From the back of your neck to the bottom of your spine… that delicate figure is just extremely enticing.

Oh? Did you get embarrassed?

But you need to stay still and keep facing the other way.

Right now, I’m about to show you how it really feels like to be in heaven.

I am also really good at washing shoulders.

Slowly and gently, this is how you should wash one’s shoulders.

From the tips of your fingers to the palm of your hands, if you do it right, you would be able to make someone melt from pleasure.



Hmm, your muscles are quite stiff, how rare for someone of royalty.

I can’t blame you. You came here to investigate a case after all; there must have been some nervousness.

Haha, I see.

Well, running back and forth like this and then having your body washed by yours truly…

It’s definitely a given that you must be feeling good.

A caretaker is entrusted with a lot of work, but you would hardly see anyone go this far.

You might just be the first one I ever did this for. Which means, you’re just that special.

I have taken an interest in you when I first saw you.

You have nice eyes, a great personality and a diligent nature.

To top it off, you turned out to be Enma’s daughter.



Say, princess… What can I do to make you mine?

Hey, hey, no need to be so surprised. I want you…

No, I will definitely make you mine. I will give you a memory you will never forget.

That’s why… become mine. How about it?



Hmm? What’s wrong? Look at how far I’m willing to go for you.

Won’t you give me an answer?

Hmph. Why are you quiet? Your face is beet red.

Are you okay? You might catch a cold if we stay here too long.

It’s about time we got out.

Hey, stand up. Be careful. Here, hold on to my arm.

Are you okay? You seem a bit wobbly. I will help you change.

It’s best if you don’t overestimate your body.

You are clearly very tired, are you not? It is very easy to get sick in your state.

It’s alright, just stand over there.

Where did you put your clothes?

Tell me where you changed earlier. Got it. It’s over there, right?



Hmm? Hey, they’re not here. Was it really this place?

I will take a look at the entire dressing room. Wait for me a bit.

I can’t find them anywhere. Is it another robbery?

In any case, we need to do something about your appearance.

You will get a cold if you stay wet.

Instead of waiting for an attendant to come, it would be faster to just return to our room.

Ohh, that’s right. Let’s use that. Look at this. This towel is quite big, isn’t it?

What other way is best to dry off a wet body and even cover it as well?

I’m going to wipe your body with this. Okay?



You better stay still now. Hey, I told you. Don’t struggle. I’m worried about you catching a cold.

Returning to my room is the fastest and safest option right now.

I can’t let Enma’s princess walk drenched in the corridor without even a change of clothes, can I?

Understand? Now let’s go. Hold on to me tightly. I’m sorry for causing you trouble.

With that being said though, this is yet another good memory to remember. Haha!



[1] Japanese people have always used seals or signature stamps to sign important documents. In the old days, Royal houses would have their seals printed on their clothes and walls for commoners to recognize.

[2] Enma is the ruler of Hell. In the previous track when the protagonist described himself to be superior than Enma, he meant that as a superior human in the sense of ethics and mannerism – not their social standing. He is Enma’s subordinate.

[3] Here, he is trying to imply that he is well aware that princesses have a tough nature by default and are hard to befriend. But he knows exactly how to bridge that gap, so you should rest easy with him.


Track 3


Alright. We’ve arrived. Can you stand up? Hmm, how do you feel?

Are you okay? I see. Okay, just stay there for a bit. I will help you change.

Ah, don’t mind it. It’s my duty to help you.

Would you like a yukata with a morning glory pattern?

It seems like it will really suit you.

I’m pretty skilled, aren’t I?



It’s also one of the jobs of a caretaker to help their princess change.

Caretakers should always be there to provide service.

However, for us, it could very well be a never ending punishment.

Still, even if it is punishment, I really do like my job. I also love to be of service.

I enjoy it when our clients are happy.

It’s also very encouraging to see my subordinates hard at work.

And that’s exactly why I absolutely abhor the occurrence of incidents like this. It riles me up.



This place is my castle. [1] No way will I let it be sullied.

This is still a minor incident.

An item from the treasure room was stolen recently… and a lot of people have been mysteriously disappearing.

You might be thinking that it’s not possible that people are disappearing.

But they really just keep vanishing into thin air.

Whoever was there with you during the night, they suddenly disappear in the morning.

No. Jigoku Onsen’s gates are always closed at nighttime to prevent unwanted entry or exit.

Of course, I also investigated every site quite thoroughly…

But there were never any signs of intrusion.

It’s no wonder that you’re confused.

I also never thought that this job from Enma would be so troublesome.

After all, his tasks are normally trivial.



If you take note about the stolen items, it makes it easier to conclude that there is probably a robber hiding among the staff.

To be honest, I’m not exactly comfortable with that either.

However, everything changes when we take people’s disappearances into account.

Something really bad can happen if we leave this matter unresolved.

Something else, huh…

It’s just a guess, but there is one thing that comes to mind that might be related.

The disappearances only occur when it’s the day of the cleaning.

Just in case, I plan on conducting a thorough and decisive investigation on the next cleaning day.



There will be no moon in the sky on that day.

With that said, since we won’t be able to use the bath because of cleaning, we will use my room instead.

The guests will keep coming in great numbers like always but, I will ask the workers to rest and do the patrolling myself.

That’s why, if I go missing during the patrol myself, then that’s it.

Alright, it’s done! Hmm, this yukata really does look great on you.

You look quite womanly in it.



What happened? You’re making a strange face.

You were so busy thinking about the case that you didn’t notice me dressing you up?

Still, I’m very attracted to that earnest side of you as well.

That serious face of yours actually feels erotic instead.

You are a diligent worker, and you think of others as if they were your own.

That is a very rare trait for those who sit on top.



You’re just perfect for being my partner, aren’t you?

I just keep getting more and more attracted to you.

Hey, why don’t you seriously just become mine?

Hmm? What is it? It’s time to serve the meal already.

An unexpected obstacle has come between us.

Well, whatever.



This conversation was getting a bit long anyway.

I will just take my time in making you fall for me.

Come on, let’s eat some food. I will be your waiter.

This inn’s food is really delicious, you know.

What is this? I thought it would be interesting to serve you the bone of a grilled fish, but…

if you move those chopsticks so skilfully, when will I get my chance to feed you?

