Okay.. Let me start this off real nice.. but WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this game!?!?!? I mean, SERIOUSLY! What. the. fuck. I just did all the endings and scenarios and I am seriously dying right now, lol…. To be honest the only route I liked was Date Masamune’s route. It was strongly recommended for me to do Oda Nobunaga’s route last because of the spoilers, but after finishing it, all I wanted to do was just to claw my eyes out. I can’t undo or erase my memory of this game. I can’t. Just can’t! What the hell were these people thinking? I mean, seriously. I feel so bad for the MC. She’s actually alright although she seems to get scarily attached to the guy she ends up with. And I can’t say much about some of the guys as they pretty much pulled her into the worst outcome possible of their “story”. But Nobunaga really takes the cake. -__-; That was the most fucked up route ever. There were reviews about people hating the obscene amount of rape or something? But that’s not actually what bothered me the most while playing this game because in a way, I didn’t really consider their “advances” to be rape.. I mean, they need to be actually having sex for it to be rape right?! e_e’ The only time that happened was when the MC wanted it anyways but just didn’t feel it was the right thing to do at the time cos of their situation. It’s not that she doesn’t want to do it with them but more like the guys seem to like doing it at inappropriate times and/or places (except for Date Masamune, where she practically begged him to “do” her quickly JUST in case he wants to go back to his world. With Hanbei, the poor guy didn’t even get to do much with her except kiss). Anyway I’ll be writing more but will have to put it under the “MORE” link below as it will have a lot of spoilers.


I unfortunately started with the best route in the game, which was Date Masamune and ended with the worst, Oda Nobunaga. Except there’s really not that much of a choice because Oda’s route has the most reveal about the game. I was looking forward to it until I got answers to my questions. *headdesk* *headdesk* ((´д`)) I was given the impression that maybe it might not be so fucked up like the other games I’ve been playing but they just can’t seem to help themselves! ( •᷄⌓•᷅ ) I think the writers for this game “die” or don’t feel satisfied with their work unless they add something horrific to the storyline.

Summary :

The castle was under siege by demons and everyone but the Princess (MC) was already dead. She runs into her father’s room and she remembers about the dagger (that has a powerful demon sealed inside it) her father told her not to touch unless her life was in danger and she really had no other option. She is cornered and kept hoping someone could help her or hoped that someone could restore back her castle and/or country. A demon slashes her and her blood goes onto the dagger. She screams that she didn’t want to die alone and knew it was the end. The dagger demon reaffirms that he will grant her wish in exchange for that sweet, sweet blood she gave him. Everything goes white and she wakes up and sees 5 guys she had no idea who the crap they were. Apparently they were her Father, Twin Brother, Fiance, New Ninja guy (that her family/father hired) and Brother’s closest friend who are now going to help her protect this country.

1st Route
Date Masamune

Originally, the real person that Masamune replaced is her twin brother’s closest friend and comrade who apparently didn’t talk that much. Masamune is great and he’s a gentleman. (*´ェ`*) He can be kind of cute at times too and even though they all say he is quiet, I think he talks quite a bit for someone who is supposed to be quiet. o_o; But anyway putting that aside, it didn’t take him that long to open up to her. He has always been a bit bossy and he didn’t understand why he keeps having this strange feeling that he used to have a high position before but obviously that’s apparently not the case right now. Masamune used to be a feudal lord in his other life. The MC had a really tough time telling him the truth (I’d be worried too 😛 He is the only decent guy in the game after all, lol) as she is worried that he will decide to go back to his own timeline or whatever it is. Apparently they came from different worlds so I don’t know if the demon made sure that was really the case. This guy is I’m guessing is the most skilled one in combat out of the 5 guys, can cook (really well too) and is just a sweetie from start to finish. He came off as a bit cold at first since he doesn’t know you. Anyway if you can help it, you can make him last before you go to Oda Nobunaga’s route. You will probably be keeled over in fetal position by the time you finish the game so might as well have a little bit of Masamune rabu rabu before then.

