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Mystic Messenger Quick Tips (NO SPOILERS)

Everything you need to know about the game if you don’t want to use any walkthroughs or detailed guides that would give away too much about the game. Please note that I am only giving out TIPS, this is not a full fledged guide, I’m obviously not going to go into so much detail. I’m only giving you enough to be able to get through it mostly on your own. You’d have to figure out the rest by yourself.~ If you want more detailed information, this is of course not the right one for you.


I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Though be aware that some people who commented have mentioned things that are considered spoilers so read at your own risk. Thank you for visiting my journal and good luck with the game.~ Please seek help with a walkthrough if you’re having too much trouble. There’s tons online.



Hourglasses : This is in-game currency used to unlock the next day (if you don’t want to wait), deep story mode, outgoing phone calls, opening missed chats, etc. Recommended amount of hourglasses for binge playing is around 2,000~3,000. It depends how you play and if you’re using any walkthroughs or other guides. Don’t buy it all at once though as you may need less.

Gold Hearts : You can receive Gold Hearts from selecting the right answers from chatrooms or texts. You need 100 Gold Hearts to exchange it for 1 hourglass.

Colored Hearts : Each color represents one character.
Jumin Han (Purple)
Jaehee Kang (Yellow)
707 (Red)
Yoosung (Green)
Zen (Silver/Grey)

Note : I’m not crazy (and you’re not either! lol) but I do see white hearts sometimes. It’s significantly brighter than Zen’s hearts so yes, it is white for sure. Not sure what it’s for and it doesn’t seem I needed it to unlock anything? No idea, lol. Don’t worry about that too much though. I doubt Cheritz would tell me what it is though even if I asked them, lol. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Broken Heart : You will lose -1 affection in the color of that broken heart. Look at the border carefully and you can see whose heart was broken. Sometimes, you may need to break a character’s heart to get affection for your chosen route. I’ve gotten quite a few broken hearts (maybe around 1~3 per entire route and I still got the good ending) so as long as the color of that broken heart is not the person you need affection from, you’re all good. Don’t worry about it too much. Just don’t overdo it of course.

Guest E-mails : You know you got the right answer if the tiny arrows (those 3 arrows below the guest’s avatar or icon) turn green. There are 3 because you will be replying 3 times and you need to get them all correctly if you’d like to be able to successfully invite them to your party. Open their 4th e-mail and it will be marked as “completed”. If you failed, the small arrows under the guest’s avatar will turn into an orange arrow instead of green.

Guest Invitations : I recommend you to at least have 20 confirmed guests to get a high ranking when you finish the route. Also, if you check your guest’s albums and read their summary, you can get 1 free hourglass for reading.

Guest E-mail Failed and Completed Invitation Status : From experience, I received a Green colored “Completed” status on the 3rd response and it seems they still went to the party. You would know if you got ALL the answers right if the Completed message is Blue. If it is Red, obviously you have failed inviting the guest. Failed will be in Grey and it will appear when you get the first response wrong.

Endings : There’s 1 Good and 2~3 Bad endings. I’ve never done the bad endings but I assume that as long as you are able to invite at least 20 guests (I heard 16 confirmed guests were alright too, but I haven’t confirmed that myself) and you reach the day of the party – I think it’s usually a good indicator that you are getting the good ending. There’s a different ending if you are not able to invite enough guests unfortunately.

After Story : These will unlock when you finish the good ending of a route. It is meant to be read after the day of the party and is the epilogue of that route.

Secret 01 & Secret 02 : Read this when you finish the entire game’s (hopefully you listened and played 707 last, lol) good endings. This is meant to be the true ending and it will explain and answer all the major questions you may have had throughout the game.


This should be able to help you get the good endings without the use of any walkthroughs. Please take note that you need to be careful of using other guides in conjunction with this one. My tips may not work well with other ones.