The way you hold your chopsticks is just perfect.

The more I get to know you, the more I think you’re really a great woman.



That ‘normal’ part is actually what’s difficult to pull off.

Since you’re doing it so well, you don’t need to be so modest.

No. I’m not saying it just for the sake of it.

Getting praised will always boost your confidence.

I don’t think that would change no matter who is praising you.

Haha! So this is where you would refer to your father?

It’s surprising to hear you say that you wouldn’t want to be praised by Enma.

Though, I know you have no ill will.



Huh? I heard some sounds coming from the outside.

Again… Did you hear it too? Don’t move. Stay quiet.

It might be that hidden thief. If that’s the case, I will catch him.

No, if we are too noisy here, you might get involved.

It’s best not to make any moves for now. We shouldn’t.

Even if it’s just a sneak-thief… we have no idea what he might pull on us.

What if the worst happens and he takes you hostage?

… Wait… It’s very possible that someone is planning something knowing that you are Enma’s daughter.

If that’s the case, it would be safer if we change our location.



We are sneaking out of here before that guy outside notices us.

Come with me.

We should probably be safe if we hide in this warehouse.

No, it’s nothing. I’m coming in.

It sure is dark.

It would be great if some moonlight would at least creep in, but it was really cloudy today so I cannot expect much.

Let’s take a seat in that corner. Be mindful of your feet, okay?



Ah, no, it’s nothing. Don’t mind me.

It’s just your imagination.

I’m acting normal, like always.

You are quite observant of your surroundings, huh.

I guess there’s no use in trying to fool you.

Calm down and listen. I’m not good with places like this.

Dark and cramped places…

It’s quite pathetic, but my body starts shivering.

It’s linked to a past trauma of mine, but…

I really don’t want to discuss it.



Will you please not ask about it? I’m sorry…

I would like to do something about it myself.

But it’s a bit hopeless. Ah.

Umm… what do you plan on doing by holding my hand?

Ah… I guess… I can really feel the warmth of your hand.



Can someone’s touch really calm you down this much?

Yeah… just a little I suppose.

If just your hand alone can make such a big difference…

then that means that if I hug you like this, I will calm down even faster, won’t I?

Thanks to you, I have gained some control over my senses.

As I thought, hugging a good woman feels the best.

You’re so soft, and you smell so sweet. Ahh, I’ve really calmed down. It’s really relaxing.



What about you?

Same here.

I guess this is how it feels like to be walking in a daydream.

It would be really interesting if we were able to see the same dream, though.

Haha! If so, would you like to try it?

I can’t sense anyone coming inside either. We are safe.

Alright then, let’s stay like this for tonight and have the same dream together.


Note :

[1] He doesn’t mean a real castle, he is just referring to the bathhouse he is managing.


Track 4


Ah, it’s morning already.

Did you wake up too? I’m sorry for making you sleep in a place like this.

Your body doesn’t hurt, does it?



I’m completely fine. It must be because I was hugging you.

It was so warm and cozy… I slept really well. What about you? 

Ahaha! That’s the same as me then.

I fell asleep thinking that I might be able to have the same dream as you, but unfortunately I don’t even remember it.



That’s a bit regretful I guess. Still, I’m quite surprised. 

To think that I would actually sleep so well in such a dark and cramped place. 

I almost couldn’t believe it.

This is definitely all thanks to you. I am really thankful.



Anyway, let’s get out of this place.

I have to go clean the baths after we eat breakfast. 

You need to do your job as well, right? 

If so, then let me teach you everything about this inn. 

It will be easy for you to investigate if I do that.



No, I should be thankful to you instead. 

I want to take care of this case as soon as possible.

No, I have no other choice but to take care of it. 

To be honest, I get the shivers when I imagine these bizarre events that’s been happening around my bathhouse.

I am responsible for everything here after all. I have faith in your work.

Today is the cleaning day, and the moon will be falling asleep. 

The staff will also be on break, this is our best opportunity.

Come on, let’s go.



There wasn’t anything suspicious outside the inn. 

I don’t see anything in particular around the garden either.

In the end, we still have no clue about the one responsible for all this. 

Anyway, the storeroom is the only place left now.

We looked over there yesterday too, but… I plan on not overlooking anything today.

Make sure you investigate it in its entirety. Hmm? 

Ahh, yeah. You can leave the cleaning to me.

You just focus on the investigation alone.



Hmm… you want to help with cleaning for the sake of investigation, huh.

Are you sure? It’s not easy, you know. Generally, you’d always get your clothes dirty.

Hmm, it may not be difficult but, you need considerable strength and stamina to clean this place.

I’m not sure if we can get it done early even if you helped me.

I get it. I will accept your offer. Come.




Now that you’ve braced yourself, let us start.

Here are your cleaning supplies. You scrub the inside of the bathtub with this.

There will always be some scum stuck there, so you need to scrub it meticulously.



As a test, how about you try cleaning that place?

I will instruct you as you do it.

Wrong, totally wrong. You’re not doing it right at all. 

Which part are you doing wrong, you ask? I’d say it’s everything.

You’re not putting your back into it, and your method is also all wrong. 

Look, the scum hasn’t come off at all.

You need to do it by holding the scrub right, putting your whole back into it and applying the right amount of pressure.

Come on, one more time.



No matter how I see it, you’re just not exerting enough force. 

You, how about you try holding on to my arm.

Just the wrist will do. 

Now, try to squeeze my wrist as hard as you can and don’t hold back.

Hey. Hey. Really? Is that all you’ve got? Put more strength into it.



Is this your limit? Cleaning the bathtub is impossible with only this much strength.

Let’s switch jobs. Why don’t you wash the places that I’ve already cleaned with water?

You don’t have to apologize. Jobs like this should be done by the right person at the right time.

You just have to do what you can do best. Heh. What are you pouting for?

You are Enma’s daughter, aren’t you? It’s only natural that you are not suited for jobs like this.

Don’t make such a depressed face.



Ahaha! Could it be that you thought you weren’t much help?

Lend me your hand.

Did you know that the warmth from this hand was what helped me all through last night?

I want you to always have these gentle hands. Don’t bother yourself with troublesome jobs.

