I completed OzMafia yesterday and it was quite satisfactory even with all the bad reviews the people who played the japanese version had for this game. It’s definitely not perfect and there were a lot of fucked up stories and inconsistencies here and there. Some of them even get kind of out of character and it can get a bit confusing at times. I think overall, it’s still passable for me and I may be biased but Axel really made the game for me. Caesar is super hot but Axel still beats him by a wide margin. ^-^;

Axel – #1 Overall Character
Caesar – #1 on Hotness Scale

I wrote down the Epilogue + Grand Finale under the cut, as well as some of my thoughts about the ending and it is a ridiculously long read, so I just put everything else under this post as “READ MORE” as there’s so much spoilers and I don’t want to ruin the game for you all.

When I first saw this game, I immediately looked at the art so I can see if it was really pretty or not. And as soon as I laid my eyes on this character (Caesar, the guy with white hair above), I was like, OMG… I seriously, seriously really like how he looks to the point where I almost feel weird about it. ^^; I don’t even understand why! I was even content to just see him in the game, so when I found out he was a playable character, I wanted to buy the game even more! kekeke. Caesar’s definitely cute but he is quite aggressive actually and is serious when he says that he wanted to kill her at first. His story was so cute that I wished there was more of it. I was so sad when I find out about his fate in the grand finale. T-T; huhu…



As you can see, I have a lot of screenshots of Axel. I just really liked him THAT much, haha! I was sooo surprised. I think he might be my favorite Tsundere character. U_U” Yes, even way more than any other tsuntsuns I’ve come across in otome games and even in animes. I will be posting tons of screenshots below and I have written my thoughts/descriptions right below each image.


Fufufu. Thanks Axel, bby. TwT Keep showing me your cute and awkward moments. I can never get enough of it!


Axel and his sugar addiction, LOL! He is like this all throughout the game and it’s so cuteeee!! X///D This guy loves sweets way too much!


ROFLMAO. This is when he said he just can’t “take his eyes off” Fuka. And she said that she knows what it means but she can’t help but think of it another way. He’s just so fucking cute IDEK anymore!! lol


Axel is as blind as a bat and completely useless without his glasses. Fuka found his glasses for him but he didn’t realize his face was so close to Fuka. Don’t move Axel! I’d like to tackle you cos of how cute you are. ;-; Which is funny because Fuka DID tackle (and even straddled him apparently LOL OMG) him in one of their transferred routes actually cos she thought he was too cute. It was in public, too! 😛




Anything for you Caesar… <3 hahaha.


HAHAHA! Caesar was being an asshole when Soh invited Fuka for dinner cos he made stew. At first, Caesar was annoyed but then he said wait, actually, you can stay. =-=; I was like Oh… He is being nice for once. But, NOPE, I was wrong. haha! Ulterior motives, yo! So Fuka got all the veggies without any meat. Caesar hates veggies and so he took all the meat and gave all the veggies to Fuka. XDD Caesar is such an asswipe in the first visits, lol. Funny though nonetheless! 😛


LMAO. Yes, Caesar, I would like you to eat me. Chop me up and put me in Soh’s stew. =_= This is actually what he meant obviously, but I just can’t help it because it’s Caesar who says it and my mind always goes into the gutter, LOL. 😛 (Ah! Don’t worry, it didn’t really but I just thought it was funny, lol)



Caesar working as a waiter for a day at Soh’s stand. Isn’t he so cute?! XD Also, this part was so fucking funny! OMG. I think the conversation went on like this when he was taking Fuka, Caramia and Axel’s food order. I just went by memory so it’s not 100% accurate. Caramia told him to repeat the order because he didn’t write anything down and he wants to make sure Caesar got it right.

Caramia : I want to order the sandwich.
Axel : I’d like to have the same thing the boss is having.
Fuka : Ahhh.. um.. I would like the rice omelette, please!
Caesar : Okay, got it. (proceeds to go back to process the orders)
Caramia : HEY, wait a minute. Repeat the orders. You might get something wrong.
Caesar : Ugh. OK, fine. (blushes as he repeats the order) 2 shitty sandwiches and a rice omelette.
Axel : Uhhh…. Right. Hold the shit, please.

Axel just seriously cracked me up. I didn’t expect him to say that, LOL.


I seriously did not see this coming. O_O But I was like .. SHIT………… MY HEART, lol! STAHP EET!