Short Character Guide :



Zen – He’s the easiest to handle. Just be nice, pump him with even more compliments and bloat his ego even more, lol! Of course, don’t invite any cat-related guests. Always take Zen’s side whenever it involves Jumin. As for Jaehee, she gets very protective of Zen’s career. It may get a bit grating but just hang in there. Be firm that you do know what you’re doing and you can handle your own relationship with Zen, but DO NOT be mean. Do not keep accusing her that she’s just jealous all the time. I think I only said it once or twice at most that she seems to be jealous. After that, I chose options that would keep the peace and not split up the group. Don’t act all nasty or like a crazed fan as well, lol. Invite all musical-related, artistic or actor groups to the party.



Yoosung – You need to take Yoosung’s side all the time. He hates V so you have to use your discretion though and not go overboard with hurling insults at V. Try to still keep the peace within the group. Which means you will need to keep telling Yoosung to calm down and be a bit more rational about things. “Keeping the peace within the group” is a must in every single route actually. Do not act bossy with Yoosung at all – let him decide for himself. He’s a huge Masochist and it would be really bad if he starts listening to you about everything. The biggest hurdle he has to overcome is to stop depending on others and be too hung up about the past. His bad gaming habits may get a bit annoying but just try to be patient and be supportive. This goes with all issues within his route. Also, be sure to draw a line between yourself and his other object of interest. You are unlike anyone else in this world and you should not be compared.



Jumin – Be nice and LOVE CATS, as if that wasn’t obvious enough, haha. Keep taking his side and ignore Zen’s pleas. I know it’s tempting to escape but don’t unless you’re planning to get a bad end. Be extremely supportive, patient and help him through the route. Invite all cat-related groups. Scold 707 for “abusing” Elizabeth the 3rd. Say nice things about his dad. Flatter him every chance you get even if it seems ridiculous. Don’t act like a gold digger though. Be careful ‘cos even if you pick those options, it still gives you hearts. Be supportive, but don’t let him walk all over you either if he starts to cross the line (you’ll know what I mean when you get to Day 6 or 7). Never leave him or the apartment without his say so.



Jaehee – Take Jaehee’s side every single time. Teach her that the world is not just about “working” and that it’s absolutely wrong to think that she has no choice or say in anything. Help her build her confidence. Be mean to Jumin and tell him off whenever he is being overbearing. Her route is pretty easy I think. Just try to keep the peace and be a nice girl. Don’t choose things that could split up the group. Encourage her when she starts showing interest in other things.



707  – Just choose answers that seem nonsensical when you first start the game. Always take his side. Don’t tell him that you really can’t understand him as that would break his heart. Let him know that you’re interested in him everytime he jokes around about you becoming his girlfriend. Be nice. Actually listen to what he’s trying to say and analyze his words. It takes a while for him to open up and remove his mask so you need to be patient. You have to keep reassuring him of how much you care, love, acknowledge and appreciate all the work he does for the RFA. Invite all the guests that seem really weird or crazy that he himself recommends you to invite, lol. He loves cats so again, invite those guests. Reassure him that there’s nothing wrong with having different sides to him (not just the fun-loving side) and that you’re willing to accept him no matter what. Don’t do anything that will alienate and destroy relationships between characters. He is a bit more complex actually but don’t lose sight of the goal. Balance your answers and don’t be overly negative towards anyone else. You can choose a couple of options like that but not too much.



Okay. I know that the tips I gave may make sense to ME but not to others. But! If you have any questions or if there’s anything you don’t understand, please ask me in the comments below. There’s really no point being nasty and insulting. It’s absolutely pointless and unhelpful. How about you just tell me what I’m missing or if there’s anything that doesn’t make any sense. Then I can probably edit this entry to make it clearer or explain it further. I’m looking at you! ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ You know who you are.

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    1. Okay, to be more specific – Jumin (and Zen) will try a variety of things in this route.

      Zen -> Ignore him whenever he says he wants to get you out of the apartment. Constantly tell him that everything is alright with you and Jumin and that he needs “more time” to stabilize (this goes with anyone trying to push you to get out of there).