This is what makes me the happiest. No need to thank me. Come on, let’s get back to what we were doing.



Alright, all that’s left is to fill it with fresh water.

It’s okay for us to leave the rest for tomorrow.

We were already able to do all the work we needed to do today. You worked very hard.

But still, in the end we didn’t manage to find any clues after all. 

I guess we really can’t resolve this case the normal way…



Hmm? No, not really. I don’t feel especially tired or anything.

And it’s not like my body isn’t feeling well either.

But then, why do you say my face looks pale?

A request…? What is it? Tell me.

I see… looking around, huh? Of course, I don’t mind.

We are the ones who’re most suspicious today after all.



But… the way you asked it… 

Don’t tell me that you were planning to look around on your own?

No, you can’t. 

No matter what the reason is, do you really think I would let you be by yourself amidst all this danger?

I will go together with you. 

I already told you before, didn’t I? 

It might be your job, but it’s also my responsibility at the same time.

And that’s why I will take responsibility and come with you.

I won’t take no for an answer, got it? Good, then we will leave once I’ve put this stuff away.


Track 5


Hmm.. If it’s this quiet, it would be quite easy to sense an intruder’s presence – but at the moment, I cannot sense a thing.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

We’re finally here on the lookout, but why are you only looking at me?

Could it be that you’ve fallen for me?

But then again, judging from your expression – it doesn’t look like you did.



You… you said something like that before too.

Actually, I became a bit curious when you said that.

So when I was changing, I looked at myself in the mirror but I didn’t notice my complexion looking any different from normal.

Hmph, I’m sure it’s just your imagination.

Or is it really that you have fallen for me?

Hmm? Ahaha! You’re not good at retorting in times like this.

That’s also quite cute.



The sky has already started to change color.

Night is approaching.

Don’t you think it has been getting colder since a while ago?

I see, it’s just me, huh.

Well, I do get cold pretty easily.

Like I said, I’m fine. I don’t feel sick at all.

The person concerned with himself is saying that.

Have some faith in me.

It’s about time we stopped the patrol.



Darkness will soon fill this place.

It’s also about time for the workers to come back.

In the end, we still couldn’t find any clues.

We might have to wait until the next new moon now.



Don’t worry about it. The longer you get to stay here, the happier I am.

I will definitely make a move on you during that time. Be prepared.

Ahahahaha! Keep blushing like that, and I might just consider it my cue.



Oh, it’s so dark alrea-…

What the…?!

Just now…! No… I don’t know either…

…… Hmm?

Woman… what did you come here for? I asked you what you came here for!

No, I don’t even need to ask. You came here to kill me. Isn’t that true?

You resent me, don’t you? You want to kill me… and then bury me right here!

There’s no use denying it. I can tell… All of you have no choice but to take my life away!



You look like you’re about to cry, woman. Do you plan on making me drop my guard with that?

I won’t fall for that. I will kill you before you kill me! You fool! You think I will let you get away?

Did you REALLY think you could escape me?! What a stupid woman.

I won’t let go. You will kill me the moment I release your arm, won’t you?



That’s why I’m asking you not to struggle or I won’t be responsible for what happens to this arm of yours.

Let’s see now…. How should I finish you off? I guess ripping your head clean would be best.



I will make you suffer the same way I did. Huh? Begging for your life now?

Why do you do something so pointless? You were already fated to die by my hands.

Ehhhh! You’re such a bad listener! I will tear off that slender neck of yours.

Have you prepared yourself? If so, then you better say your last words. I will listen to them for you.



Hmm? You’re not going to say anything?…

Well then… this is goodbye! What the………?!

Huh?! You dare defy me?! Stop right there! I will never let you get away!

That damn rat! Woman! Where did you run off to? Huh! Over there!

To think that you would try to run towards the room… how foolish! You’re just like a cornered mouse.

….. You want to lock yourself up in a closet? Hey! Open up! Come out! I’m telling you to come out! HEY!

You seem to be lacking in common sense if you think you are safe from me in there.

How impudent. I won’t forgive anyone who has made me suffer. No one gets to dirty my castle.

I will make sure death will fall upon everyone like you. The next time we meet, your life… shall belong to me.

Don’t you forget it…….. woman.


Note :

If you’re unsure about what just happened, it seems that Kira – has Dissociative Identity Disorder (also used to be called ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’).


Track 6


Oyyyy~! Princess! Where are you?

It’s about time for breakfast now!

I am seriously hungry here, but if I’m going to eat food then I’d prefer doing it with you.

Hey! My princess! Where are you?!



Hmm? I think I heard a door sliding just now. It can’t be… you, are you there?

Just what are you doing in a place like this? Hide and seek so early in the morning?

Haha! If so, then you have a really weird hobby. What happened?

Is there something on my face? Don’t tell me, are you going to say that my face looks pale again?

Hmm? I don’t remember…? About what?



Last night? Wasn’t I patrolling around the place with you?

But we couldn’t find anything so; I went back to my room to sleep.

When I woke up, I went to your room but you weren’t there. So I started searching for you.



Alright, it’s time for breakfast now.

You must be hungry too. You worked pretty hard yesterday, you need to fill up your stomach now.

Come on, hurry up and come out of there. We’re going.

Haaaaa, I’m stuffed. Still, you didn’t have much appetite today.

Now that I look closely, your face also looks quite pale.

Are you fine? I see. Do tell me right away if you don’t feel well, okay?

Pushing yourself too much is forbidden.



Aah, it must be yesterday’s work. I think it took a toll on you.

It’s a routine task for me but, since you’re not used to it, I’m not surprised to see you like this.

Feeling tired is only natural.

That’s right, I was about to fill the bath with water. You come too.



I will let you take the first bath. This new water can be a little rough on the skin but it’s special.

Take a nice long bath, and take it easy today. Hmm? Why do you hesitate?

In the first place, you’re way too reserved. A typical princess would normally order me to treat her more special, right?

Even though you are so much better than everyone who has ever come here… I might start taking you for granted, you know?



Of course, in the bath as well. Ah, no, I’m not telling you to act selfish or anything.

I’m just saying that it’s alright to enjoy the luxury every now and then.

Anyway, come on already. I will make you sparkle once again.



