Spoilers : Yes.

Okay, please avoid this post as I am going to rant about this route and if you are intending to play it, please steer clear and avoid this post at all costs. I’ll start with the introduction to this character and all the spoilers or my rant will be under the “Read More” cut. Please be aware of this. I am not responsible if you click on that link and get spoiled especially with me even indicating that there’s spoilers in this post. ┐( ˘_˘)┌



Okay, first impression of this guy on the 1st free Chapter was truly a great one. He’s funny, cunning, clever, a gamer and has a very interesting way of thinking. His outlook on a lot of things is something that I would even agree on without protest. The first few chapters were great. That was up until a certain thing has been “confirmed”. At first I thought it was only said to throw the MC-chan off from finding out about the truth but it turns out that it was ACTUALLY the truth the whole time! I was somehow waiting and waiting until the end (which is a bit stupid but I was just in so much denial I guess that Voltage had this type of route in an Otome Game) that hopefully I was just wrong, but nope! Just to let you guys know beforehand, this route is a CHEATING route. There is cheating involved! This is enough to make me feel sick in the stomach. And now that I unknowingly participated in this type of route, makes me feel really angry. There’s nothing I cannot stand more than cheating when it comes to a relationship. That’s just the ultimate deal breaker for me. More under the cut.



Basically, right from the get go, I think Kenzo told the MC he is involved with Tomoko, who is a student in MC’s class. Yes, they have a student-teacher romantic relationship. I think he mentioned this as early as Chapter 2? At first, the MC-chan was genuinely concerned about Kenzo and Tomoko as there’s a no dating rule implemented just recently which would have or SHOULD have forced the two to break up. As if a student-teacher relationship isn’t “bad enough” to get them into trouble already, now they’re breaking ANOTHER rule. So she decided to cover it up for them as it’s not like they only just started dating anyway but they have apparently been “dating” for a long time now. At first, the MC was wondering what the heck is wrong with the guy, because they seemed to be really open about their relationship. It’s so out in the open that the other teachers think there’s no way Kenzo is actually dating that girl. The more MC-chan knew about Tomoko and Kenzo’s backstories, the more she felt sorry for both of them.

Tomoko and Kenzo are both from very similar households. Tomoko used to get chronically sick ever since she was little and her parents have been struggling to make ends meet just to be able to care for their child. Tomoko has been in and out of the hospital all the time since she was young. Her life definitely has been rough. Her parents were barely around and she doesn’t know how it even feels like to have a “warm home-cooked meal”. Basically, she has never felt what it’s like to have “familial love”.  Kenzo used to be a doctor and his father owns a hospital. He has always been alone and been stuck at home all the time. All he had were video games. Okay, just to give you a bit of an idea even though this is a bit too personal to share on a hobby blog but I need to mention this to somewhat give you a better idea of how much I truly understand this type of upbringing. I myself have gone through exactly what Kenzo has during his childhood. Parents were barely around because they are very focused on making the family financially secure. I  was stuck at home all the time with only the TV, books and the Computer to play with. Dad was also very overprotective and I could barely go out and have fun with my friends. We were to stay at home all the time as it’s too “dangerous” outside. It’s to the point where we cant even ride our bikes within the same neighborhood as he’s too worried we would get hit by a car. ヽ(´ー`)ノ This leads to extreme isolation especially if you get cut off like this from society constantly. When you’re alone for that long, you just kind of accept it and start looking for ways to fill that gaping hole inside yourself. Now, this and of itself isn’t THAT bad a problem to be perfectly honest, there’s other kids who have suffered from unimaginable things around the world, but I suppose it is bad mentally/emotionally for a young impressionable child. Definitely not a solid foundation to becoming a confident and independent adult. Not to mention most of the encounters I have with my parents is when they’re mostly angry about something and they had to “discipline” us (physical-type punishment). It may not seem so bad, but it actually negatively impacts the way a person lives their life as an adult. There is more to my “childhood” than this of course but I just wanted to mention enough to give you an idea that I do know what I’m talking about.

ANYWAY, the point is, I know exactly how Kenzo feels and even more (I’d rather not get too deep into it but you can catch my drift). Okay, so what is the connection between Tomoko and Kenzo? Remember that Kenzo used to be a doctor who worked in his father’s hospital? Well, Tomoko was his patient there since she was a child. She has always been extremely attached to him and is VERY fond of him. He is probably her only source of real affection so this makes Kenzo an extremely important individual. Even more important than her own parents even though she is aware that they are trying their best to cover her hospital bills. He is around the most after all and is her primary caretaker. One day, Kenzo was panicking and didn’t notice that he accidentally knocked over some beakers/vials of some sort and the contents inside of it would have given him severe chemical burns. Seeing this about to happen, Tomoko jumped in the way so she would “take the hit” instead. Which is why in the present time, Tomoko has severe burn scars on her back. Now, because of this Kenzo felt extremely indebted to her and decided he would do whatever it takes to make her happy. Even if it means agreeing to being in a romantic relationship with her. She has now become the most important person in his life that he can never abandon for a lot of reasons.