      Jumin -> Always mention and ask about Elizabeth the 3rd. If he gets a bit aggressive (possessively), tell him that you are feeling a bit uncomfortable about what he’s doing. Just agree with him and reassure him that you will not leave his place until he feels better. Do not ever act clingy (or lovey dovey while he is in this “state”) and say you like what he’s doing (being all possessive/obsessive) and encourage that type of behavior. Do not ever ask or mention that you want to go already/go home and be pushy about that subject – you really have to wait until the end that he lets you go himself. Of course, don’t say this in the chatroom to anyone, too.

      Oh and, you’re free to act lovey dovey with him when he has let you go back to your place already. It’s only discouraged when he’s still in his “yandere” or crazy mode, lol.

      As always, don’t forget to save, save and save.~

      I just went by memory so if there’s anything I’m missing or if you wanna know something I failed to mention, just ask. ^^

  1. So I’ve been having issues with gething Seven’s good ending and no one has replied to my tumblr asks, so I was hoping you have a few tips?

    1. Hmm, I might be able to help a bit more if you can let me know which bad ending you’ve been getting? The “days or timeline” I write below are just approximations because I am just going by memory and I only played through their routes only once.

      From what I remember Day 5-6 is about getting closer to him. So you’ll have to joke around with him and appreciate his sense of humor, lol. Sometimes he gets serious so I try to be serious too. He may joke around a lot but they’re mostly half-truths. Just sympathize with him even if he doesn’t make sense.

      Oh, one thing is important is that you should ALWAYS put your complete trust in 707 throughout the whole route.

      Day 7-8 I believe is about the bomb? I chose options where I asked him to come save the MC. I believe I stuck to asking him to come save her every time an option like that comes up.

      Also, I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but when there’s an option that asks if you want to “check out” the announcement or “ignore” the announcement, I didn’t know what the heck it meant so I just chose to ignore it. When you get captured, you should find the perfect time to escape and be proactive about it. Esp when the “enemy” is distracted.

      During this time, your top priority when it comes to talking to him if ever he talks about it is to ask about Unknown. I really don’t know if you went through this part and I don’t want to accidentally spoil anyone else. You’ll know what I mean once you get to this part.

      Day 8-10 Once you’re both in the apt. you have to give him space. Be nice and always ask him to eat with you. You especially cannot act clingy or lovey dovey at all during this time. If he acts aggressive about not caring about you at all, you can question him if your feelings for him really don’t matter? He’ll say no it doesn’t matter, etc. but yeah just be patient through this time and be nice regardless of what he says. Again, keep asking about Unknown and he has to be your top priority every time you are able to choose an option concerning him.

      Ah, also I chose to give V the benefit of the doubt at first, but after that, I listened to what 707 had to say and I listened to his gut feeling – so you agree with him at times too because things ARE suspicious and V is not telling you guys everything. However, I wanted to balance it out a bit more so I think I have chose another option to say that I didn’t want the group splitting up.

      Also, keep everything a secret that 707 asks you to until he seems he’s ready to tell the group.

      Once you get to that mansion by the mountains, again, your top priority is repairing his relationship between him and Unknown. If he runs away, you know what to do, lol. Then you have to find an opening to insert the “storage device” (you’ll know what I mean if you got to this part as well – I’m trying to avoid spoilers) to show it to Unknown. When he runs out, try to open the door… I think that’s most of the more important stuff that I can remember about 707’s route. >.< Let me know if you want to ask about something more specific 'cos I'm not sure what bad ending you keep getting into.

        1. Is this when you’re in the apartment and there’s a bomb there? You have to keep telling Seven that he needs to save you. I forgot how many times he asked, but just keep asking him to save you. Don’t tell him you’re fine. D’: He might not have asked as much as I thought so just keep asking him to go to the apartment to protect you.

          1. I don’t learn about the bomb in the apartment until ‘Unknown’ is holding me and saying he’ll click the button.

            *Edited by Nurie : changed the name to hide spoiler.

        2. I’m a bit confused as wasn’t Seven desperately trying to get to the apartment because of the bomb? He kept talking about it before Unknown showed up and Seven is supposed to bust through the door pretty much right after Unknown got to you.

          You may need to restart from Day 5 from the looks of it… Just starting the day over won’t help as it might have been from the choices you already made since Day 5.