How about accepting it as a reward for yesterday’s labor? You have worked hard enough to earn it.

Oh? Have you finally agreed? I don’t know if it’s because you are Enma’s princess but, you are really stubborn, aren’t you?

However, I also find it quite endearing. Hahaha.. Alright then, just stand over there. I will put on the yukatabira for you.

Hmm? What’s the matter? You don’t want to?

What? Could it be that you’re embarrassed now? hehe.. It’s a bit too late for that now, isn’t it?

I already put it on you before, didn’t I? There is nothing different from doing that again now.

It’s quite cute how you blush like that as well but, I want to see much more of you.



Can’t I?

It will be over soon.

Just leave it to me. Well?

Okay. Good girl, you’re being a bit more docile now.

Well then… huh?

Wha-?! You! What happened to you arm?!



It’s really red!

Let me look at it. These marks are unmistakably from someone’s fingers.

Did you get attacked by someone? Hey, tell me who did this to you. Tell me!

I will ask again. Tell me who dared to do something this horrible to you.

You didn’t have anything like this on your arm yesterday.

In other words, someone did this to you last night.



Just what happened?

Won’t you be honest and tell me?

Why are you staying silent?

You… Don’t tell me you’re covering up for him?



If there’s actually someone who will do something so horrible here, I will never forgive him!

But, you know, I want to know why something like this happened.

You must have a reason for covering up for him, right?

As the one in charge of this place, I have to take responsibility.

That’s why… please… tell me.



What did you say? I… did it…?

Ahahaha….. Make sure you think your jokes through before you say them. I can’t even laugh at that.

No, but… I don’t have the slightest recollection of it.

Uh, a different me?

What do you mean by that?

My personality completely changed?



There was another me inside of me…?

Hey, show me your arm.

It might hurt a bit; I’m going to touch it.


It’s an exact match.

Then that means… I really did it?

It’s really hard to believe. But…

Hey, you told me that my face didn’t look good when we were out yesterday, didn’t you?



Now that I try to think about it… I can’t remember anything after that.

I do remember up until when we were patrolling but, after that…

All I can recall was just waking up in the morning.

If you are saying that I turned into another self during that time, then…

That does connect the dots.



Tell me. What was I acting like?

“I won’t forgive the ones who made me suffer.”…?

“I will summon death upon them.”?

I said things like that?

The other me is responsible behind these incidents? That can’t be…

I want to remove people from here that I don’t even know?

No way… Did I… kill them? Don’t joke with me.



Ah, yeah, it’s not confirmed that they are dead just yet.

It’s pretty possible that I shut them in somewhere.

At least, that’s what I hope is true.

Ah, the first person who disappeared was the violent one that I told you about earlier.

After that, the guests suddenly…

Now that I think about it, they were all pretty troublesome people.



That can’t be. But then again…

I don’t want to accept it, but… denying that possibility is just…

Damn it! I can’t calm down now!

Hmm? Why are you apologizing?



No, I’ve already believed in what you have told me. That’s exactly why I’m so irritated.

There would be nothing else to say if there was some proof of me being involved in these incidents.

Which is why no matter how hard we searched, we never found anything suspicious.

No, I don’t think there’s anything that we have overlooked.

I am the one who knows this place the best.

We both did the search together and yet, nothing ever came up.

What… my room?



I searched it like everywhere else. No, wait…

I might have let my guard down thinking that it’s my room so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Alright! Let’s investigate it one more time. You should come with me as well.


Track 7


A place that we didn’t think of, huh. Let’s see.

Ah! Now that I think… I remember putting something beneath the tatami floor once.

Yes… It should be around here. Yes, it’s here.

Wh-wha?! This is…

It’s the account book that used to be in the hands of the most recent victim.

And these are the photos of the guests who last checked-in and… these are their identification papers.

Each one of these all belong to the ones who have disappeared.

Hmm? What’s this in this corner? What?

These are your clothes that went missing!

Why are they here?



It can’t be… I stole them…?

I always thought it was the work of some thief.

Wait, I see… it’s possible that the thief met the same fate as the ones who disappeared.



Since things started disappearing in our inn… I have always been feeling irritated.

Is that why… I made him disappear too…?

There is so much proof gathered right here.

There’s no doubt left that I am the one who did it.



Still… a me that I am not aware of…?

Even though there is so much proof in front of me, I still can’t believe it.

Hey, will you show me your arm once again?

It hurts me whenever I see it.

I’m really sorry.



No, even if I don’t remember it…

It doesn’t change the fact that I’m the one who did it.

It’s just that… I simply don’t know what to do now.

As long as he is inside me, he will definitely resurface again.

But… just what should I do?



I don’t even have a means to confront him.

Someone… just tell me this is all a lie.

I’m begging you…


No, you’ve already done enough for me.

You saved me.

The touch of your hand is so gentle even at a time like this.

I will be fine.

Just, can you please give me some time?

I’m just having trouble accepting this just yet.



It’s me. Can I come in?

Sorry, I just wanted to ask you something.

Is it fine for you to not return to Enma?

We have found the culprit of this case from the last incident.

That’s why the investigation is useless now.



You no longer have any reason to stay here.

Well, it’s simple.

In order to solve this case, all I have to do is quit managing this inn.

No matter how I think about it – this is the quickest way to put an end to this.



There’s no problem if I just leave, right?

I don’t have to quit? How do you plan on solving this without me having to do that?

What? You..! Do you have any idea what you’re saying?

Even after that horrible incident, just what are you planning on doing by appearing in front of the other me again?



But…! Seriously… you’re really such a determined and stubborn princess.

It’s true that this is something only you can do. That plan seems reliable to some extent, but…

It’s really not something I can just request of you so easily.

So it’s come to this. You lowering your head, huh…..

What a troubling person.

You’re being very unfair.

How can I refuse you when you’re pleading with me like that?



That’s why I said you’re unfair.

….. I guess… This is just something I have to get over and dealt with.

No matter how much I think of another way…

It seems that you are the only one who can put an end to this case.



This means, I’m the only one who needs to bow down here.

Will you do it?

I beg of you.

I am truly sorry. You’ve really saved me.



With that said, please be careful, okay?

