Well, I’m actually very disappointed with that CG of Ichiya’s as that was pretty much the one I was looking forward to the most. (●´⌓`●) It seems like the second season for My Last First Kiss is definitely going to end soon. I think the only ones that’re still incomplete are Takamune and Hiroki. After that, Season 3 won’t be coming til next year. Uhuhu~ I hope the wait wouldn’t be too bad. Actually, I just realized it’s not that far off ’til the year ends.  I have less and less time before I have to go back to school again. (๑º ロ º๑) I seriously need to make a basic plan so I can follow it somehow. Can’t just blindly decide to write stories and draw without any schedule whatsoever. My goal is to become responsible, be able to do things by myself without anyone or any deadline prompting me to make something so I need to be a bit more serious about things.

OK! I just finished Hidetaka Sera’s route in After School Affairs and it was amazing. So, I decided to try out Kenzo’s cos why not, it’s the only route I haven’t played from ASA. It started out really well. Kenzo Yasukawa seemed super funny and interesting but then it got to this one thing…. SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT HIGHLIGHT IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED HIS ROUTE!!! It turns out he was dating one of the students. Not only that, he was such a weakling that he would go with whatever the girl says just because the girl saved him from getting chemical burns. If he’s seriously that worried about it, his family is freaking rich and he could have just paid to get her to have cosmetic surgery! His family owns a freaking hospital for goodness sake. Basically, this entire route is pretty much the MC stealing the guy away from her student. I was UTTERLY DISGUSTED! I am so enraged cos that is one of the very things I seriously cannot stand. I don’t care if the teacher is having illicit relations with a student! It’s their problem. But in what world is it okay for anyone to cheat?! I can’t believe Voltage made this kind of route and I happened to fucking play it. They pretty much had sex before he even came clean to the student and broke up with her. I don’t know if he has actually done it with the student, but the point is… THE GUY CHEATED and the MC practically welcomed this with open arms! Fuck! I’m really upset. I know they’re trying to be different but this is just distasteful! They practically ruined the character and the route. I feel really sad and I can’t believe I just played a route like that in an Otome Game!


I just can’t believe it. I’m just so disappointed. Anyway, I guess I’ll need a day or two before I can go back to playing ASA.. I’m just glad I finished Hidetaka’s route before I played this bastard’s & the bitch MC’s story. I’m really appalled by this route. Boycotting all this guy’s routes. I don’t care how much better or how funny he is in all the other ones. This is just utterly despicable for anyone to do. I’ll write another entry I guess and end this here…