2nd Route
Sanada Yukimura

Your supposed twin brother. This is where it started to get a little bit strange for me. I’ve noticed even in Date’s route that this guy obviously likes you from the get go. At first I thought it was Yukimura who fell in love with her at first sight, but it turns out that they sort of start nudging you a bit telling you that the MC’s twin brother may have felt that way towards his own sister. I’m like.. great.. incest. Σ(´Д`il|li) I would be ashamed to admit this but I actually find incest (but only those that find out they actually aren’t blood-related – OH and of course this only applies to anime, otherwise I find it pretty sick with real people ;x yep double standards I ADMIT IT lolz) .. um.. kinda *coughhotcough*. ^^;;  Aurgh Kill me now. I feel bad admitting this because I don’t really know that they really are unrelated from the start. Especially twins, YES I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME. *stabs self* For some reason, every time I feel this way for an incest pairing tho, they usually turn out NOT to be related or at least not completely orz. Oh, btw there’s no fucking way I would ever do that with my own brother though, yikes. Nope. Nope. Nope. Just full of nope. lol. Anyway, this guy is quite in love with the MC and he always seems to try his best for her which is nice. He is a bit like a puppy that keeps following her around. That’s what he reminds me of, lol. The one thing that really pissed me off about him though is how horrifyingly reckless he is during their battles and almost fucks up their plan as well. Not only that, he always ends up getting injured! There’s not much to say about him but I did like their bickering, teasing or arguing scenes with each other. He called her a Tanuki, so she got pissed and called him a Weasel, haha! Though I really fail to see how both of them resembled a tanuki or a weasel for the matter, lol.

3rd Route
Takenaka Hanbei

This guy supposedly replaced your fiance, and the first thing he does is dump you or cancel your engagement, lol. The MC is actually relieved cos he is practically a stranger anyway and this aroused a lot of suspicion in Hanbei. This is possibly the most tragic route, relationship-wise out of the 5 guys you choose so prepare to be heartbroken. Anyway, this person tries his best to make you feel like shit because he cannot come to terms with how he feels especially cos he knows he is going to die soon anyway. He is actually the smartest (but also ironically the dumbest in love, as he admitted in the end) out of all of them. He is a great war tactician, but mostly because he didn’t give a shit about what happens to the people he commands. He just uses them to the fullest of what they were capable of doing at the time so they end up sacrificing their lives under his orders (though the least amount of casualties). He also didn’t tell anyone that he is really sick and he didn’t have very long. He kept coughing up blood so I’m guessing it may have something to do with his lungs like Tuberculosis (which is actually infectious) or Lung Cancer – most likely though it could have been something else as well. TB was quite common back in the day.

Anyway, this guy pretty much got shafted in his route due to his stubbornness, but after a while, he admitted to the MC that he really is in love with her. He kept lamenting that he should have stopped being such a wuss and just admitted it cos he just wasted all that time they could have been together. Anyway, the guy couldn’t even make love to her because he was worried he might pass it on to her. He also mentioned he just didn’t have the energy to do it anyway cos of how sick he was. In one ending the MC decided to stay behind with him in that crumbling building and they decided to die together. But first, they decided to kiss because they were going to die anyway so it wouldn’t have mattered if she gets infected. 😛 They found out about the building collapsing too late so obviously that’s all they could do at that time.. but before they were about to get crushed completely, Hanbei suddenly remembered his past and they were transported to his world. Unfortunately they were separated and it took several days for them to find each other. The poor guy had to walk a while JUST to get to where she was. He pretty much ended up dying on the porch of the house as soon as he saw her. He was glad to see her just before he died though so it was enough for him. He lost so much weight that it was a miracle he held on so long just to see her. She also didn’t have much longer either as she was probably hemorrhaging internally from all the injuries she sustained from her world. She closed her eyes 5-10 mins after he died and she held his hand just before she did as well. The other ending was that they were still in her world and she was just practically waiting for him to die. He was able to make her a ‘comb’ with a daisy design and it took every ounce of strength he had left to talk to her as well and that was pretty much the last time he was awake before he died.