Okay, imagine this… for 70% of your life – you are extremely attached to a person for all the reasons I mentioned above. That would make Kenzo MORE than just a boyfriend, he is practically Tomoko’s “everything” – which she had even taken the time to mention this in the route even. Anyway, during the course of all this as MC-chan is slowly getting to know more and more about their story – she really wants to help so she thinks of ways to help ease their loneliness. She starts cooking meals for them and eventually kept making lunch boxes almost everyday. After spending so much time with each other, the MC gradually falls more and more in love with Kenzo. She realizes that she now wants him all to herself. During the entire route, she has been extremely obvious about her attraction to Kenzo, and he too is seemingly very attracted to her in return. However, he cannot leave Tomoko and he kept saying that over and over trying to dissuade (himself and) MC-chan. Tomoko has noticed that MC-chan is obviously in love with Kenzo and she has not been that subtle about keeping a lid on those feelings. She was also aware that the MC has been actively trying to have some alone time with him because Tomoko caught her eating lunch with Kenzo in the nurse’s office. Apparently, MC-chan tries to justify her feelings by telling herself that there’s no rule against having a crush on someone at school as long as they’re not dating. The MC felt it was a bit wrong, but she still decided to invite Kenzo out to a theme/amusement park because his parents have never taken him to one as they were too busy. She basically (after trying for a while, has finally) won him over by letting him choose what HE wants during their date at the theme park. She wants to know what HE wants to do, what HE wants to eat, etc. They have a lot of fun until it started raining. Kenzo then suddenly kisses MC-chan out of the blue. She was shocked but she didn’t mind it and even wanted more.  An important note : around this stage, the MC has been constantly lying to Tomoko about what’s been going on between her and Kenzo and has been denying everything even about her feelings for him.

Anyway, Kenzo the next day pretends nothing happened and he would even dodge the MC’s question whenever she tried to ask what the kiss meant. He also doesn’t bring it up too. As if that wasn’t obvious enough already – like seriously. (;¬_¬) Tomoko couldn’t take it anymore and she had a feeling that she is definitely going to lose her boyfriend. She asked to meet up with MC-chan and begged her to not take Kenzo away from her because he is all she has. But MC-chan in her head just says she is sorry but she is definitely in love with Kenzo. Then, I think it was the very next day? Kenzo wanted to thank the MC for always making them food (him and Tomoko btw) by inviting her out for dinner. One thing led to another, they lost self-control and decided to make love in a hotel room. Yes, this while Kenzo was in a relationship with Tomoko still. At this point, my heart just sank. Like, how much of a coward do you really have to be that you would keep sneaking around your girlfriend’s back? It’s not like you didn’t KNOW you already fell for this piece of crap of an MC. You already fucking kissed her at the theme park FFS! He explains he is only dating Tomoko out of guilt and because he just had to. Honestly, IDGAF how this relationship started. IDGAF how lonely you were and how this and that blah blah childhood shit. That has NOTHING to do with loyalty and it has NOTHING to do with “cheating”. You are just too much of a coward to be assertive and honest about things. It’s better to be cruel to be kind. There’s absolutely no merit in stringing someone along just to stab them in the back anyway. If you were going to do this shit anyway regardless, might as well just tell Tomoko what’s going on because what just happened is so much worse! It’s like a double blow to the fucking gut. How selfish can you be?! This arrangement was supposed to make someone happy. Instead, it’s only doing the complete opposite PLUS betrayal to boot. Like these two deserve such a huge “FUCK YOU”. 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸


I’ve never been SO angry at an MC and a Romantic interest before. He kept saying how mature and such a great person the MC was but they’re both so far from it that it’s ridiculous! They’re so unbelievably irresponsible about the whole fucking thing.

OH! And here’s the kicker : guess what! The morning after, when they were about to go on ANOTHER date to the theme park right after they just had sex the night before. Tomoko calls and tells Kenzo that her parents are splitting up/filing for divorce and she doesn’t know who to go with. Kenzo BASICALLY leaves MC for Tomoko because he has an obligation to be there for his girlfriend. MC realizes she has never been the most important person in his life. She apparently should have known and accepted this already and gets depressed about it. She starts avoiding him the next day and even ran away from him when Kenzo was about to apologize for leaving her alone while he ran off to his girlfriend, ROFLMAO! I mean.. this seriously made me soooo sick in the stomach! Tomoko tries to talk to the MC one more time and calls her outside to a park. She tells MC that she will be going to America with her dad and she will be taking Kenzo with her. Tomoko gives her another chance to ‘fess up but of course the MC just denies having any feelings for Kenzo yet again.

Tomoko leaves and says something like “I cant believe you’re still denying it even though it’s already so obvious”.  ( ಠ _ಠ )

Near the end, the day that Tomoko has to leave for America, the MC rushes to the airport to profess her love to Kenzo and was expecting to be rejected. She apparently wants some closure, LOL! But in any case, climatic or amorous ending, Kenzo decided to stay as he would regret it more if he lost MC-chan. He tells Tomoko the truth and he wants to break up with her. When Tomoko leaves, he tries to apologize to MC-chan for leaving her at the hotel to go to Tomoko. He has apparently never felt so much regret in his life before until he did this……….. (≖͞_≖̥) *rolls eyes*

Adding fuel to that fire, what pisses me off even more is when I read a couple of reviews for Kenzo’s route. While they admit they know they cheated, they seem to be JUSTIFYING IT! I just cannot believe how people think these days. It’s apparently okay because it’s not like he really loved her romantically anyway and didn’t see Tomoko that way in the first place. Like what the fuck? I absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT recommend this route. Unless you enjoy steamrolling over others just to get what you want.

Okay. I suppose I am done now. *sighs* To be completely honest, even with everything that I’ve said. My real underlying emotion to all of this is that I am just very disappointed and sad. Anger is always the first thing that comes out of me and I always end up ranting first but the entire reason why I am so “intense” about this is because I really feel I’ve been let down by the characters and the writer of this story. (。•́︿•̀。)

Oh well.. whatever. This is just a game and I should get over it in a couple of days.