          Seven SHOULD have been talking about the bomb before he even got to the apartment and he was constantly distracted by being too worried about the MC and couldn’t focus on his work anymore. He should have been on his way to get to you and save you before it goes off.

          Only thing I can remember at this point from Day 5 to Unknown going to the APT is that I was very friendly with Seven, I joked around a LOT with him. Whenever he talked about something sad, I sympathized and showed concern. He then starts falling for the MC more and more. They learn there’s a bomb in the apartment, he gets super distracted and ends up severely procrastinating on his intelligence work. During that time they know about the bomb, you should be trying to convince Seven EACH TIME that he needs to come and save you.

          1. Oh I think I know get what you’re saying. In day 5 the security got hacked by Seven and thats why he was freaking out. And before Unknown goes to the apartment he hacked the security again and this time he got into the cameras and the password.

          1. Well now I can’t get passed the 3rd bad ending… I followed your advice but Unknown keeps taking us to the room. (If you know what I mean) I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

        3. What room? I’ve never done any bad endings unfortunately so normally I would have to guess how you got it.

          When v and 7 get into a fight about secrets, you have to mostly take 7’s side. I think I only picked one answer that gave V the benefit of the doubt and said what if the ____ are really in there? Then the rest I kept questioning V and kept asking him to tell the truth since he was acting suspicious… I took 7’s side completely from then after that 1 answer I just gave.

          You need to be fair and call V out but it doesn’t mean you want to break the group up. If there’s an option that just makes the MC plain mean – it doesn’t help in uncovering the truth. Instead you’re only just antagonizing V. V is not an evil person but he’s not exactly truthful or innocent either.

          Before you get to the place, you have to keep being supportive and tell 7 that you will stick by him until you both know the truth. Also pick options that show you have complete faith in 7. Anyone that shows any concern or doubt, you have to tell them that we need to keep putting our trust in seven and you have complete faith that he will protect you.

          When 7 gets nervous you have to act like his pillar of support and say that everything will be fine no matter what.

          If you mean that room MC and Seven were in when they were hacking in and Unknown suddenly shows up, you have to try and keep convincing him that it wasn’t 7’s fault and it was all a misunderstanding. Insert the floppy disk as proof.

          If you’re still having trouble, it might be worth looking up a walkthrough for day 9-10. I don’t think I can help much further than this since day 10 is the last bit that people keep getting a bad ending at… ><; and normally I am not sure which part was confusing cos I didn't run into problems in any of the routes. TvT

          1. I’ve followed all the advice to get to Seven’s good ending, but got the bad ending. I was looking at screenshots of the third ending and noticed there was a different background than mine. So, I’m taking there was a glitch that happened in the recent update and messed up the visual Story, either that I screwed up somehow which I don’t know how I could of…

        4. A bit of bad news but I don’t think I can spare the time to play 707’s route again anytime soon. T_T Just a bit swamped at the moment to play a really time consuming game. I hope you had better luck and was able to get past it now with the help of someone’s walkthrough…

    2. Hmmm… that IS odd.. I don’t know… T-T I’m pretty stumped myself. I think I told you all the major things I could possibly think of. I guess unfortunately at this point, you’ll have to restart the beginning of Day 9 and use a walkthrough. >-< '' I read from a walkthrough though that they followed her day 9 and 10 chats but still got the bad ending. The blog owner said it’s possible one of the options they picked in the past days before Day 9 has affected the ending. They DID mention something about the members offering to help 7 before. From what I remember, I took Jumin’s offer for his help. But going to the “building” for the hacking part and finding out the truth, they had to do it with just the MC & Seven. If anything else were to go wrong while they’re there though, I remember 7 did ask that he would really like Jumin’s help if they can’t do it by themselves or if something REALLY goes wrong. I am thinking of redoing 7’s route to try and get all his phone calls so I don’t know if you can wait until then but I suppose I’ll make a full walk through for his route from Day 1-11 since a lot of people seem to be having problems with his route. Might as well I guess since I’ll redo it from the beginning anyways. I’ll probably be done around 5 days from now. ^^;

  2. Will I be breaking Jaehee’s ‘hearts’ if I want to get a good ending for Zen? Like for example I do not tell Jaehee that I am just a fan as she always warns the MC to not get in a relationship with Zen. Do I say I’m just a fan or no?