Your opponent… seems like a very dangerous man after all.

There’s still some time before the next new moon.

Tell me whenever you want to change your mind, alright?

I will never blame you for it. Okay?



Oh! What are you doing in a place like this?

The moon?

Ahh, it’s right there.

So you can see the moon during daytime in this season, huh.

Still, what a thin looking moon it is.



You’re right.

It will be the new moon very soon.

Can I… ask you once again?

You… Do you really… plan on confronting the other me all by yourself?

Seriously… you never cease to surprise me.

How can you say something like that without the slightest doubt in your eyes?

Aren’t you afraid?

Then why do you do it when you’re afraid?

It can’t be explained by common logic?




I can’t help but be extremely worried about you, but… your feelings they really make me too happy.

That’s why I will say just this one thing. If, the other me raises his hands on you…

I won’t mind no matter how badly you hurt me.

Just draw your sword, and cut me down.

I won’t die anyway.

It’s fine no matter how big of a wound you give me.



I’m serious.

It’s not even something to think about when you are in such a great danger.

That’s why, instead of me, please save yourself first.

Promise me this. Okay?




Why do you say that you might be okay without it?

He was confused?

Was he about to kill you while mistaking you for someone else?


Still, it’s a matter of whether he will listen to you or not, right?

You will do what you can, huh?

You really are an unreasonable princess.

I’ve lost.

Just how far do you plan on making me fall for you?



I was the one who planned on doing that, you know.

This is totally the reverse of how I wanted it to go.

There must be a limit to how lame I can possibly be.

Hmm? Wait, what did you say just now?



Hey! Don’t laugh and confess already.

Hey! Princess!

…. Those lips…

You’re really making me want to steal them for myself.

But, well, we will see to that once everything is over.



That’s why…

You better make sure that you’re safe.


And then, when a new day breaks and everything is over and done with…

Princess, I will make you mine.

You know what I mean by that don’t you?

Heh. You finally look like a girl when you blush like that.

The stubborn you… the embarrassed you…

They both make up as the real you.

When everything is over… I’d like to make you mine.

Be prepared, okay?


Track 8


Alright, we’re finally done cleaning the baths.

Now, all that’s left is to wait for night to fall.

You are making such a troubled face again. Ah…!

Does that mean…. that I am starting to change again?



So that’s how it is after all.

My face color going pale must be the first step right before my other personality takes over.

The fact that I don’t even know why this is happening is really eating me away.

I will ask you one last time.

Do you really want to do it?

So you didn’t change your mind till the end. I understand.

I will leave the rest to you. Don’t push yourself, okay?




Somehow… it has gotten so cold all of a sudden.

Is it… also one of the signs?

Ah… it’s the signal for when night falls.

He is about to resurface.



Don’t look at me like you’re about to cry.

I will be fi–!

NO! Don’t! If you get too close…!

He’s coming!

Be……… careful…!


Are you… the woman from last time?

To think that you dare to appear in front of me again.

You’ve really got guts.



I have been here for a hundred years.

No, I guess not anymore.

Well, who cares, you will not be alive for much longer!

You want to talk…?

Hah! You think I would actually listen to what you have to say?!




You’re Enma’s daughter?

Now that I look closely…

You’re not actually human.

I see, so you are the girl who’s staying with that guy right now.

Then you’re not here to take my life I guess.

Hmph, way to connect the dots.

That’s right; I am the one who removed that bunch from this inn.



Didn’t I say it? I will never forgive the ones who taint my castle.

The reason is simple; I just did what he was assigned to do by myself.

Ahh, well his job here is to get rid of any nuisances.



His immense hatred for those guys has slowly been consuming his heart.

But he, priding himself as a model caretaker, never even thought about laying a hand on those bastards.

He is no longer any different from a human.



You! Did you ever ask him why he gave up on himself?

Haha! That’s right, I’m sure he doesn’t want to tell you about it, but if you don’t know anything then nothing will ever start.

That reason… it’s what gave birth to me.

The reason why he died in the first place.

The reason why I appear on this particular time of the day.

Just one story is the key to answering everything.

Hmm, you don’t know why he was appointed to this place either, don’t you?



Haha! Well, he has a mountain load of things he never wants to talk about after all.

No, that coward just can’t talk about them.

Let’s see, I can at least share a little bit with you.



Everyone in this inn belongs to a list that the ruler of the 8th gate of hell deemed too dangerous to be a part of.

But he is very special from the inside.

In any case, it was some sort of popularity poll.

After they left hell, everyone gathered under him and started calling him their master.

Everyone decided that no one knows what fresh hell may rise if they are all united like this.

That’s why he was nominated as the caretaker of this hot spring.

In other words, he was recognized as being the most superior by everyone.



All the workers of this inn also like him a lot.

Hmph, you too seem to have quite a lot of faith in him.

But of course, that’s not all there is to it, right?

Am I wrong?

Haha! It’s all so clear with just a single look at your face but, let’s leave it at that.

He has always been like that.

Even in hell, everyone always fell for him at first sight.



That’s why, carrying the aura of a charismatic leader, he thought it was only natural that people gathered under him in this place.

The truth is though that he is just a petty little man.

With so much hatred piled up inside, it has now gone completely out of control – but, there’s no way he will ever accept that.

Just like that, he kept building negative emotions inside him to such an extent that he could no longer even contain them.

Hence, just a little incident in his life made him blow up and go insane.

That’s how I came into existence.

That’s right. His dark emotions are what gave birth to me.

He is someone who can’t even accept his own weaknesses and cries in the dark like a baby that got his candy stolen.



People, who are desperate to overcome their weakness take drastic measures to solve their problems.

They want to protect themselves.

The ones who disappeared from here were like troublesome lowbred thugs for him.

If he let them linger around, his castle would become tainted.



He was always trying to maintain the perfect balance in his castle.

That’s why even with just a little incident, he still totally blew it out of proportion.

Annoying people have been constantly increasing around here you see.

Bad guests, thieves… he was able to ignore that much.

But something inside of him snapped one day.



That’s why I removed those troublemakers in his place.

Removed all nuisances without mercy.

Yes… I call it a form of justified purge of such filth.



Are you afraid?

Of course you are.

After all, I am a part of the person you fell for.

