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Mystic Messenger Route Recommendations [NO SPOILERS]


I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Though be aware that some people who commented have mentioned things that are considered spoilers so read at your own risk. Thank you for visiting my journal and good luck with the game.~ Please seek help with a walkthrough if you’re having too much trouble. There’s tons online.



Hello! So you’re wondering if there’s a play order that would be perfect for this game. I normally don’t look up anyone else’s play order as normally I don’t really think it flows that well most of the time OR it doesn’t seem to matter all that much if I follow it or not. BUT! I was REALLY lucky to have played the game in the, dare I say, PERFECT play order. Yes, this is regardless of whoever you’re interested in. I think this is the best way to play this game if you care about the flow of the story.

Especially if you have the VIP package, I seriously recommend playing this game WITHOUT a walkthough. Please know though that even with the 1,000 HG that Cheritz includes in your package, it is actually not enough to finish the game if you’re planning to plough your way through or binge play (like I did). I think it’s only enough if you only wanna casually play it and unlock chats you’ve missed. Recommended amount of HGs for binge playing would be around 2,000~3,000 HGs.

You guys who bought the VIP package have enough save slots to do this without much trouble. Honestly, it really matters doing this if you want to have the FULL experience of the game. It also feels very rewarding and exciting when you’re not sure if you’re going down the right path or not – and you complete the game without anyone’s help! Just don’t forget to SAVE, SAVE and SAVE. I recommend saving at least 1 per day (or you can have more if you’re really worried) starting from Day 5. If you’re still unsure, I wrote a blog entry here with some very generalized tips on how you play each route and get the good ending without giving any spoilers (YES! That means that I will not be spoon-feeding you any answers, ok? lol). Honestly, the game is fairly simple so it’s such a waste to buy the VIP package and then you just use a walkthrough. (´・-・`) It just takes away the suspense and excitement when playing the game.


Route Order
: Zen > Yoosung > Jumin > Jaehee > 707

I’d like to state very short reasons as to why it needs to be played this way. NO SPOILERS! So you can be rest assured.

Zen – He is perfect to play first as he is a great introduction to the story without giving away too much. He is very friendly, outgoing and also, he has… less personality issues so whether or not you are into the more angsty stuff, it is better to play this character first to get it out of the way OR have a more pleasant experience. His narcissism may blow your mind away but there’s really more to Zen than just that. So just relax and have fun playing his route. Don’t take everything so seriously!

Yoosung – To be honest, I had a really tough time going through his route. It was pretty heavy but I seriously can’t imagine playing his route any further down the list for several reasons. Personal views aside, he is great to play 2nd WHETHER or NOT you will enjoy his route. First, is if you do end up liking him and not Zen, it would be perfect to play him after as there will be some reveals in this route – but not enough where you would lose interest in the next ones. Second, if you do end up not liking him – it is best to get his route done and out of the way at this stage. Playing him any later tbh will disrupt the flow of the story.

Jumin – I know this guy is in the deep story mode but can you believe that Jaehee’s route actually has WAY more spoilers than this guy’s?! Also, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST even if you’re going to not follow my recommendation that you NEED to play him first before Jaehee because this will ruin the character in anyone’s eyes. This route in my opinion was interesting but because of such strong kdrama elements in the end (and afterstory), I became very disappointed. Just giving you a heads up so you won’t feel the same way as I did.~ Knowing beforehand lowers the expectations, lol. ╮(─▽─)╭

Jaehee – Okay, okay. I know what you are thinking (if you’re not into friendship, yuri or girl x girl). Trust me, I thought the SAME way. What the heck is up with the friendship route?! But listen to this, this is by far the most positive route in the entire game. You NEED this fresh of breath air after the 2 heavy routes before this. I ended up putting this as my 2nd favorite route after 707’s. If you love 707, he will be around the most in this route too. I flirted with him as much as I could, ahaha. So, HAPPY DAYS!~ Also, this HAS to be played right before 707’s for 1 major reason : IT HAS THE MOST SPOILERS out of all them except for 707’s of course.

707 – I know how tempting it is, but DO NOT ever play this guy anywhere else but in the last route. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but storywise he has the most reveals out of all of them and definitely needs to be played last. I won’t say anymore as I want it to be a complete surprise. o((*^▽^*))o


So~ There you have it. Don’t forget to read Ending 1 and Ending 2 in that order. You need 140 HG to unlock these 2 endings. It should be able to answer all your questions you may have in these ones. If there’s anything you don’t understand about the story, feel free to send me a direct message on Twitter and I can definitely tell you my thoughts on it. Keyword : my thoughts. XD So it’s just my interpretation of what happened.

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  1. Hello, as soon as I read your post, I immediately saved the current progress I had of 707 and started the game over by Day 7 just when he talks about coming to the apartment. Will I still get this surprise everyone is talking about? I really want to know…

    1. Um.. Sorry, not too sure what you mean? I don’t know what everyone else is referring to. When I meant by “surprise” in my post, I just meant that I didn’t want to talk about it so that the whole route is going to be a surprise.

      But if you still haven’t gone past the part where 7 is already on his way to the apartment, but yes, there will be a fairly major spoiler that will happen when he gets there. You can refer to this post of mine if you’re starting to have trouble with his route.


      I did write it as spoiler free but there were tons of people still asking even more specific guidance with 707’s route so just be careful when you go into the comments section. There aren’t technically spoilers but there’s still a possibility that it might make things more obvious if you happen to read it.

