I’m sorry. I will no longer answer questions about Mystic Messenger. I’ve already answered a lot and I think most of the major ones have already been asked by someone else. Please take a look at the comments. Thank you for visiting my blog and good luck with the game.~



OMG IT IS FINALLY HERE!! I am SO glad I opted to get the EMS option as it ensured that I was going to get the package before the dreaded Canada Post lock down. However, with how much the game’s release keeps getting pushed back, chances are it might not even have mattered much if I had gotten it a bit later. I took a bunch of opening box photos just to commemorate its arrival. 😀 I am really happy I got the package to be honest. At least I will forever have memories of this game even after many years to come.

Anyways, sadly for Android users, the game has yet again been pushed back. Some of them must be extremely frustrated by now as it’s been pushed back quite a few times already. They said there’s some problems with the programming that they need to fix. They’re hoping to release it on the 7th KST. Hopefully it’s something they can fix by then. People are probably super antsy by now. I sent a message to Cheritz on Tumblr but now I know the answer to my question after reading their post again and because I tried to see if I can register my account. Only to realize I need to make a game ID with the app (which isn’t released or approved yet for the App store) first before I can activate VIP privileges. So I can’t get that free +50 hourglasses that they’re getting today, lol. Hopefully there’s no problem with the iPhone version and it will be released as scheduled within their estimate of 2 weeks. I’m really hoping Apple will approve it within a week. It’s been absolute torture waiting for this game. T__T ahahah Yep, I’m an impatient idiot, LOL!

Here’s the opening box pics! Can you feel my excitement through these photos? LOL! Sorry for the shitty Phone camera photos. TvT Was too lazy to take my DSLR out. More photos underneath the cut. Click on (MORE…) underneath this photo to see the rest of them.










And there you have it, some photos of the package. I don’t want to take too many as we all had to pay to get these after all. Also, Cheritz would shoot me if I just showed this to others. They were extremely strict with the sharing of the Dandelion Drama CD with others who have missed out (aka ME!). I hope one day someone will sell me their copy and I can finally know what happened to the MC + boy of choice, ahaha.

SPOILER (Do not highlight if you have not played Dandelion yet!) : Though apparently they were just “dreams” and were not even real as apparently the Wizard got what he wanted in the end. 😛 So Cheritz was pretty much pulling our chain. But honestly, I think it is really up to the player how they would have liked the story to go. I think it’s quite open-ended (EVEN IF CHERITZ DOESN’T SAY SO), ahaha. We’re all free to dream about these fictional characters and what happened to them and the MC. XD keke~

Welp, here’s to hoping that I can finally play this elusive game 2 weeks from today. @__@” Cheritz did not announce anything specific as to what they’re having trouble with exactly and if it’s only with Androids as the OSes are programmed differently. They may have got the Apple version working *crosses fingers and hopes for the best*~ 😀