Ugh. Holy shit. Seriously…  I feel really bad for both of them… Really game? Really? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

4th Route
Fuma Kotaro

He replaced a ninja that her dad recently hired, though he supposedly should’ve died on the way to the castle because of a siege. Fuma is a lot more skilled though than the guy he replaced so he obviously survived that ordeal.  He arrived just in time as soon as the MC woke up and it was pretty obvious he took a liking to her immediately. He becomes Mr. Stalker-kun from the get go and you only find out because you accidentally wake up while he was talking to you. I’m like wtf. Why the fuck would you talk anyway if you didn’t want to wake her up in the first place. Some people are light sleepers you know?? -_-‘ Anyway, she found out that he’s been pretty much stalking her every morning and night, but eventually the MC gives in and starts liking it. He keeps going into her room everyday, leaving her small presents that he finds whenever he has to go somewhere for a mission/expedition and usually finds something pretty (small colored gem-like rocks that aren’t expensive but pretty to look at) to give to her. He is a pretty funny and likable guy, so I can’t imagine many people complaining all that much about how much of a stalker he is *rolls eyes*. Though it’s not like the MC wanted that at first – she just got tired of telling him off every single time eventually because he ends up doing wtv the fuck he wants anyway. It didn’t take long for the MC to fall for this guy because he is quite sweet and very kind (loves animals, etc – Even mentioned that demons are like animals). One night, he takes her on a glider and they both have tons of fun. He suddenly asked her if she was willing to run away with him right then and there. She said she’d love to but obviously she can’t leave her people – she’s the princess after all. They need someone to guide them or wtv. Kotaro became dejected, pretended he was alright but looked pretty sad. It was really late at night when they finished gliding. However, Kotaro did not think about how to get back in the castle so the MC had no choice but to show him the secret route that only family members knew about for emergency purposes (to escape). But anyway, one night Kotaro stops visiting you for a couple of days and the MC wonders wtf is up, why did Kotaro not stalk her anymore (lol). And at the same time, there were weird groaning demon-like sounds that can be heard all throughout the night. This freaks everyone out that’s been living in the castle. The pages, handmaids and even the soldiers can no longer sleep because they’re just way too scared.

The MC couldn’t take it anymore and started to investigate. She realizes it’s coming from the secret tunnel that no one else knew about but the royal family and Kotaro. She really wanted to find him badly and so she decided to go anyway even tho it’s scary. At this point I was like thinking, wait.. no way. Did Kotaro somehow turn into a demon?! or is he related to them in any way? Turns out he didn’t turn into one but he definitely was responsible for all those sounds. He was inhumanely (lol ironic) torturing a demon. ( ≖Д≖;) He gouged out the demon’s eyes, cut its ear, stabbed it multiple times in vital areas but not enough to kill it right away. The demon was obviously in great pain. The MC went ballistic and Kotaro was like wtf u on about. Isn’t this thing the enemy? You wanted them gone right? And she’s like Yes… but not this way. He then explained he did this because he had to and they had to find out as much as they could about the demons. Yada yada, I won’t spoil the stuff about what he found out about the demons as it’s going to take too long and I’ve already written so much shit here haha. Anyway, in one of the endings, he remembers everything and ends up taking the MC with him to his world. Then he realizes that it was actually bad for him to go back as it meant he had to be the leader of a group of thieves. He just couldn’t abandon them. He explained that this is probably the reason why he understood when she said she couldn’t abandon her people either when he first asked her to run away with him. He gave her a chance to have a decent life and told her to leave him. As being a bandit’s wife meant that it is too unstable and there’s a big chance eventually something bad will happen. She said she doesnt give a crap as long as she gets to be with him. Anyway, eventually, one day Kotaro didn’t come back anymore. One of his subordinates told her that she should leave with him as he has a bad feeling that the others have been caught by the authorities and whatnot. There’s a good chance Kotaro really didn’t make it this time if he hasn’t come back this long. She said she doesn’t care, she will wait for him no matter what. So I’m guessing she starved herself just waiting at the same place and then she died… You can see their spirit have a “reunion”. Being spirits, they now get to do what Kotaro loves doing the most and that’s to travel to different lands just by themselves from now on and be together forever. ^^; ………. At this point I was like what the fuck ( ´_ゝ`) especially right after Hanbei’s 2 depressing routes about him dying either way and I had a feeling that this trend will continue or probably be something similar.

The good ending route was that they did stay behind in the MC’s world but she couldn’t abandon her people yet. She wanted time to set her country up for success by giving them up to a stronger country. This ending was pretty funny so I won’t spoil you guys too much. So anyway, while she was doing this, she gave him permission to be able to come and go whenever he wanted as he loved going to new places/traveling and discovering new things. It’s apparently fine as long as he goes back to her every once in a while. So this ending is a little bit open ended but you know that they obviously ended up being together once everything was settled. ^^; So it’s actually not TOO bad.