Yesssh! Protect me, Caesar! <3 Errrrrr I mean please protect FUKA from the deranged Hamelin. lol


OH SCARLET, Please, PLEASE don’t look at me like that. You make me feel like such a pedo! ahahahah! Seriously holy shit, how can a shota be THIS cute! Something’s wrong with me. *dies*


Hehehhe! Pashet dressing up for Axel, ^o^ lol. I don’t blame you hun for falling for him!


OMG Axel! LOL I’ve never seen you talk so much at once. hahaha! This is like, the longest thing Axel has ever said in the entire game. LMAO.


Awww! Poor bby. I would never, ever think you’re a creeper! Sure you’re quite possessive but you’re aware of it and you are always trying your hardest to be a great partner to Fuka. ^-^ He always tries so hard to make himself better for her. (oh, btw, what he says here is still considered quite lengthy compared to the other times he talks XD;; lmao)


AUGH! What Axel said when I had to dump him for some other asshole. I think it was for Kyrie. -___-” Lol. My heart was literally breaking and I’ve never felt so damn guilty rejecting him. ): Sorry bby, I had to do this to get all the damn CGs. =.=’



If you would like to proceed and read more about the
Grand Finale + Epilogue, please click on (more..) below.

WARNING : I am not kidding, I wrote a shit ton. Brace yourself. I also wrote my
thoughts about one issue I had when I was reading other people’s reviews.



When you finish all the routes, to get to the epilogue, you have to click on the book that Fuka is reading on the title screen. YES, THANKS GUYS FOR NOT MAKING IT A BIT MORE VISIBLE. NOT ONE BLOG HAS MENTIONED HOW YOU CAN GET TO THE EPILOGUE AND/OR GRAND FINALE. It took me 15-20 mins to figure out how I can freaking access it.

Anyway, it starts off as it was the Meteor Shower Gathering or whatever and the tower in the middle of the town suddenly lights up. To recap, no one knew why or what the tower was for except for Kyrie as he was the only one whose memory wasn’t erased for some reason. I don’t even understand this part actually because no matter how high your IQ is. A memory wipe is a freaking memory wipe. O_o I really don’t understand how having a powerful brain can remember everything. UNLESS, what he was granted was a brain with such high intelligence AND that he can never ever forget anything ever again. Anyway, let’s just proceed with that in mind. =_=;

The next day, all the mafia families receive a mysterious letter saying that they should all fight and kill each other. The one who is holding this Battle Royale contest has made it possible so that all immortal mafia characters can now die. The last mafia family standing can go into the tower and make a wish. They said they would have dismissed it except they found out that Hamelin was killed inside his jail cell. And while he was dying, the guards witnessed that when he died, there was a white light and he just vanished into thin air.

Chaos ensued and pretty much all the stupid ass aggressive families got killed off first. Grimm (except for Scarlet), Anderson, Heidi, family etc. were one of the first ones. Pashet or the Boots family was able to run away amidst the chaos when Caesar was killing Heidi, Peter and killed everyone in her family. Then, on Sunday (which was supposedly a compromise day) Kyrie ordered Fuka to poison Robin Hood. I chose the option of stopping him from drinking the tea she was making for Robin, but he just said that he knew it was poisoned because she looked so damn guilty the whole time she was making it. +_+ He said it was alright as he would rather die this way than in the hands of other shitheads. Fuka went back to town and met up with Kyrie and the others feeling guilty as shit that she killed Robin. They asked what happened to Robin, it was weird that he’s gone because he was still alive yesterday and today was Sunday. Kyrie said that you must be sorely mistaken that anyone will still uphold the compromise rule when everyone’s on a killing spree just so they could win. The Oscar Wilde/Brothel guys asked Kyrie to please let them kill themselves after they’ve had their fill of pleasure or wtv fuck they wanted to do (ugh Dorian and Alfani are so fucking gross). Give them until midnight and if they are still alive, Kyrie is free to kill them the next day. Kyrie agreed and of course during midnight, the tower lit up 3 times indicating that Dorian, Alfani and Manboy killed themselves that time.

