I don’t know if it’s because I’ve played so many otome games already but unfortunately the games I’ve played from this company just didn’t do it for me. The art I guess can be prettier (or colored better) than Voltage’s. However, as always, if the story falls flat, no matter who they hire to make their CGs.. it’s still going to be boring. :-S I’m sad cos they actually try I think… though there were so many typos littered throughout both games and especially in Otoutou Scramble (Younger Brother Scramble). Yeah don’t know what’s up with the name, lol. Scrambling to gain the MC’s love? ahaha *shrugs*

Typos galore. Lol. Also, I don’t know why the Undine’s nose is so strange looking while the rest are alright.

WTF?! lol The Undine said this to the Salamander when he was threatening to burn him to a crisp. e_e”

Fan trying to ditch the party to be with the MC. Cute blushing face tho 😀

The image up top is from Fan’s route in My Elemental Prince. It actually got fairly good reviews on Google Play when I searched for it. I have seriously no idea how it did because the story is quite shallow. While the pacing is not terrible, there just wasn’t much substance to their story, romantic development and I even feel I didn’t really get to know the characters well. I mean, I can get the most generic traits that they showed in the route but it just wasn’t enough for me to become emotionally invested in them. As you can see, the CG’s are quite nice actually and even the in-game sprites. :-/ The 4 images above are from Fan‘s route. He is a Fire Salamander who is next in line to become the “patriarch to be” or the head of their people. He had such a blah story to be honest… I mean, he is really nice despite his temper but the story just made me “zzzz”.



After Fan’s route, I decided to go with Hylie the Wind Sylph, next as he also caught my attention. Thankfully it was a tiny bit better than Fan’s route. At least there was SOME development. But still, I cannot recommend any games made by this company. They basically just use the “setting” and “characters” to fill out the rest of the story without a real plot. And by that, I mean, even in the sense of a romantic type direction of any sort that would satisfy a normal romcom movie lover. e_e” Padded with a nice helping of above average graphics. Though, one thing I’m envious of is how they color… Anyway, enough about me. Here are some CGs from Hylie’s route.

I guess this was a sweet scene where he decided to go against a Sylph’s normal nature of “never sticking to one thing only” so he could be with her. XD

This was seriously throwing me off cos his eye color on the text box/description kept changing from blue to green in different scenes LOL Even though it’s clearly JUST green!

Aww! I knew it was going to end this way though. It would not have ended well if he was forced to stay in one place. I’m glad it ended this way.

Anyway, I am SOOO sleepy… so I will make another entry tomorrow (hopefully) to talk a bit more. I will edit this post tomorrow to add more of my insights. Just right now I am falling asleep on my desk so I decided to just go lol.

6/22 : OKAY I’m BACK! I just wanted to use the same entry to talk about Otoutou Scramble cos it doesn’t really deserve its own entry. Ahaha.. Sorry I am mean. D’:


Akane and the MC. They’re both pretty cute together. He is younger by 1-2 years? Still passable I guess. I mean, I was married to someone around that age gap anyway, lol.

I started with the Tsuntsun boy named Akane, because I was worried I will start with a character I hate and end up not playing any more after 1 route, lol. It started out KIND of cute I guess but it quickly got very annoying at how much he screams and whatever stuff that comes out of his mouth. He is EXTREMELY immature. They are constantly bickering like 5 year olds. It took me a very long time to warm up to him even being a Tsundere, who I USUALLY have a weakness for. As I’ve may or may not have mentioned, I found out there’s still actually a lot of different types even within the same “dere” type. So I realized I actually don’t like any character JUST because they’re a tsundere. Well, actually it’s not like I didn’t know this. Just didn’t really think about it much until I played so many otome games. I don’t usually analyze what each character’s personalities are in detail and which group it belongs as I was watching anime series or movies.

He SORT OF reminds me of Jiwoo from Dandelion but Jiwoo was just adorable. Yes, he screamed a bit more than usual compared to the other characters in Dandelion and Nameless (and possibly even Mystic Messenger), but there was way more to him than that. Plus, he is not screaming all the time. We actually GET to have normal conversations with Jiwoo and he actually is very intelligent, sensitive and perceptive. Well, Jiwoo had some weird quirks but it was endearing somehow. You can tell right away right off the bat. Akane is not a bad guy but at the same time, there’s just not that much to this guy. The funny thing is, both of them have similar issues too which is why they turned out so tsundere!





So the route pretty much went this way : Hmmm… okay… > Annoyed > Slightly Pissed off > Warmed up a little bit > WTF is ending abruptly right after a big event > Anti-climatic end. Lolz. Anyway, after that I tried out Izumi‘s route as I really liked his sprite. Him being 14-years old put me off but what the hell e_e it’s just a game anyways.. (I DRAW THE LINE ON THE 11-YR OLD THO!) And 4-5 years gap didn’t seem TOO bad.. just that this all happened when the guy’s 14. -_-‘ Not that anything really happened though… so at least it seemed playable still despite my reluctance.




His character design is quite nice so I just ended up playing anyway =_= *gets murdered*.. but then, I played Scarlet of OzMafia!! who is probably only slightly older (well, technically WAYYY older lol) than this guy I think and he looks WAY younger! lol Not much to stay about him though I felt a bit more in this route surprisingly, well, maybe I shouldn’t be as he is more mature than Akane who is supposedly older than him, lol. I’m glad nothing sexual went on between them though he had a bit of an emotional breakdown at one point that caused him to lose all reason for a little bit. e_e’

Anyway, check out this 11-year old. There’s just no effin way I would want to play this route and find out if it’s just a brother route or a romantic one! His name is Hikaru. :-/ I might one of these days if I am ready for a day of puking if it turns out to be a pedo route. *sigh*




I’m not going to bother posting the other CGs for Itsuki as I didn’t play his route yet. I started but I just kind of had enough yesterday with the crappy stories lol. So I will definitely end this particular post here.

TL;DR : DON’T PLAY ANY GENIUS INC. GAMES! lol. I don’t recommend it. Well, you can definitely try it out I won’t and CAN’T stop you anyways. Google Play reviews were quite high and were actually 4.3 out of 5 for My Elemental Prince. Which is why I was wondering if I’ve just been spoiled with better otome games, lol. I’ve played on Vita, Steam/PC and even on my mobile and none of them were as disappointing as these were no matter how crappy it was. AT LEAST it was GOING somewhere – though of course some were going straight to failure, but at least it still had something going for it even if it was shitty. It was still more interesting than these ones. oTL *sigh*