    1. You’ll be breaking 1 or 2 of Jaehee’s heart(s) during Zen’s route. It’s just unavoidable. If she questions if you like Zen or not, you’ll have to say that you do like him and not as a fan. However, there will be times she gets bossy and tells you how bad it is to be with an actor and how it could ruin his career, etc. Most of the time, I try to be nice when responding to her (which meant I picked a somewhat diplomatic option other than accusing her that she’s just jealous). I think I only picked the option once or twice at most asking if or accusing she’s “jealous”. Better if you can avoid that though as much as you can. I definitely don’t remember picking the “you’re jealous” option more than 2x for sure.

      You have to tell Jaehee that you know what you are doing and you and Zen will resolve your own issues. You will also agree with what she says that it is not your intention to give Zen trouble and you will do whatever you can to not ruin his career. However, do not ever pick options and be mean to Jaehee. Especially ones that make you sound all arrogant/haughty that Zen has taken a liking to you.

  3. Just to clarify, when you get one broken heart. How many regular hearts is that worth? And will it affect your route before Day 4

    1. You should avoid getting any broken hearts at all from the character whose route you want to get into. Next time, if you chose the wrong option, do not “SIGN” the chat. Close the application and restart your game. Be sure to save first before you go into that chat. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR CHATS WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! Cheritz considers this as game abuse and may ban you. Be careful and check around other websites to see if they have a compilation of the new rules.

      Save at least one save slot for your current or ongoing progress.

      Unfortunately I cannot answer how many actual affection points you lose from this… I unfortunately never proceeded to the next chat and saved when I got a broken heart from the character I’m trying to get. But I think it should be possible to still get onto their route provided you still got way less from other characters.

    2. Hope you can see this message.

      DO NOT CLOSE YOUR CHATS WHILE IN THE MIDDLE OF IT! Cheritz now considers this as game abuse and may ban you. Be careful and check around other websites to see if they have a compilation of the new rules.

    1. No it is not. You have to at least complete 1 casual route good ending I believe. I strongly advise against playing seven’s route until you’re at the end of the game. He has the most spoilers out of every other character there. You should play him last. If you’re planning not to play every character’s route, still reserve him for last after every other character you’d like to play.

  4. Hay , I been playing it for five time and always gets bad ending can you give me tips how to avoid it specially with seven routes

  5. Hello! Can I ask something about Yoosung’s route?
    If at a certain point in day 8 he says “I hate V.”, does that mean I’m gonna get a bad ending? ; _ ;

    1. Hello~ And sure! Ummm… I’m sorry I really don’t know as I didn’t do any of the bad endings. I think he has always really disliked him though. But I can’t remember 100% if he said that.. he might have.. but you shouldn’t be encouraging him to keep hating on V. Should always be telling Yoosung to calm down and think more rationally. Also try to choose options that prioritize the entire group sticking together instead of taking sides and cause an even larger rift between everyone. Especially Yoosung and V!

  6. Hi! I purchased a full day for yesterday and I thought it would continue normally today, but it is saying I’m on day 4 when I am actually still on day 3. Is there a way to fix it?

    1. Hello! It did that too when I kept purchasing to open up the next day. You don’t have to worry about it. The thing is, I finish the entire day in one go so I don’t know what it’s like if you leave it like that. Just make sure you complete the day soon just in case.

  7. Hi~ I was just wondering if 100% on days are necessary.Is there a certain percentage I need to complete for each day for a good ending?I value my sleep due to a hectic school schedule and 12-5 am chats aren’t quite diserable for me.(I’m on Yoosung’s route btw).Also,thank you for your helpful posts!Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello! No problem. You don’t need to 100% the days though you can’t miss too many chats or you’ll get a “bad relationship” end. I think missing the chats at 12 to 5 AM shouldn’t be TOO bad. Just be careful and make sure you invite enough people though. Make sure you also get more hearts from Yoosung than anyone else. Good luck with the route and hope you enjoy the game!

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