The next day, I think Caesar still kept chasing Pashet around trying to kill her, not knowing that Pashet asked Scarlet to help her kill Caesar as he was out of control and she couldn’t do it by herself. She mentioned that she wants to team up with him for only this time and when he’s dead, they will again be enemies. Scarlet really hates killing people and he was plagued with the time where he had to shoot Hamelin, in the end before he could shoot Caesar, someone behind him killed Pashet and then shot him next. Scarlet then says “Oh.. so it was you” or something like that to the person without mentioning their name. I am guessing it is the same person who organized this shit to happen was the one who shot Pashet and Scarlet, leaving him to die a slow and painful death. UGH WHY SO CRUEL TO SCARLET?! He has never really done wrong to anyone. T-T

With everyone else killed, The Oz family gets news from Kyrie that everyone but them are dead now. So they won and they proceed towards the tower. A door automatically opened as soon as everyone else died. Fuka, Caramia, Axel and Kyrie both all go up the tower. Fuka starts hearing voices and hears parts of the Wizard of Oz family. Particularly descriptions about the Lion, Tin Man and the Scarecrow. The first time, the voice was talking about the lion. The scenery was of the forest/jungle. As they were climbing up the stairs, suddenly, Caramia said that he couldn’t go up anymore no matter what he tried. There seems to be an invisible wall that kept him from moving forward. He was left behind and the 3 of them continued to walk up the stairs. The same thing happened to poor Axel, and this time, the scene was similar to where the tinman was found. He tried to break the wall with his gun but he just couldn’t get through. He was really distressed and told Fuka he really wishes he can go with her but he can’t. Fuka starts to remember that her feeling of this place being familiar, is because it is a part of her past. The next scene changed to wheat fields, which was where she found Kyrie. The same thing happened to him as well and he can no longer proceed. Fuka then remembers that she has met all 3 of them on a journey through the yellow brick road. Kyrie said, I’ve always had my suspicions but FINALLY, you remember. He was sad that he was the only one who remembered. Fuka asked him why didn’t you tell me then if you knew? And unfortunately I forgot what his reason was but it wasn’t that great/important. Maybe because no one would believe him anyway or something like that because he is the only one who remembers. He just said he will wait for a certain amount of time, but if she doesn’t go back down he will have to join the other two downstairs and will wait for her in town. Fuka each received something from all 3 guys to take with her upstairs just in case.

Fuka reaches the top floor and sees Soh. She was really shocked and Soh starts telling her everything. He explains that after the journey, Dorothy became a witch and she had to live by herself along with Toto, her dog inside a tower for some strange bs reason, but those were the conditions. She is not allowed to use her powers for herself so she had to isolate herself from everyone else. o.O Apparently if she lived with other people, she will start using magic for her own personal gain and will become a wicked witch. I seriously don’t understand how this correlates to anything but that’s how it is. Anyway, before Dorothy went up, she would like to each grant the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow a wish. They all wished to be human. Dorothy created the town for them and so that they wouldn’t be lonely, she started making characters from Fairy Tales/Novels/Books in apparently her own idea of what she remembered about them. Which is why their personalities are all effed up and all strange/out of character. Dorothy got so damn lonely and jealous after living by herself for so long and ended up using the power on herself as she wanted to go and live with everyone in the town. As punishment for doing this, I’m guessing an immediate repercussion to what she’s done, Dorothy split into 3 parts. Her physical body, soul and magic. The physical body stayed inside the tower “sleeping”, her magic turned into Caesar and her soul into Fuka. The timeline was all messed up though because Caesar was able to live there longer than Fuka or Soh. Soh then explained that the tower and her dog both had the same goal of bringing Dorothy back together. They didn’t explicitly say why, but they just wanted her back inside the tower where she belongs. ^^; So the dog, Toto gave up his life to give life to the Tower. Using the residual magic that Dorothy left behind, or apparently the tower was able to absorb/use it or wtv =_= He turned himself into a human, Soh. So basically Soh is half dog and half tower. ^^;;; (YES TOTALLY MAKES SENSE LOL – but this is lalaland so I guess anything’s possible! /sarcasm)

