One thing I would like to discuss is this thing about Kyrie being a pedo towards Dorothy. I think the reviewers who said this are reading wayyyy too much into it. ^^;

This is in Kyrie’s point of view when he was talking about Dorothy in the grand finale and why she is so important not only to him but to everyone else living in that town.

“When I was dull and faded, a young girl named Dorothy brought color into my future.”

If you are in his shoes, a person who has done this for you would really become a huge part in your life and would become an important entity (unless you are a freaking ingrate..). It’s not just that he was able to think and remember, being given a brain has opened his whole world to so much more things! Also, imagine in Axel’s case as well. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to feel so much emotions after being given a heart? Axel also received “color into his future”. It’s almost like she gave them a chance to have what they never thought they will ever experience. Yes, because she invited them on her journey towards Emerald City to meet the wizard.

Kyrie said this when he was getting separated from Dorothy :

“Of course I was lonely, but I wasn’t sad. Everyone left behind remembered Dorothy.”

“But…. after that day, Dorothy was erased from their memories. It was almost like she had never existed in the first place… Everyone said they didn’t know who she was. Then time passed… and the same thing happened again. A girl (Fuka) without any memories found her way to us.”

“But then she… vanished, too. Not just herself, but her very existence.. disappeared.”

Kyrie thinks to himself that the cottage is just exactly as how Fuka left it when she was still there, but they still forgot her anyway. Caramia finds Kyrie in the cottage again saying whenever he goes missing, he always finds him in this cottage. Caramia asks if he really is going to leave the place like this. It’s so creepy because it feels like someone was living there. Ghosts might wanna haunt the place. I guess Caramia is acting like someone died there and they should get rid of it cos it’s weird.

“…I made this room thinking of a person who cared for me a long time ago. I won’t ever see her again, though.”

Caramia says he is sorry for saying it was creepy seeing as this place was important to Kyrie. He said he doesn’t mind, it happens a lot anyway (people he cares about vanishing all the time).

Kyrie then goes to the Meteor Shower Gathering to make his wish. Every year since apparently forever, he has wished over and over that he could

“I want to see Dorothy. Even if it’s just a glance… I want to prove that Dorothy existed. I want to believe… that she wasn’t an illusion.”

OH YEAZ HE IS A PEDO… ugh. Seriously. :-/ Just because someone loves someone who is a minor doesn’t mean he loves her romantically and wants to sleep with her. I do think he is overly attached to her though but I’m still not convinced that he wants to get it on with Dorothy. =_=;

OKAY, let’s say I will entertain the thought of Kyrie being in love with Dorothy. Technically, they all have been alive for probably hundreds, or thousands of years. It’s just that she is stuck in that small girl body. =_=; It doesn’t mean nothing else develops and that time should be ignored. Caramia even considers himself to be super old when he told Fuka about how long they have been alive for. If anything, I would be more concerned about falling in love and sleeping with a Lion, Tin Man or Scarecrow, lol. They turned into humans, but they still retained all their characteristics and think of themselves that way. This is pretty much a witch who wanted to be free and grown up and do all the girly stuff she wanted to create and idealized human version of herself if she ever grew up. Again, Fuka is her own person as expressed over and over within the game and in reality, she’s not even really Dorothy anyway as she is completely different. I don’t think anyone who falls in love with her is using her to replace Dorothy. They don’t even think about it before they fall in love with her. They only start thinking about it when they already have. Though I have to say, Axel really didn’t give any indication that he associates her with Dorothy I guess. But then that’s because Axel’s da man. 😛 hahaha..  Anyway, she’s just way too different to Dorothy. Her hair, face, body, etc don’t even really look like her. They just have the same eye color, hair color and a more mature version of her voice. Their personalities are very different as well. I would even say Dorothy seems way more mature than Fuka even LOL. But then Dorothy has been alive for a very long time.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just find it a bit unnerving because its almost like, oh you better not have immoral relations with people who have a growth disorder cos technically their body is still that of a child! I think the biggest factor for me here is that it is obviously wrong to have sexual relations with a child because not only are they physically underdeveloped, their minds are the same way too. Nothing about them has given them a chance to experience different things when growing up and they’re still too immature to be thinking about adult.. things. But, yeah sigh I don’t know. My point is I don’t think it’s as bad as people are saying….

I just had to get that out of my chest, haha. XD;