No, at this rate, if he continues to refuse to accept his weaknesses.

It’s only a matter of time before I completely take over him.

It’s extremely interesting.



To be devoured by your own split personality.

You reap what you sow.

You look quite the devoted woman but, if you get in my way…

I will seriously kill you.

No, I have to kill you right now.

If you cease to exist, he will no longer have any choice but to let me take over.

You are in control of his emotions.

If I leave it be, my own existence will be in danger.



Things can go in a dangerous direction for me.

But I won’t let that happen.

We both have the same appearance.

Who cares which one of us is the real Kira?

That’s why I will live in his place.



For that reason…


You are meant to die by my hands after all.

I have taught you a lot.

You must be satisfied by solving this mystery in the end, right?




What makes you think you can escape?!

See? I caught you.

I’m going to rip your head off, just like I promised.

Are you ready? Don’t struggle!

It will be over quickly if you just stay put.



You are about to be killed by the hands of the guy you love. You must be happy? Am I right?

Have you thought up of any last words this time? Hmm, I see; what a pity.



Well then…

What an ill mannered woman!

You were buying time?

Tch! At such an important moment…



I… what just…

Ah… I see…

Could it be…

Huh?! You!

You are safe?!

Did he hurt you?!

He didn’t do something horrible to you, did he?!



I’m glad to hear that.

I was most worried about your safety.

Hey… you… You just lied to me, didn’t you?

There are finger imprints on your neck.



They’re not as bad as last time, but…

I am the one who did it again.

Isn’t that right?

Damn it!

It’s not okay at all!

In any case, please forgive me.

I apologize.

You’re right, I should be glad that something much worse didn’t happen to you.

Will you please tell me the whole story?


Track 9


I see. So he said things like that.

But still, I can’t help but be very confused by all of this.

Why is he targeting my weakness?



That’s not even a joke.

Be it the present or the past, I never held emotions like that inside me.

I can say that with confidence.

How will my superiors ever forgive me for holding on to emotions like that?




…. How I died?

He also mentioned that?

I didn’t want to remember any of that ever again.

Damn it! Why now of all times?

To think that you would actually ask me about it on your own and not because he ordered you to.

Even when I said I don’t want to talk about it…

Why are you doing this?



I would really like to obediently fulfill your request, but…

No matter how much you say it’s for my sake, this one request is just…

Why do you always lower your head like a rabbit in times like these?

I really like that figure of yours, but…




That’s enough!

It’s your win.

But still, just where do I begin?

At the very least, I told you that I left that country didn’t I?



I was one of the successors in line for a noble family.

I held a high position even within the Shogunate, but…

One day, we were suddenly attacked by a certain feudal lord.

That lord captured my entire family and made them all commit seppuku.



I didn’t know how to wield a sword properly, so I ended up failing to disembowel myself.

However, it didn’t look like that to his subordinates.

When some time had passed, they came back to my mansion with vengeance.


A timid and fainthearted person with no stamina whatsoever…

By the time I realized my own weakness, I found myself hidden in some dark and narrow cell.

I know what you want to say… but listen until the end.

In the end, I was found by those people…

Beaten to a pulp and then cut down with a sword.

In the end, they cut my head off clean.



For me, their every action against us was incomprehensible.

Besides, they should have been the ones to be cut down!

I was just a normal man who didn’t even know how to hold a sword in his hands.

That’s why I could never understand why they did what they did.

I was just so scared…

“Why do I have to go through this?” I yelled that line so much in my heart that it almost strangled me to death.

Having my entire family slaughtered was completely unreasonable. But… the story doesn’t end just here.



The real trial was after I had already died.

My murderer was deemed a “B-grade” in this pyramid system of hell and gained instant popularity upon arrival.

Word about his intellect, charisma and whatnot spread like wildfire and he was being treated like a celebrity.

The one who killed me was enjoying his own festivals and hailed like a hero.

The one who should have been disemboweled, be treated like scum and be punished for all eternity was already forgiven of all his sins and was just living the high life.



On the other hand, I was completely treated like some scoundrel.

The only time people opened their mouths was so they could say bad things about me.

No matter who I talked to, no one would listen to me.

How can there be so much injustice?!

Just what did I do exactly?!

Why did I get this treatment even in hell?!

I was the one who was killed here!

I should have obviously been treated much better than those bastards!

Don’t you find this strange?! Why did things turn out like this?!

That’s why I didn’t want to talk about it.

You know the reason why I kept quiet all this time now, don’t you?



The more I talk about it, the more pitiable words keep spilling out of my mouth.

Just what would my subordinates say if they found out that the man they have been calling their master all this time is someone this pathetic?

No one will stay by me anymore.

It’s mortifying to admit this but, whatever the other me said was true.

I always knew how weak I was deep inside.

But… I just never wanted to accept this.

That’s why, I kept it all buried inside me.

I would have been instantly found out if I could no longer endure this pain after all.



I wanted to stay as a good master, no matter what.

Those eyes of yours… you’re disappointed, aren’t you?

No, I’m sure that’s how it is.

After all, the always prideful master of this inn is actually just a big coward inside.



I can’t blame you for feeling disappointed.

You can just be honest about it, you know.


Hah! That other me sure was a talkative guy.



The reason why I was put here, huh? What about it?

That’s just because I couldn’t accept my weakness, right?

That’s all there is to it.

After I got kicked out from hell, I wanted to continue being treated like a master once again.



It was just a coincidence that the people here went along with me.

I’m not a wonderful master or anything. I’m just pretending to be one.

The real me isn’t someone strong like that.

My weakness is also a part of me you say?

Well, you’re right. I’m sure everyone has their good and bad points.



I definitely said that.

The strong and stubborn you as well as the shy and embarrassed you.

You are what you are because you have both.

But this and that are totally different matters, right?

My case is a lot more complicated.

If I just accept everything, it might not turn out to be so good.

Forget being expelled as the master of this inn, it is entirely possible that the other me is intending to betray me so he can completely take over.



What will I do if that happens?

It’s the opposite?

What do you mean? Did he say that?

Then how can we just accept it like that?

There’s a big possibility that he lied on purpose.

I’m sorry…

It’s not something I should be saying to you.