Soh then talked to Fuka about what he did just to get Dorothy back together. He wanted to give all the townsfolk weapons, so Fuka would get so damn scared that the moment she is “born/arrives” he would have everything set in place. Apparently, his idea was that when Fuka gets so scared, she would run and want to go back inside the tower out of fright. Right… great strategy… but I guess we are talking about a tower and a dog here, I guess they wouldn’t have much when it comes to reasoning/logic/brains for the matter, lol. Everyone wanted weapons, but only Hamelin refused to take up arms. There was a brief conversation between Soh and Hamelin. Hamelin just flat out said he hates violence and killing people, blah blah I have to go to my friend’s wedding or he is going to kill him for being late. Soh then apparently wants to give him a “present” that they would all remember for the rest of their miserable existence. He realized that all the mafia families would be attending the wedding and it was the perfect opportunity to do what he set out to do. He mind-controlled Hamelin to shoot Robin Hood’s bride then use his flute to make all the animals and children (Caramia included) go batshit crazy and start killing everyone around them (friend or foe). As a result, war ensued between all mafia families and it was like that ever since.

Poor Hamelin! Just because he had morals, he had to suffer this much. T_T During Hamelin’s route, he explained that the condition he had (very similar to like Schizophrenia) was making him do all this shit. All day, all night, never ending voices keep filling his head telling him to “do this, do that”. He couldn’t help but obey it as it was beyond his power at the time to stop it.

Anyway, when Soh said this I was already fucking disgusted with what he did and thought he was insane. He said unfortunately, it was the most powerful family who gave Fuka a home so it wasn’t all that scary for her. Because that plan failed, he decided to show up in town and try to get her to go back with him. Unfortunately, that plan failed because he ended up falling in love with her in his route and he ended up doing the opposite (as he wanted to give Dorothy’s soul, Fuka the freedom she deserves). Since that didn’t work out, he decided to just send the letter he sent out to all the mafia families so he can get her inside the tower. I am guessing here that it was Soh that made sure that the Oz family would win so they can all go up the tower. He started placing barriers for each guy in the Oz Family to not be able to proceed. I’m guessing he did it one by one according to the last one she met during her journey, which was the Lion – Caramia so that they wont get suspicious that whoever organized this is only after Fuka.

I think Soh was the one who shot Scarlet and Pashet, but obviously I can’t 100% confirm this. It was all vague when that happened and they never explained/talked about it afterwards. Soh then revealed that Fuka (Soul) and her magic need to go back inside Dorothy so she can wake up again. Fuka, being the nice person that she is, agreed to this as she knows her life doesn’t really belong to her but to Dorothy. She asked Soh if Dorothy had the power to bring back everyone that died and give peace once more to their town. He said yes, if she goes back to Dorothy. She was content enough if everyone can just remember her and decided this was the only way.

Anyway, after all this reveal (I’m not sure if I missed any. I will update again if I remember something), Caesar suddenly gets to the top and says he finally remembered what he was and started going aggro at Soh for manipulating him. Soh said he had to keep a tight reign on Caesar as he is Dorothy’s magic after all. 😛 Then Caesar asks Fuka if she was really sure that she will give up her life and go back to Dorothy. She is her own person and she can decide to do what she wants even if she is Dorothy’s soul. He asked if this is really what she wants and she said no but there’s no other way for her wish to be granted. Caesar was pleased with her wish and he said since he is Dorothy’s power, he can make it come true for her. Fuka was perplexed and asked if this is really what he wanted. Caesar explained that now he knows what his purpose is, he has no second thoughts about going back and granting her wish at the same time. As soon as he did this, there was a white light and he vanished. Soh said that Caesar just went back to being a part of Dorothy.

Soh confirmed that everyone is back in town and alive. There will be peace again, etc. Fuka, being happy with everything, she decided to go back to Dorothy. As soon as she disappeared, Soh said I am so sorry for lying to you, but I cannot let them remember you. He then erased everyone’s memories about Fuka.

