I find it so funny that I installed WordPress just so I can blog about my current obsession. I’ve heard of otome games since a long time ago, but I’ve never thought much of them. I was even thinking like, what’s the point of dating simulators? They’re not even real. And it never occurred to me that it is way more than that. There’s a story in every game and I’ve been missing out! Though honestly there hasn’t been that many titles that were translated to English. This genre was only getting more love starting last year.

I would like to make a post about each game I’ve played so far and my thoughts about each route. I don’t know if I will go as far as making a post for every single character and whatnot but I definitely want to talk about it. I just completely finished Amnesia : Memories (good endings) and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely too impressed until I racked up the courage to finish Ukyo’s route. I was so scared of him that I had to use a walkthrough just so I can avoid getting any of the bad endings. ^^;; Yeah I am a wuss, haha! And that was when I actually appreciated the game. It just all came together and I even discover more things about it as time goes by. I was just blown away by Ukyo’s story. T-T I feel so sorry for the guy.

I would now like to talk about it some more so I will now put a ‘Read More’ link after this if you don’t care about spoilers and you’ve finished the game (ah, and one spoiler from Nameless).



I was wondering what that guy’s role was whenever he randomly appeared in every route I played. Sometimes he is nice and warns you and sometimes he is just bat shit crazy. I was like WTF every time I see him. I’m always expecting something creepy will happen whenever he appears. As you can tell, I have developed a fear of certain characters if they are mentally unstable. But anyway, I can’t believe the reason why he kept showing up was because he has been searching for a world where she was still alive so he can prevent the heroine’s death. The really sad thing is though, as soon as he helps her, the world apparently tries its best to kill him instead as both of them living in the same world is an anomaly and it is just trying to fix itself by killing one of them. At first I didn’t understand when they said “forced death” during the play through, but after watching the anime, I realized they meant that Ukyo has been ‘forced’ to experience horrible/brutal ways of dying. It was never, ever painless. It was not indicated how many times he has crossed between parallel worlds but it was insinuated that it was so many times that he lost count.

Ukyo then explained that he realized after some time that it may be impossible for both of them to be alive. Because of all the trauma and constant pain he felt whenever he died, he started to develop a split personality that has one goal – and that was to save himself. So logically, if he wanted to live – then he has to kill her. Every time his split personality takes over and kills her, he comes back to his senses and grieves over what he has done. He then obviously has to try again in another world as he loved her too much and he really wanted her to be alive and make it through August 25. He had a lot of internal struggle as he also just missed her too much. He just wanted to see her again so he couldn’t just give up. Anyway, I don’t know T-T the love he had for the heroine was just… so packed full of feels. I really didn’t expect it.

Shin‘s route was a bit interesting because of the murder mystery thing going on. However, as much as I love tsunderes, Shin just wasn’t appealing to me. He was actually quite a selfish character and he is harsh inside and out. He only learns to be nicer when he was falling in love with the heroine, but even then he was constantly berating her. =_=; Ugh. He is not so bad though to be honest but yeah… at least he used his brain when they were solving the mystery. e_e;

Since that time, I already had a strange feeling about Toma. It just wasn’t normal to be so aggressive to the point where he pushes her so hard KNOWING she just fell off a fucking cliff! What the fuck is wrong with this guy?! I was actually very disappointed that he was voted the most popular in Japan. It’s ridiculous how they justified AND glorified what he did to her especially in the anime. They even took the time to explain to everyone who watched it, like the target audience are too dumb to get to that conclusion by themselves *rolls eyes*.

“Oh, he did this because he wanted to protect you so much that he just went insane!” lol.

I know her life was in danger but it’s crazy to lock her up in a cage just because he didn’t want her to go out anymore. Not to mention all the spiked teas/coffees he made her drink so she can sleep all day. I understand that he was just trying to protect her, but the way he went about it was nauseating. There were SOOO many ways he could have done that. How about fucking tell her what is going on so she can assess the situation?! And so she knows the reason not to go out?! *screams internally*

Anyway, I think he might be one of the worst characters I’ve come across so far in all the VNs I’ve played. And, I have to add too that there was no indication whatsoever that he had any reason to start acting this way. Most people that are like this have suffered some sort of trauma in the past. NOT that I think it is okay if you went through something, but I mean, there’s really nothing there to make me feel anything for him at all! His brain just snapped out of nowhere. He is there on my list of least favorite chars along with Yeonho from Nameless, lol! Yeonho scares the shit out of me. x_X His way of thinking is so ridiculously warped because of the abuse he received from his previous owner. Cutting him up whenever he apparently does something she’s not pleased with. I think he is even worse than Tei, as Yeonho had no qualms of killing the heroine just so he can be with her ‘forever’.

Kent‘s route was pretty smooth sailing actually compared to the others. I was the most relaxed in this route. I needed it as the other routes were too fucked up in certain ways, lol. I think it was very sweet, how they did their ending. And about Ikki‘s route, I actually didn’t expect much from this story as I usually dislike chars with feminine looks and playboy types so I guess that’s why I felt a bit more accepting of his nature. I didn’t like how he just didn’t  get rid of the girls who were unhealthily obsessed with him tho. But at least he did something about it in the end. e___e;

Okay. I guess I will end it here for now. I am super tired and my eyes are closing while I was typing this.