I’m sorry; I will go outside for a bit.



Another me, huh…

I suppose … it’s just like my shadow. It’s me, but at the same time it’s not.

No, that’s wrong. I guess I am myself regardless.

Still, the other me seems to know me quite well.

However, I don’t know anything about him.

It really irritates me to no extent.

I will never be able to solve this case, unless I get rid of my other self.


(Note : He threw a small rock into the water if you’re not sure what happened just then. )



Hmph, as I was busy pondering about the same thing, the ripples on the water have already disappeared and my reflection is back to normal again.

Just how do I make him disappear?

If only he was something I could see like my image on this water’s surface.

No… I guess nothing will change even after that.

My other self…

My reverse image… Just what do I have to do to see that reverse image?

I don’t think it will make any difference even if I accept my weaknesses.



I’m so afraid ; I can’t calm down.

What? Oh, it’s you.

Don’t surprise me like that.

Anyway, you heard everything I was mumbling to myself just now, didn’t you?

It’s fine. There must be something you want to say, right?

Certainly, I can imagine what he said when I listened to your story.

How desperate I am to hide my weaknesses.

How desperate I am to save my castle.



As I thought, you think whatever he said was true, right?

I should accept all of my bad parts.

If I do that, my other self will disappear.

I just can’t help but think that if I embrace my weaknesses, his presence will only become stronger inside me.

Is he really not just lying to you so he can convince you into letting me make the wrong choice?

The other me is a part of me as well… and there is no way I would ever lie to you.

I never thought I would hear you say that.



You really have a lot of faith in me, don’t you?

Seriously, I get it.

Well then, I will believe in you too.

Hmm, I see. If I consider the reason he was born.

It makes sense to lay my weaknesses bare.

Then again, to just accept them…

Ah… I don’t even know if I can do that.



What about the pond?

Just look at my reflection like this?

I see…

So imagine as if my reflection is my weakness and I should forgive it for being there.

If I think of it like that, it’s just like when the ripples in the water disappear and my reflection returns to normal.

Time will also move forward and eventually bury my weaknesses in its waves.

Something like that?

That’s the exact opposite of what I was thinking just now.

Instead of accepting my past, all I could think about was erasing it.



You say some fairly complicated things.

There will be no darkness to haunt people if everyone could shine as bright as you.

Time, huh…

That alone is what I have plenty.

We demons don’t die and we just continue to perform our duties for all eternity.



If buying time is all I have to do, I just might be able to do this then.

That’s where the problem lies. I don’t think I can let this other identity of mine roam free inside me after this.

There are also my subordinates to consider too. I definitely can’t trouble them like this.


Hahahaha! Hahahaha! … I guess you’re right, it’s just as you said.

I already told you everything after all.



I see.

That’s right… as long as you’re here.

Wait. Does that mean… you are you going to stay by my side forever…?

Oh, you’re just taking care of the sick?

Well! How about you just start living here and become mine already?



Haha! That’s right. The normal me is quite the cocky guy.

Though worrying about small things like these is also me.

Just like my other self, that cruel and aggressive personality must also be a part of my real self.

Even then, are you fine with that?



Will you still stay by the side of someone like me?

You never give up, do you?

Have you finally fallen for me?

You just dodged answering that just then, didn’t you?

I don’t think considering someone so important is any different from falling for someone.

Hey, please let me hug you.



As I thought, you really are the perfect woman for me.

It might be my first time receiving a hug like this ever since I was born.

I’m sure my heart has been swayed by you from the start.

Ever since you embraced me in that dark warehouse… ever since then…

No, it might have already happened when I mistook you for a maid.

You forgave my misunderstanding with a heart that’s made of gold.

What? But the truth is that you’re actually a much more important person than me, aren’t you?



It’s not a joke.

I honestly do think that.

I am really glad that you came here.

I don’t think simple words like this are enough to express my gratitude, but…

Thank you…

I am truly grateful to you from the bottom of my heart.


Track 10


You look like you’re enjoying yourself.

Haha! Well, that’s for the best.

It makes me happy to know that you have taken a liking to our baths.



No, I just had some time on me, so I felt like seeing your face.

Enter the bath with you?

That’s quite the enticing offer, but my job is not yet over you see.



Well, that’s true.

If there’s no one else here besides you, then I think I can just take it easy for a while.

Besides, it has been quite some time so, I really want to soak in the taste of our baths in my body again.

Even more so when it’s with you.



As I thought, the hot springs of my inn are the best.

When you soak yourself like this and inhale the smell of the fresh water…

You can feel every bit of the happiness seeping out from your pores.

Still, I’ve got to praise my subordinates.

Even after all that mess, they are still here working for me.



The workers in this place are always so cheerful.

I bet your father must have been very surprised too.

I was prepared to quit my position and accept any punishment from him.

But thanks to everyone, I can still continue to work here like I used to.

I am so grateful.



Yeah… it’s because everyone still calls me their master that I can continue to work hard and stay in this position.

Besides, the real reason why I can be who I am is because you were there to listen to my worries.

I am really blessed.


Still, I feel so strangely calm when I am with you.

I also want to praise myself for finding a woman as wonderful as you in my life.

You are really such a precious woman.



I think, it was this arm, right?

Will you let me see it for a bit?

There are no scars left at least.

But, just remembering it makes me feel horrible.


I wonder how painful it must have been for you.

Even if we’ve already solved the mystery, I continue to feel how much responsibility I should take for everything.

Forgive me.

I am really sorry.



Oh, that little wound on my chest?

I was worried when I saw it at first but, it was relieving to hear the reason from you.

There’s no need to apologize.

Instead, I’m happy that you could escape him when you did that.

Who knows what he might have done to you if you didn’t do that?



It sends shivers down my spine just imagining it.

Hmm? Why do you say that?

He was trying to hurt you, wasn’t he?

Ah… so you were thinking like that even during that time.

I was truly relieved to know that the ones who disappeared were all found safe and sound.

To think that they were kept hidden in some shed outside.

In the end, I guess his conscience wouldn’t let them die, huh.

I guess the other me has been suffering just as much.

But, I’m sure that he won’t resurface again.



Isn’t that right?

So you agree, huh.

