I don’t know why but I’ve somehow gotten into a mood where I really want to play mobile games despite being burned badly by Destiny Ninja 2 (Ran’s Route). I found out that you can pay for certain routes of your choice in some mobile games and you can even check out the first chapter for free. Then before I knew it I got hooked. Somehow my brain is just stuck in this mode where I really want to just read fluff stories. After playing so many depressing, heavy, intense or fucked up otome games, I just wanted a break from them – lol. I’m even worried about checking my credit card account as I been playing quite a bit already. =_=”’ Ugh. I just did and it’s costing quite a bit now since I played tons already. e_e;;



Speaking of Mobile games, one of the routes in the Forbidden Romance series, Shinsengumi Heroes in love, it had a full-on sex scene going on. O_O I was utterly shocked that they even mentioned the guy touching her .. privates. Some in detail and some not. And went on to even describing from foreplay to orgasm. I was like holy shit….. *nosebleed* lol. Well, that was certainly… different. The weird thing is, out of so many games I played, this is the ONLY route I have ever gone through that actually described it in such detail and not leaving it to one’s imagination like what most of the games usually do. o_o’ Even the other routes in the same game were so much tamer than this and was only implied for the most part. I seriously don’t know. I guess I can’t complain because it’s pretty rare to see such an intense story in otome games, lol. The funny thing is that the guy in that route looked so damn innocent and was the best looking of the bunch, but he was the biggest pervert ever! lol *dies*

Ahem. Anyway, I hope I will get sick of the fluff soon but so far I haven’t had my fill yet. ^^; I guess I might have been a lot more scarred from the previous games than I thought, ahah! Also, I guess in a way I am also spacing out all the games because I want it to last til Mystic Messenger is released. The sad thing is, after that, I actually don’t know what to look forward to anymore. @__@; Am I really going to hit a huge dry spell of otome games until next year? I am really worried. I thought there were online translations available for japanese games but I’m surprised there’s only 1 that I found that had a complete translation. I know it’s a lot of work though but there’s been quite a lot of games that were released in the past. u_u Boo.

Currently I’m playing My Forged Wedding. Before I get into the character route I like the most, I really have to complain about something. WHY DOES THE MC HAVE NO EYES?! Did they really think that looks good?? I can’t even connect to the MC because she has seriously no eyes despite whatever angle in the CGs. It seriously bugs me to no end. So far I really like Kunishiro Kyoichi. He is the only one I been going from start to finish it seems. I’m still at Season 2 sequel part though and I am pretty sure I would go for the Honeymoon route as well. He is seriously way too perfect, hehe. Sometimes I can’t help but feel a bit down because I know there’s no way there’d be someone like him in real life that would fall in love with me. Well, I’m not saying it’s impossible but, sigh. He reminds me a lot of Axel actually except I feel more of a bond with this character because of the way the stories are laid out. From first meeting, dating, problems, marriage then honeymoon. And it’s all pretty elaborate too. I like how they add the tiniest of details as well to make it even easier to immerse in the story. It’s definitely something worth taking note of. It’s one of the few slice of life type otome games I’ve played so far actually and it hits closer to home than the fantasy ones.  The other characters in this game are a bit more blah for me for some reason. I mean, a lot of them start out well, and there’s certain problems that happen and they don’t react to it very well at all…. quite a major turn off actually, lol. Some of their reactions are quite immature too. Kyoichi is the only one so far that’s pretty level-headed even though he is really panicking inside. Like Axel, he adores sweets. He is also a megane-kun. Has quite a bit of a pervy side to him too at just the right amount without being sleazy or lame. Very thoughtful and really kind. Even if they have problems he always tries to think of the MC. It’s the first time in this particular game that I felt really bad about them fighting. I wanted them to make up asap. Haha, I’m so weird.

I guess in some way these games are an escape from the harsh realities of marriage and divorce. Mine didn’t turn out so well so I can’t help wishing for a fantasy I guess. *sigh* Anyway, I should stop typing as this is heading towards something darker and I don’t really want to write about those things in this blog.