Omg.. I don’t know.. He is my favorite guy in all the Voltage series of mobages I’ve played so far. He is just so perfect imo. >___<;;; *dies* I mean, obviously not everyone would think so but he is just too much my type it’s not funny. Love everything about him. Normally someone who gets as jealous as often as he does is plain annoying but he doesn’t rage and get physically abusive with you. He’s also quick to understand the situation despite that. I don’t know if anyone irl would ever be like him though. It’s the first time I really wished I was with someone like him irl. ;////; Darn you Chiaki! I love how quick witted he is and how he is so cunning. However, that part about him being a genius in a lot of things he does is too much of a stretch, even for me. @-@ He is so capable that it’s just not real anymore lol. I wish they toned that aspect of that character a bit more. I mean, I know it’s just a character in a game but giving him more flaws wouldn’t hurt. 😛


I also love how considerate he gets even though he knows he shouldn’t be doing certain things. Eventually he learns from it and grows into a better person. I like that trait in people and characters that have self-awareness. 🙂 That story about his mom and step brother really broke my heart. He was really in pain but he was such a champ at handling it. He lashed out a couple of times but he really tries hard to not do that to the MC. He even understands that she is just trying to help him but he is just too conflicted with too many emotions. Eventually the MC was able to help him get over this hurdle he has been suffering from almost all of his life. Ugh! I mean, it’s too difficult for me not to get infatuated with this character. I mentioned about Axel in OzMafia being my favorite tsun but I mean, if I were to really choose who I would love to date irl, it would have to be someone like Chiaki Yuasa. *dreams* hehehe! Anyway, I guess it’s harmless to wish for this so don’t take it away! lol. Also, I am quite a perv so I really like that deviant side of him too. T-T I feel so silly feeling like this over a game, ahah.

Actually, I quite like how they really try to have different types of stories for each character. I quite like it. Their art is not the greatest… in fact I would say it is quite mediocre but they really do well with the story. So I actually don’t mind paying for the stories as I still can pick and choose. The only problem is that sometimes the story is crap so I end up paying even more than I was hoping to. So mobages has it’s disadvantages and advantages. Biggest disadvantage is how you can’t buy the entire game outright like PC and Vita otoges. Oooh well. >.< You end up paying at least like $10-$20 per route/season. I want fluffy pieces for now so I will just have to keep sticking to mobages for a while until I get so sick of it. I’ve just had too much of my fill with fucked up otome games for now. I just want to feel in love! Why is it so hard to give me that?! *shakes fist at localized otome games*

I just checked my credit card usage and it’s actually raking up quite a bill. T.T I think I should be way more careful in what I get because sometimes I just buy a character’s route and I end up not even really liking it all that much. I think if I can’t get a nice feel of it in the first main story, I should just quit while I’m ahead. >.> Also, just be way more picky with the type of chars I’m attracted to so I could minimize the amount of routes I purchase. Having played at least 5 mobages by now has given me enough of a feel of how they go most of the time so I won’t be spending as much the more I learn about it. Anyway, I was worried about not having enough games by the time Mystic Messenger is released. Turns out there’s way too much of it actually. e_e;; Especially if you include all the mobages that’s saturating the App stores. Welp! Anyway, til the next post. ^-^