If that’s the case, then you better be here with me to confirm on the next new moon, okay?

No, it doesn’t have to be that day only.

You can do it every day.




Ah, I see. There’s a festival today.

I even told all my workers to feel free to attend it, but I completely forgot about it myself.


Watching fireworks with the woman you love is such a special feeling.

Why are you embarrassed now of all times?

You are already well aware of my feelings, aren’t you?

Hey, princess.

Stay with me for all eternity.



I can only stay true to myself when I’m with you.

Because you will accept me no matter what personality I have.

I gain so much confidence from that alone.

Assuring me that it’s okay to be myself.



It’s all because you are here with me.

You saved me and brought peace back to this hot spring.

You can’t find such a woman anywhere.

If you’d like to, you can return to your father tomorrow to say hi.

I have already asked him to give me the hand of his daughter.

If the need arises, I am ready to kneel down in front of him until he agrees.

Hahaha! I guess that sounded really over the top, didn’t it?

But you know, I am very serious about this.

Unless, you reject me yourself and go back to your castle.



Well, I’m sure that won’t be a problem either.

Just leave it to me.

I’ve been saying this from the start, haven’t I?

That I will make you mine.

Just become mine already. It’s fine, right?

Geez, look at that beet red face of yours.

Are you getting drunk at the sight of me?

Then I guess, maybe I need to get drunk too…


Haha! That’s fine by me…

I have all the time in the world.

Let’s enjoy watching the fireworks for now…




FREE TALK with Suwabe Junichi
(Note : This is just a rough translation of the free talk as Junichi was talking so damn fast as I suppose he just wanted to get out of there already, LMAO! He was even slurring his words nearing the end and it’s like, “WELP, FUCK THIS!” lol.~ Well, you’ll know what I mean once you go over his free talk, ahaha. It’s quite funny though so it’s still worth listening to.)


I’d like to express my views about Jigoku Onsen.

I played the role of Kira.

My name is Suwabe Junichi.

I’m sure you’ve already listened to the whole CD by now.

I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.



I ‘ll just talk randomly from now on.

It is entirely possible that I will go completely off-topic along the way.

If I do that, please stop me right away.

If you really enjoyed the drama, I hope you can enjoy my free talk to some extent as well.

Thank you in advance.




With this and that being over and done with, we have finally reached the end of this volume!

It’s over now.~~

Da~mmnnn was that long!~

It seriously took me by surprise.

When they said we’re now on to the 2nd disc, I was like “Are you kidding me?”

“Are you seriously going to make me talk for that long?!”



It was really surprising.

But thanks to that, my feelings right now……

They are racing at speed of sound, then light and then whatever is faster than that.

I feel so relieved; I wanna run naked down the streets, straight to some hot spring resort and then dive right into a bath!

That’s how I feel right now.



Well, how do I say this?

As you already know, I have done several fantasy type characters in the past and everything but a character like KIRA!

At first, I was like “This guy looks kinda cunning”.

You know, how those slightly evil playboys behave, going straight for the girl and bothering her like no end.

I just couldn’t help but think that, though my opinion changed during the recording.



In my mind, he has been an evil character that nobody likes… until then.

I had no idea his role would become a lot more complex as we went deeper into the story.

Hmm, let’s see, in any case, I think it was pretty clear during the recording that this CD would be an instant hit.

Everyone here thinks that.



Everyone really enjoyed working on it.

I think that it turned into a very good horror drama somewhere in the middle.

Seriously, sorry.

I almost felt like I overdid it.

But then I thought I had to do at least that much to keep things interesting.

I was really confused at multiple points in this scenario, but…

I would be really glad to know if you enjoyed both personalities of Kira just as much.



I know I tend to be clumsy but, thank you so much for listening to this CD.

As this drama is a big hit, so it has that something, as you all know every big hit drama has, that just clicks with you right away.

Just like my line has probably clicked with you… did it?

We seriously had so many retakes for every single line in this CD.

I keep complain how difficult it has been but, to be completely honest – I enjoyed every bit of it.



It might not be what you would expect from a hot spring theme based drama, but at the same time, it sort of is.

Besides, I love baths.

Do you love baths?

I looo~ve baths!

I might even like them more than Shizuka from Doraemon.

I tend to take baths very often.



How do I say it? I don’t just like to enter them, you see.

I even go as far as to read books in there and even do a plethora of other things.

Like bring in my tablet along and watch videos or movies in there while I soak.

And for that reason, I tend to take really long baths.

But I think that’s fine. It’s very rare that someone notices me anyway.



So, after I leave the baths, I spend hours looking at my face for some reason.

Just this morning, I woke up early, went out for a walk, came back, entered the bath and stayed there for like three hours without realizing I’ve been there for that long already.

I was surprised myself.

But no one cares about stuff like that anyway, right? I’m sorry.



Well, let’s see, how do you read this?

Huh? Mystery case?

I guess that was definitely the main theme, I think.

So, “Did something mysterious happen during this drama’s production?”

That’s one hell of a question to ask.

Something mysterious happening… I suppose I do have that one experience.~



I was legitimately scared by this one thing.

It was after we finished recording for the day, I decided to ride a taxi home.

The driver asked where I needed to go and I just explained my address like you normally would, like “It’s over by so and so” and “Right there beside this place” and whatnot.

His only response was that he “Understood”, but…

“Left from over there, then take a right and then there and then straight and then…” he kept mumbling the address I explained to him earlier and somehow kept going around in circles for some time. And then suddenly, he was like “*mumble* *mumble* *mumble*”. He was just mumbling to himself for quite a while. He was acting seriously creepy.


I was like thinking “This guy’s scary! He’s super scary!” but thankfully, I somehow arrived home safely soon afterwards……… and then that was it.

Alright, can I end it here now?

Well, that’s how it is. I am really thankful to everyone who was with me along this journey.

I really gave it my all in this project so I would be really grateful if you were able to listen to me until the end.

And if possible, I would like you to enjoy it even after you’ve heard it several times.



Our team is really fired up for the other projects too, so please look forward to our upcoming releases as well.

(Insert lots of things he said in a hurry.)

Thank you very much.

With that being said, I have now officially ended my role as Kira.

See you later.

Don’t get caught by me, Ciao!