5th Route
Oda Nobunaga

Nobunaga replaces your father and this is the most fucked up route of them all because there are a lot of fucked up reveals. ( ´_ゝ`) I realized this whole game has been a train wreck ever since I started my 2nd route. I just couldn’t help but still go ahead and finish this game because it’s pretty easy to complete. In some way I KIND of wish I didn’t do this route and at the same time I’m glad I know what happened in the end no matter how disgusting it was. SO IDEK ANYMORE! ヽ(。_゜)ノ

Anyway, long story short. This guy keeps fucking around with the MC and sexually harassing her every single chance he gets. It didn’t take long for the MC to know that Nobunaga actually knows what’s going on as this is the 2nd time he has been called by her ancestors/family. Though that time he was the only one who was called in. ANYWAY, they eventually fall in love and practically said they dont give af what other people think as they really aren’t father and daughter anyway. One night while she was sleeping, she couldn’t move and she could feel something was on top of her. All she could see was a buddhist monk, an eye and whatever horrific thing there was. After some time she could move again. The next day, they just couldn’t take the lust anymore and Nobunaga and the MC slept with each other. People were so fucking disgusted and thought their king has lost his mind effing his daughter and shit, but they didn’t have a choice and accepted it. When they were off to kill the mastermind, the people who were with them started rebelling against Nobunaga because they lost respect for him for sleeping with his own daughter and how his grandiose ideas were utterly ridiculous. They almost didn’t want to until Nobunaga decided to kill one of them. Somehow, Nobunaga was still able to convince them because he said why the fuck would I be lying or joking about something this serious and he gave some speech and everyone decided to do it anyway. Freaky things aside from when they get into their enemy’s castle, the MC was able to kill the mastermind and that was the end of that. All the demons disappeared after. They all went out of the castle and they were on their way back and they met up with the other 4 guys.

This is where it gets so fucking fucked up that I was just in disbelief for a couple of minutes because I just didn’t know it was this type of game. The little dagger demon revealed a lot of things in this route. First, the MC’s true wish was that she didn’t want to die alone. Somehow this translated to something romantic idek, but the dagger at the time had an idea. ヽ(。_゜)ノ There was a reason why he called 5 guys to replace her dead brother, father, fiance, brother’s friend and ninja. MC said, okay, those are mostly all people I dearly loved, except she didn’t understand about the ninja and the other high-ranking vassal (brother’s friend). And Nobunaga then realized and said that the only thing that connected all 5 guys were that, they were ALL in LOVE with the MC. I was like FUCK…. FUCKING HELL. ALL OF THEM?! I mean, I knew her twin brother and her fiance was in love with her obv but I didn’t realize it was all of them because it was a bit hard to tell as the characters themselves were not sure if those feelings were theirs or from their inherited memories. So at this point I was really disgusted. Nobunaga said it probably was a good thing her dad died because he confirmed that for sure her father was seriously in love with her. Apparently it was weird that at this age she was still unwed and the only time he said yes to a guy’s marriage was her fiance’s and he knew he was going to die anyway. So it was a perfect opportunity to pretty much have a reason to seal her off from all other suitors once her husband/fiance dies or wtv.

So the MC goes into hyperventilating mode and she was in disbelief that not only her twin was in love with her, but her father as well. She felt seriously sick to her stomach and was disgusted. I mean, I fucking would be too if I was in her shoes. ( ಠ益ಠ ) Nobunaga just says IT’S FINE BBY I’M NOT REALLY YOUR FATHER SO DON’T WORRY AND FORGET ALL THAT!  Then after a couple of minutes, she starts to feel better. But then the demon was like WAIT A MINUTE GAIZ I GOT ONE LAST BOMB TO DROP TO Y’ALL. It starts saying shit like, didn’t you think it was weird that since I already granted 10 wishes, that I’m still here? If your real wish was that you didn’t want to die alone, as soon as the guys came then that should have been enough. So why was he still there? And it was like HINT HINT… Those 5 guys were not the only ones in love with you. Remember that night where she couldn’t move? Apparently that was because the demon was raping her. I was like………..fuc…k…ing.. fuck.. what… the.. FUCK ( ಠ_ಠ)!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was disgusted beyond belief and I wanted to throw up. Then Nobunaga raged and started stomping on the dagger into tiny pieces and was like CALM DOWN GURL I can definitely assure you that you were a virgin when we fucked. Dat demon’s just messin’ with u. She wanted to kill herself right then and there when the demon told her that but she calmed down when Nobunaga assured her that didn’t happen. But seriously, what the flying fuck. He might have raped her tho but since he is a spirit, he can’t physically do it or I SERIOUSLY don’t know anymore. It was disgusting as hell and I didn’t really wanna go back in the route to reconfirm anything.

