I really need to get some of this off my chest I guess so where else that’s better than on my own blog? lol. (ఠ్ఠ ˓̭ ఠ్ఠ) As you already may (or may not) know, Mystic Messenger’s release date has been pushed back so many times. And as I’ve written a couple of days ago, they finally released the Android version. Even if they’re only releasing one version, it was obvious that it was definitely going to be difficult in case there were so many issues to fix. It may be that they would like to make sure they can give their 110% to one mobile operating system for now before releasing the iOS version. Welp, lo and behold – definitely up to the brim with server problems and bugs. Today marks the 4th or 5th day of its Android release. They are working hard to fix them all and have been constantly updating the app. Okay. Fair enough. ( ´△`) It definitely is better to concentrate on one at a time. But what I’m taking issue of is that not just these 4 days, but the only announcements that’s been made really for the last couple of weeks or so has mostly been just for Android. The only one bit of information the iOS people were given was “wait for 2 weeks because that’s how long Apple needs to approve the app” and THIS bit of info – I will discuss below.

It probably didn’t help that I found out that Apple only takes 2 days max to approve apps. ( ಠ . ಠ ) Ummm… Okay. I guess they didn’t want to be upfront that they have either not finished the iOS version or that they’re putting enough time to make sure the Android version is stabilized by then? Or maybe they’re still working out the kinks and it’s taking longer? I have no idea. It’s not a big deal if they are a bit more upfront about things. I just want to know so I can stop speculating and have something official from the company.



They did mention they will have the same compensation period for iOS regarding the 50 hourglass compensation but nowhere else. That was also the last bit of information we were given in regards to anything about the iOS version. And this was the day they released the Android version so it’s been about 5 days since then. ι(´Д`ι) I’m honestly getting kind of pissed off at the fb replies I’ve gotten from the MM community over there as they seriously do not understand exactly what I’m feeling like. It just sounds like they want to be defensive or justify the 800 HGs they got from Cheritz. I’m not even trying to get them to revoke it (even though honestly it is way too excessive especially for people who have not paid for the game). I don’t know why they have to meddle with my message when they obviously don’t really understand where we are coming from and it’s not like they can even help me or anyone who feels the same way as me. Ugh.

I guess I don’t have any choice but to just wait and hope my Tumblr message will get shared more and hopefully someone from Cheritz can see it. I just want to know if we are even getting any compensation like they did? If not, just say so. Or at least some sort of acknowledgement of when this supposed “2 weeks” of waiting for iOS users is going to start? Is the 2 weeks wait still happening on the same schedule? Or will it start only when the Android version is fixed? I guess after posting this I will maybe just have to keep myself busy and stop thinking about this game. The problem is that I was looking way too forward for this game and I’m way too excited about it that it’s given me the opposite effect now because of how this was handled for us iOS people. ((´д`))