  2. Ohhh, fuck. I think I did it wrong, I mean, I’m on day 4, I don’t know if i’m im “officialy” in a route or not but I get on well with Jaehee and I think I’m in her route. And Jumin was my favorite, omg no ;-;
    A question. I’m not totally sure about how the endings works. I mean, I have to play again ALL the game to have another ending of the same character? Sorry if it is a little obvious, I’m not a otome game player n.nU I played one or two games of this gender but being this game like… this (I mean, the gameplay mechanic of play several times a day and stuff) got my interest.
    Thank you for the tip! ^^ And sorry if I said something weird, I don’t speak english but I’m learning at least!

    1. You can’t access Jumin through the common route. I don’t think you can unlock the Deep Story Mode either without completing at least one good ending from the common route. However I recommend doing Jumin before Jaehee as per my recommendation in this post.

      Yes, you need to play the entire game again to get to another character and you have to play it from the beginning. Don’t worry as the story changes on Day 5 for different characters. It’s only Day 1-4 that’s the same for Common Route as well as Deep Story mode.

  3. Hiii, I have started this game last week, it’s really cool 😀
    I was wondering if the guests from the party have a important role in the story? (I have some of them failed lol)
    My first line is Yoosung but is good to know the order you suggested :D, since my first line is already started I will continue with Zen in the next line.
    Thanks and regards.

    1. Hello!~ ヾ(^∇^) Glad you’re enjoying the game!

      Yes, the guests are very important. You won’t get the good ending if you don’t invite enough guests. You need to be able to invite at least 20 of them to the party. I have made another entry that has no spoilers. They’re mostly tips – it’s not a full fledged guide.


      Avoid the comments section though as some people asked me questions to explain some things further and I don’t know if you would consider it a spoiler as some people want to play completely in the dark. And no worries! The order for the first 2 aren’t a huge deal, the other 3 are though.~

      1. Thank you so much, I will check it =)
        The good thing is that half of days still missing so I hope to get more guests and could successful invite them hahahaha if not well then I will need to try again in another route 😛

  4. Hello! I was looking for a good ending for the common route but I couldn’t find one??
    so is there like only a bad ending for the common route?

    1. Hmm, I don’t think common route has a good ending? I think it’s actually bad if you end up not being able to get on anyone’s route, lol.

  5. I wasn’t really going for any route, but I was leaning towards Zen… somehow I ended up with Yoosung? Is that super bad/disruptive? Should I start over, and if I do, will I keep my hourglasses?

    1. That just means you ended up getting way more hearts from Yoosung as opposed to getting hearts from Zen. Next time it might be good to keep a tally beside you and you can always restart a chat room provided you save everytime before you start a chat. Just make sure you do not tap “sign”. If you “sign” it means it will save your choices, if you force close/restart your app, just load to the last save point and redo the chat room. DO NOT DO THIS! Cheritz will ban anyone that will purposely close the chats while in the middle of it. Please check other websites to see what the new rules are and whatever can trigger a ban from the company.

      But now, since you already went with Yoosung, it’s better to just stick to it. Whatever hourglasses you spent for this route, you will not be able to gain it back. If you’re talking about the amount hourglasses you currently have right now at the top right corner of the screen, it will still stay the same. The only time you’ll lose everything is if you delete your actual game account.

      1. I guessed that the answer was the hearts. I was keeping an unofficial tally but I really thought I was going with Zen. Oh well. Will it ruin too much of the story if I do Yoosung’s route? And after I finish, do I start a new file to play Zen’s and the rest or do I just start my original one over?

        1. Haha no worries, I don’t think it’s worth restarting just to get Zen first. For me I just like starting with Zen because it is very light-hearted and he has the least amount of… “issues”. So his route is normally a nice introduction to the game. So it’s completely up to you.

          Restarting from Day 1 again is quite taxing unless you’re willing to pay for the hourglasses to speed through it.

          When you’re done with Yoosung’s route, just go back to the menu/start screen and choose Casual Story again. Do not use old saves or reload from a saved file just in case it messes with something, lol.

          1. Thank you so much for your help! I think Zen will be a nice refresher from Yoosung in that case. And it helps to follow up a cutie with a bad boy.

      2. I hope you can still see this message. But I heard that Cheritz has now been a lot more strict with “game abuse” apparently. I seriously don’t know how this is even abuse, but, “DO NOT CLOSE MYSTIC MESSENGER IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHAT ROOM it will trigger a game abuse ban.”

        Please check around and make sure you do not accidentally trigger something and get yourself banned.

  6. I’m actually really glad you posted this because I am currently on Day 11 of Yoosung, and I already finished Zen, so it seems I started the right way from the beginning (honestly I thought Zen was a hottie so I wanted him first anyway haha). I’m glad I stumbled upon this post now because I was in a conflict on who to go with next. I was going to go with Jaehee next and leave Jumin and 707 last. But now I know to do JUMIN first and THEN Jaehee. Thanks so much! (I’m just getting excited for the day I get to do 707’s route >.>)

    1. Yeay that’s great! And yes you chose well. ^^ Hahah I totally know what you mean. I thought it was going to be torture doing one more route before 707’s but it was totally worth it! Good luck and hope you get to his route soon. If it’s any consolation, Jaehee’s route was quite fun so it was really great to play it after Yoosung and Jumin’s routes. I felt it put a bit of a damper on my mood after those two, LOL!

  7. After I finish a certain route (attend the party and get the good ending), when should I start the next route? Shall I start it right away, or do I have to wait till midnight to start it so that I won’t miss any chat just like when we downloaded the game for the first time?
    And, to do so, I’d have to select “start over”, right?

    I would greatly appreciate your help.

    1. I normally don’t care about the first day but someone did advise me to start from 1 AM if I want to be able to get all the chats. Yes, just choose Casual Story to start again from Day 1. You can’t start from old save files as you have been getting hearts from someone else. Might mess up your route.

  8. Hi, Ive finished Zen’s route and got a good ending so now im trying to do Yoosungs route but I dont know how to start a new route with a different character

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