After all that shit (ಠ_ಠ)… I needed a couple of minutes to recollect myself and went on with Nobunaga’s endings just so I could finish this horror of a game already. The first one was your standard “what the fuck” type ending. Basically when the MC has a breakdown from what the demon said and asks Nobunaga to take her someplace far, far away. She doesn’t care where she is as long as she is with Nobunaga. They separate from the group and they leave by themselves, but after a min or 2 the sky changes and things became weird where the sky is constantly dark even during the day. They were like wtf is going on and they heard the demon’s voice saying, well, this was what you wanted, right Princess? You said you wanted to be somewhere far, far away with no one else but Nobunaga so the demon wanted to grant her wish. He said when you both get bored of this place, just head into this orangey yellow light. The demon was apparently looking forward to seeing her and Nobunaga in the underworld so he can give her some more raep time and maybe this time I guess it would be real. Anyway, they decided not to fuck around and headed towards the orangey yellow light. As soon as they passed through it, Nobunaga remembers that he was actually trying to kill himself right before she summoned him and the whole building he was in was on fire. Apparently someone betrayed him and they wanted him dead. He tells her to stop hugging him because they are likely to spare her because she has nothing to do with what happened in his world. And the MC was like I DONT CARE TAKE ME WITH YOU! Some guys come in wanting to kill Nobunaga and smirked that he is spending his last time with a woman. They asked her to step away cos they want to kill Nobunaga. But they’re like NOPE kill us both.. what are you waiting for?! Do it already! So they stabbed both of them in the heart and they woke up in the same building but with the fire already gone. They thought they somehow were still alive until they realized both of them had holes in their chests. Nobunaga opens the door and he confirms that they were indeed in the underworld. Nobunaga decides that if he can’t take over the world in where he or she used to live, he will now plot to take over everything in the underworld. And the MC’s all like, yes bby I will support you for sure. Then they started growing horns and the holes in their chests closed up……………… (ಠ_ಠ)*TRIUMPHANT EVIL MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BG* I seriously …  I was just speechless at this point.

The other ending was tragic as well as even though they stayed in her world, her vassals started going nuts and they decided to kill Nobunaga as they don’t remember him at all because they started remembering everything as soon as the dagger broke. Nobunaga reassures her that it’s okay, he guesses he really just can’t escape his fate because he remembered people betrayed him too and killed him because they just couldn’t understand him/share his vision. The vassals said they’re sick of him seducing and using her. Apparently they did her a favor especially because he was such a tyrant towards everyone anyway. The MC goes batshit crazy and kills both guys after confirming they were the only ones who conspired to do this shit, but she knew that as soon as she killed them, the neighboring country will definitely invade them because those guys were originally from or connected to that country as they were tasked to kill Nobunaga. She leaves and says WATCH ME BBY I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD FOR U! Using up all the knowledge and ideas that Nobunaga planned with her during the last couple of months, she was able to amass a lot of power. She was then basically a military queen wtv who knew how to play the game and expand her territories and a lot of countries are afraid of her. She said she is not too sad even though Nobunaga is no longer here as her son is by her side. She named him Kimyomaru (I think that’s what the name was…) because that’s what Nobunaga planned to name their boy.

So… yes. That was it. I can’t believe I ended up writing all this shit again. *sigh* Anyway, I hope in time I will start to forget about this game as I really can’t stand it anymore, lol. It was just utterly ridiculous and disgusting. Everything about it except for Masamune and Hanbei was just .. OMG just downright vomit-worthy. Okay, I need to rest and stop thinking about this shit.  (´;ω;`) I feel really grossed out after playing this game, lol.