Well, I got this game sometime ago and honestly I have a hard time even going through it, lol. I decided to play Shu first as he’s supposedly my favorite but having played his entire route – I’m honestly quite disappointed. x_x I really feel for the angsty parts of his route but there really wasn’t all that much to it in the end. I couldn’t really connect to Shu and Edgar/Yuma when they were kids and I just found myself speeding through it every time there’s a flashback. I seriously wanted to like it. I really did. It just wasn’t happening, lol. One thing’s for sure though is that I really love Shu’s voice. (*゚ロ゚) That was the only solace for his route.

Oh also, one nice thing about Shu’s route is that he wasn’t so back and forth with his decisions. Once he decides on something then that’s it. He doesn’t keep crapping around and disappearing and whatnot for days on end randomly like what Subaru was doing. Also, he wasn’t nearly as violent as Subaru. There just wasn’t that much happening in his route, that’s all and I just wanted more. To be honest, I didn’t know that the game was mostly full of perverted scenarios of blood sucking and going to school. The only progress in the story that you can get are the monologues, chapters 7 to 10 and the epilogue. All those chapters are very short. I would really love to find an otome game that has a nicer balance of story and pervy stuff. I know people are going to roll their eyes but Voltage INC. at least got that down pat. Even if the route or character turns out shit, the balance is still there.

Sakamaki.Shuu.full.1353560 (1)

Shu is seriously super hot though. Love his character design. (●´□`)♡ The only thing that bothers me the most about it is… why are the ear buds not in the right place?! lol. I don’t understand why it’s drawn so low. I know I’m being nitpicky but I can’t help being bothered by it every time I see his ear. LOL Σ░(꒪◊꒪ )))) Anyways, I still have other routes I should be doing but I don’t know if I can play all of them. I seriously can’t stand Kanato’s screaming. He flips out almost every single time I see him. I already found Subaru way too overbearing in that department so I can’t see how the heck I can handle more childish tantrums, lmao. Not only that, he makes the most unreasonable demands too. I honestly don’t know how anyone can stand it. TL;DR for Shu’s route is that I don’t know if I can even say it’s great in Diabolik Lovers standards, but at least he’s eye candy and his voice is so nice. Same VA for Hajime Saito from Hakuoki too. *sob* I seriously love it too much.

OH LOL! I just remembered one of the endings, I forgot if it was Manservant or Brute but OMG when the MC knocked him out, it was hilarious as fuck, LOL! I was laughing so much. It was a fitting ending though actually if the MC is way too sadistic, ahaha! (*・▽・*) I recommend you to do that ending as it gave me something to laugh at after, lmao. If any ending was worth doing, it would be that one for Shu’s route. Though maybe there’s something wrong here if I’m playing a Do-M game and I enjoyed the Do-S route, LOL! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ Bahaha! I am so evil.


Hmm… Where should I start with Subaru? Uhhh.. Okay. I have to say that in the very depths of his heart, I suppose you can find some gentleness and kindness in there. But shit, this guy was seriously way too violent. I had the impression he only smashed walls and broke things but he was actually fucking violent towards the MC! Nothing life threatening of course and I understand what he was trying to do (dissuade her from going near him or being with him out of fear that he might end up killing her). But fuck, seriously, this guy is not THAT much better than anyone else in the Sakamaki house. The only reason I was still able to finish the route was that he really was trying regardless of how violent he was being. However, all that constant shouting and screaming every time I see him was getting really annoying. Not only that, he was so indecisive that it was driving me insane. ( ಠ .ಠ ) I understand how he was in such turmoil over what he went through with his mom but seriously?

Anyway, the only thing I liked about this route was the ending. The guy finally manned up and stopped running away from every single thing and decided to face shit. It was really nice to see his mom apologizing in the end and that alone was way more feels than I ever got from Shu’s route. OH! Also, what the fuck is with all those slurping sounds when he drinks the MC’s blood! What. the. fuck. LOL! ( •᷄⌓•᷅ ) He seriously sounds like he’s sucking it up like soup or some shit. When I first heard it I was like – Uh.. are you for real?! Are you seriously for real?! I have to listen to this slurping for the entire route? Haaaaaaa… fine. *sob* I have to say that despite all this, Subaru is definitely the sweetest one so far and you can tell he was trying really hard to stop being so violent towards the end and that he actually even feels bad about it. Anyway, after all that drama, there’s still light at the end of the tunnel with this guy at least. ヽ(。_°)ノ TL;DR for Subaru’s route is that just be prepared with how violent he’s going to be. Be patient and I guess you will get rewarded for it in the end, lol. He seems to be the most loyal and sweet so far. I can’t say anything about the Mukami’s yet though just to let you know as I haven’t interacted with them much yet.