Scene shifts to the Caramia, Axel and Kyrie meeting outside the tower. They were wondering why everyone was alive again. They all said “I thought I was dead. Is this heaven?”. Then Caramia and Axel thanked Kyrie for fulfilling their wish. Kyrie was like, wtf are you guys talking about. It was Fuka that did this for us. I also couldn’t get past the last barrier just like the two of you. Caramia and Axel looked puzzled and just said, who da hell is Fuka? I don’t know anyone with that name. They thought it was Kyrie who did it. Kyrie went ballistic on them and kept asking “How could you guys forget Fuka?!” “It was because of her that everyone’s alive again!”. Caramia and Axel thought he was just imagining things cos they really dunno who the hell this Fuka person is. Kyrie then realized that it happened again. He is the ONLY one who remembers Dorothy and Fuka. He then said he wants to go take a walk and he will join them later at their mansion. Caramia & Axel were like suit yourself. He went to emo in the place where Fuka woke up and didn’t understand what just happened and why it keeps happening. And said that even with how smart he is, he just can’t figure it out. He lamented that it may have done him a lot more harm than good having a brain that’s too intelligent and can never forget things. He thought their journey was going to make him happy but he is just miserable. He was happier when he was a scarecrow without a care in the world. Though at the same time he doesn’t want to let this go because memories are all he has of Fuka and Dorothy. I seriously ‘effin disliked Kyrie a lot until this happened. I realized that he is actually a very caring person. I mean, I knew to some extent that he was – but I didn’t know he was THIS caring. There were no other instances where he was showing his true feelings/the extent of how much he really cared about his mafia family and Fuka. He was just a shithead with too much pride to admit it. =___=” And he goes into the most round-a-bout way in expressing how much he cares about Caramia, Axel and Fuka.

Anyway, back to the tower. Dorothy is now awake and the screen goes white. Dorothy calls Fuka and said this is a place where they can meet, even if Fuka is technically ‘gone’ without a body – but since she is her soul, she can still meet up with her. She then explained that Fuka’s experiences during her time in town was able to make her an individual with her own life, memories and feelings. Dorothy asked Fuka what she thought of the town and everyone living in it. Fuka obviously answered that everyone has been so kind, especially the Oz family who took her in and that she loved everyone and loved living there. Dorothy said it wouldn’t be a problem to make her human separate from her as she has the power to do so. Because Fuka is now a separate entity and is living in so many people’s hearts (WAIT A MINUTE… how can she be living in so many people’s hearts if they’ve all forgotten her?! lol), Dorothy is now able to use her power because it is not for herself – but for Fuka.

After some time, it was the Meteor Shower Festival again and Kyrie is seen by that tree everyone seems to love visiting. He then starts an inner monologue saying what’s the point of wishing on these stars year after year for so long and it never comes true? Even the wish he had to be able to see Dorothy again didn’t come true. But still, he can’t help but wish to be able to see Fuka and Dorothy again. Suddenly as soon as he wishes this, he hears Caramia exclaiming that he hasn’t seen Fuka in ages. Axel then chips in “Where on earth have you been all this time?”. Fuka laughs and says she is sorry. She went out for a little while… Caramia says there was nothing “little” about that. He turns around and sees Fuka and is overjoyed with their reunion. He was wondering if he was just dreaming all this time that she was gone.

Kyrie then sees a glimpse of Dorothy and he followed her walking towards the pathway that connects the slums and the town and he found Dorothy there. He was shocked but was so happy to see her finally after all these years (years that they even lost count – according to Caramia that he doesn’t even know how old he is anymore)! Dorothy asked him if he regretted getting a brain that won’t allow him to forget. She asked if he felt scared being alone and how boring it was being the only one who knows everything.

Dorothy then says she’s asking because she has some regrets. As a witch, she has the ability to do anything, but she can’t even use that ability to do all the things she wanted to do. She wanted to grow up and surprise Kyrie but she couldn’t even do that. She’s stuck like this forever. Never growing up, having to live all alone.

He then asked if Dorothy was unhappy. Dorothy says she is, reluctantly at first, but then has more resolve and says again that she is because it would be a waste if she wasn’t. She said she has to be positive so she can be happy. She then scolds Kyrie for being stuck in the past and that he should look towards the future. Also, he apparently needs to be nicer or he will end up being alone cos he is too cruel. (LOL got scolded by a kid) She tells Kyrie that she wants Fuka to experience all the beauty in the world and that she was born out of her desires as an illusion of what she wants to be when she grows up. Kyrie then says so that’s why she resembles you. Dorothy then says Yes, but now she is someone who has nothing to do with herself. She wants Fuka to live like a normal girl with her own experiences and fall in love, etc.

Kyrie then asks if she entrusts all her hopes onto Fuka, what’s left for her then? Dorothy said she has her dreams. She is free to dream and it won’t be a problem to anything or anyone. She can live happily with everyone in her dreams. So that’s why she is okay being alone now. Kyrie asks if Dorothy is leaving him again. She said she can’t stay, she is a witch. Kyrie then says Dorothy shouldn’t crush his hope of meeting her again someday as she is a witch that protects this town and he lives in it. She said if that is Kyrie’s wish, she would have to grant it. She tells him to take care until they meet again. He then rejoins Caramia, Axel and Fuka looking very happy. That is not the face of someone who had a bittersweet ending because he was torn from the love of his life… I would feel exactly the same way as him towards a very important person even if I don’t love them romantically.

