Yesterday was a very big day for otome fans. For the first time ever, a major localization game company, Aksys, has announced at AX2016 that they are bringing in not just 1 game, but 3! Those 3 titles are : Collar X Malice, Bad Apple Wars and Period Cube. I am definitely going to buy all 3. I don’t care what other people say about how mediocre these games are. I still want to support the industry and encourage them to bring more titles to the West. I have heard of some people complaining all the time about why “idiots” (they didn’t say this but they might as well with how condescending they’re being) are lapping up all these blah game titles. It’s not only that I want to support the industry, this is also somewhat another type of advertising to lure MORE people in to even get interested in such a niche genre. The more fans there are, there would be even more chances to be able to recommend others to play otome games. Right now, there’s barely much otoges to even tell people about! It will come to a point where there will be a ton of games (well, a ton compared to how it’s been, lol) that will be localized for all of us so that we can start to pick and choose what we all want to buy. Since *SHOCK* we actually HAVE options now! (/sarcasm) I mean seriously, even amongst the games in the Japanese otoge market right now, how many of them are actually even awesome? Those are few and far between to begin with! So I really don’t understand this attitude of looking down on western fans for buying anything that doesn’t seem to “meet their standards” when it’s not like everyone’s even swimming in fantastic games to begin with whether or not it’s been localized.

I believe this is when the sales will start to matter and these companies will look at the figures and start being way more selective. They may not give a crap about how fans may feel but they will of course listen to what we are all willing to buy if a certain title doesn’t do well. They’re an effin’ business. That’s pretty common sense. But one thing that people seem to constantly overlook is that we still need to increase the fan base! Lots of different titles are needed to lure different types of otome game players. I’m starting to get extremely irritated by selfish players who have no problem reading and understanding Japanese, can play wtv the hell they want and yet say this insensitive shit. Not only once or twice but in every single time lately whenever some game gets localized that doesn’t fit their standards. If you don’t want to buy the local games then fine. No need to keep repeating yourself over and over. It’s extremely annoying. “Ohhh… these people can’t read or understand the Japanese otoges so they have absolutely no choice but to buy this worthless piece of shit games. What a pity. They’re just wasting their money. Boo hoo. Too bad they can never know the greatness of such-and-such titles.”  No matter what you or we believe in, one thing is clear : You’re being effin’ selfish! It’s not like you are even going to buy localized games! All your constant complaints are completely unnecessary! I mean sure, you can talk about it a couple of times, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion after all, but fucking hell! Show some restraint!




Okay. Phew. Got that out of my system, lol. Some people are just getting way out of hand in some otome game communities that I’m just getting so fed up with it. Anyway, other than those 3 titles, it has been announced as well that E2 Gaming (which got a lot of flak for a lot of reasons) will be localizing Taisho Alice. I am a bit conflicted with buying this title because the company made a huge blunder when they first announced it. It may or may not be true that they unfortunately hired someone incompetent and made a mess out of everything. They used (or stole) translations from an individual and used it for when they were advertising the game. Not only that, their PR representative, apparently the same person was extremely rude to everyone that posted a complaint on their Facebook Page. The owner or co-owner of E2 Gaming openly apologized but only in the comments. They did not post anything official as some sort of public apology. For now, I am keeping an eye on them and I am not completely sure if I will get this game. It will seriously depend on how things go in the time between now and when the game is released. If they mess up badly again, I will not buy their game for sure. I believe in giving one last chance for them to redeem themselves. NOT because I am so desperate to get more games that I would ignore everything else. Hell, I actually have way more games than I could finish with Voltage INC. constantly bringing out new routes every couple of days, lol. I can’t even believe I have several games in my backlog ever since I got stuck in Voltage hell, lol. The point is, I have not and will not ever run out of games it seems. Anyway, no one’s perfect after all. It’s probably their first company and did not have any experience whatsoever. May also have been extremely unfortunate and don’t have much business sense to top it off. 🙁




ANYWAY! GUESS WHAT?! I got exciting news! My VIP Mystic Messenger package has finally arrived but I missed the postie so I will be picking it up at Canadian Tire tomorrow. :’D OMG I AM SO PUMPED!! AUUUGHHHGHHHFHFDIOIDJFOIJ!! Just ignore my craziness! LOL! This is my first VIP package from Cheritz and the first game that I have actually waited for its release that was made by them. I will no longer miss getting awesome stuff like I did before! TAKE THAT! lmao. I am so pissed that there is absolutely no way for me to get my hands on a Dandelion drama CD. Ughghghghhhh… *sob* I been dying to know just what “dreams” or parallel universe that Heejung had with the lovely boy of her choice. TwT I hope one day I will finally know!

Anyway, I will try to post more in this blog. It’s just a bit awkward to exchange links as I feel I have to restrain myself from saying everything I think about something, ahaha. I know how it feels when someone ends up reading something that is practically saying negative shit about your favorite game or character. :/ I honestly don’t mind reading about those types of opinions but it is a bit difficult to find someone else that feels the same way. Just don’t personally insult me, keep things separate then we are both golden in my book. However, as much as I’d like to say that I am awesome at this, I am sure one of these days you or I might say something that may hurt the other person. I just hope that friend of mine will be open enough to let me know if that ever happens. I really don’t want to lose a friend over something as silly as a personal opinion about a game or character. So from now on, I guess I will try (keyword: try) to just choose my words better and show more maturity (lol) in how I phrase things but still be able to convey what I truly think about something.