Kyrie then happily tells Fuka “Welcome back” and they all joke about Kyrie being that same ‘ol Kyrie who never changes – doing things randomly for no reason. (He shot his gun when he got angry that Dorothy said this was probably the last time he will see her.)


One thing I would like to discuss is this thing about Kyrie being a pedo towards Dorothy. I think the reviewers who said this are reading wayyyy too much into it. ^^;

This is in Kyrie’s point of view when he was talking about Dorothy in the grand finale and why she is so important not only to him but to everyone else living in that town. “When I was dull and faded, a young girl named Dorothy brought color into my future.” If you are in his shoes, a person who has done this for you would really become a huge part in your life and would become an important entity (unless you are a freaking ingrate..). It’s not just that he was able to think and remember, being given a brain has opened his whole world to so much more things! Also, imagine in Axel’s case as well. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to feel so much emotions after being given a heart? Axel also received “color into his future”. It’s almost like she gave them a chance to have what they never thought they will ever experience. JUST because she invited them on her journey towards Emerald City to meet the wizard.

Kyrie said this when he was getting separated from Dorothy “Of course I was lonely, but I wasn’t sad. Everyone left behind remembered Dorothy.”

“But…. after that day, Dorothy was erased from their memories. It was almost like she had never existed in the first place… Everyone said they didn’t know who she was. Then time passed… and the same thing happened again. A girl (Fuka) without any memories found her way to us.”

“But then she… vanished, too. Not just herself, but her very existence.. disappeared.”

Kyrie thinks to himself that the cottage is just exactly as how Fuka left it when she was still there, but they still forgot her anyway. Caramia finds Kyrie in the cottage again saying whenever he goes missing, he always finds him in this cottage. Caramia asks if he really is going to leave the place like this. It’s so creepy because it feels like someone was living there. Ghosts might wanna haunt the place. I guess Caramia is acting like someone died there and they should get rid of it cos it’s weird.

“…I made this room thinking of a person who cared for me a long time ago. I won’t ever see her again, though.” Caramia says he is sorry for saying it was creepy seeing as this place was important to Kyrie. He said he doesn’t mind, it happens a lot anyway (people he cares about vanishing all the time).

Kyrie then goes to the Meteor Shower Gathering to make his wish. Every year since apparently forever, he has wished over and over that he could “I want to see Dorothy. Even if it’s just a glance… I want to prove that Dorothy existed. I want to believe… that she wasn’t an illusion.” OH YEAZ HE IS A PEDO… ugh. Seriously. :-/ Just because someone loves someone who is a minor doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with her. I do think he is overly attached to her though but I’m still not convinced that he wants to get it on with Dorothy. =_=;

OKAY, let’s say I will entertain the thought of Kyrie being in love with Dorothy. Technically, they all have been alive for probably hundreds, or thousands of years. It’s just that she is stuck in that small girl body. =_=; It doesn’t mean nothing else develops and that time should be ignored. Caramia even considers himself to be super old when he told Fuka about how long they have been alive for. If anything, I would be more concerned about falling in love and sleeping with a Lion, Tin Man or Scarecrow, lol. They turned into humans, but they still retained all their characteristics and think of themselves the same. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that there are really strange lines being crossed happening here but really, I don’t think it’s as bad as some reviewers were making it out. Again, Fuka is her own person as expressed over and over and in reality, she’s not even really Dorothy anyway as she is completely different. I don’t think anyone who falls in love with her is using her to replace Dorothy. She’s just way too different to Dorothy. She is just an idealized older version of herself. Her hair, face, body, etc don’t even really look like her. They just have the same eye color, hair and possibly more mature version of her voice.

I want to talk more about the ending but the word count is getting really scary, LOL. So I have to end it here and will talk more in another post. There’s actually so much to talk about in OzMafia that I really want to let out. I think I will talk about some characters in the next post.

Anyway, I welcome all thoughts about this issue.~ Feel free to comment. I won’t bite. XD;